Book 4 Chapter 18.2

Book 4 Chapter 18.2 - Breaking and Entering

Julius, who had walked inside the radar station, was currently carefully sizing up his surroundings. The metal door at the end of the passageway suddenly opened. Su and Madeline had both already walked out.

The suddenly change in situation frightened Julius to the point here he took a few steps back. With a ka la sound, he unlocked the safety, and then aimed the muzzle at Su and Madeline, roaring fiercely, “Who are you?!”

When Julius saw what Su looked like, he first widened his mouth with shock, and then he revealed a look of hesitancy. In that instant, he didn’t know if he was looking at a man or woman. However, when he saw Madeline right after, his brain was immediately cleared up, completely forgetting Su’s existence. 

“Damn old thing! What is this?! Didn’t you say that there was no one left inside?!” Julius screamed with a high pitched...

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