Book 4 Chapter 18.3

Book 4 Chapter 18.3 - Breaking and Entering

Su naturally wouldn’t place these biochemical organs with unknown history on his body, only bringing an assault rifle and a some ammunition before leaving Conier’s village with Madeline, heading towards the research base more than a hundred kilometers out. 

Project Frozen Throne’s research base was an enormous structure located thirty meters underground and comprised of six floors, with each floor taking up five thousand square meters of space. The surface above the base was where the assistance staff, research workers, and soldiers lived. Due to the development that took place before the war, this place had already completely turned into a city. 

There were less than three thousand residents in this enormous city, with half of them being Greyhawk soldiers, the other half being slaves that did odd jobs. The Greyhawks’ general headquarters was located in what were military barracks before the war, the leader living in what used to be the general’s official residence. The city was full of larger and more luxurious villas, but Greyhawk liked living in the general’s official residence. 

Greyhawk looked like a natural born soldier, tall, strong, and the lines on his face not a single one out of place. He was actually already more than fifty years old, but he only looked a bit over thirty. At this moment, Greyhawk was currently standing in front of the office’s spacious french window, silently watching the soldiers who were currently carrying out drills in the public square. His left hand continuously stroked his chin’s needle like bristles. Those that were well acquainted with him knew that whenever he did this, it meant that he wanted someone dead. 

Behind Greyhawk, the soldier that was allowed to leave was currently kneeling on the ground, narrating the entire process with a trembling voice. He wasn’t scared of the terrifying scene he recalled, but rather the silent Greyhawk before him. Greyhawk was like a terrifying storm, one that was currently swirling in the skies, ready to send down lightning at any moment to tear him into pieces. 

Finally, the young soldier was able to complete a full recount of what had happened, as well as repeated Su’s greeting to Greyhawk at the end of it all. Greyhawk had a habit of listening to the most complete and objective narration of events, and he didn’t care too much about what the other party thought of himself. In the past few decades, it was unknown just how many vicious curses Greyhawk received, but in the end, the ones that cursed at him were personally dismembered by his hands. 

However, there were exceptions to everything. 

Greyhawk released a roar, and then a leg lashed out behind him! The terrifying power accompanied with that long leg immediately shattered that young soldier’s head like a melon, red blood and white brain matter mixed together as they splattered everywhere, covering a small half of this room. The two Greyhawk senior officers were splashed all over, but they didn’t dare move out of the way or try to wipe it away. It had already been many years since they saw Greyhawk became so angry. In fact, in the last year, Greyhawk hadn’t gotten angry even once, let alone this type of violent rage.

“Trash! Leading an enemy straight to us and not even aware! Cut him up and feed him to the wolves!”

It seemed like Greyhawk’s hatred hadn’t been vented out yet, once again fiercely kicking the corpse’s chest. It was unknown just how much force this kick carried. Under the dense sound of bones fracturing, the young soldier’s body became strangely deformed, and then it smashed open the office’s entrance before flying far into the distance. 

Four senior military officers sat within the office room, all of them holding their breath and keeping silent out of fear of attracting Greyhawk’s rage. Greyhawk never feared incoming enemies, because he had the confidence that all enemies, upon coming here, would discover that this city was actually a cemetary prepared for them. The four senior officers had all followed Greyhawk for over ten years, so they obviously understood Greyhawk’s pride, thus making them feel even more confused towards today’s irregular reaction. However, not a single person dared to reveal this questioning on their faces. They were quite clear that, as the representative of the abnormal creatures down below, killing the four of them was just an extremely slight effort for Greyhawk. 

At this time, the screen on Greyhawk’s office table suddenly lit up, and a handsome and cold bald youth appeared. The youth’s blade like red lips were extremely striking, his thin and slightly curved eyebrows like two willow leaves painted on his skin that was as white as snow. 

When he saw this youth, Greyhawk’s bloodshot eyes immediately returned to becoming clear and bright. With a wave of his hand, he said to the four senior officers, “You all can leave.”

Everyone left the office. Greyhawk carefully closed the large doors, and then he quickly arrived before the old-fashioned flat screen before respectfully asking, “Great Ruler, what is your distinguished self’s command?”

The youth widened his drooping eyes. His pupils were also red like blood. 

"I sensed that there are two outsiders who have crossed the snowy mountains, entering my country. They are currently heading towards your location. Find them, and then bring them before me alive! Remember, this is your most important mission. Disregard all cost, even if all of Greyhawks’ people die because of it!” The youth’s voice was sweet-sounding, but the excessively cold and austere tone made others feel a deep sense of fear. 

“As your distinguished self wishes!” Greyhawk gave a deep bow.

When his body straightened again, Greyhawk pressed down on the secretary communication button, and then said with a heavy voice. “Pass down the order that all senior military officers are to immediately gather in my office, an emergency meeting is going to be held. All those who don’t show up within five minutes are to be executed on the spot!”

His orders were just as concise and to the point as before, but after waiting for an entire half minute, he still didn’t hear the female secretary’s direct response from the speaker!

Greyhawk suddenly felt as if his hand was made of metal, heavy and rigid, his finger that pressed down on the communication button even more so becoming numb. He even began to doubt whether he would be able to bend this finger again. Large beads of sweat suddenly poured down from his forehead, rolling from his skin down to his collar. 

With a pa sound, the telephone was smashed apart. 

Greyhawk seemed to have suddenly realized something. He walked over to the door with large steps, and then he fiercely pulled open the office’s main door!

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