Book 4 Chapter 18.1

Book 4 Chapter 18.1 - Breaking and Entering

Su and Madeline rested for a day in the village, observing the research results of his laboratory along the way. Inside of a heavily guarded biochemistry region, the more than fifty different types of strange beasts made Su’s eye widen. There were a few experimental bodies that had just taken shape, but there were more than ten whose bodies were quite close to maturation. The biochemical beasts here were not low level synthetic bodies like the vicious wolves roaming around the village, but mid level bodies with special uses, one of them even a high level body that gave even Su a feeling of danger!

Even Madeline who had seen many biochemical beasts felt shocked. There were a few biochemical beasts here who were full of unique ideas, completely different from the biochemical army system of Dark Red Castle. When one considered how sparse and barren the resources of this region were, yet there was such a variety, it made one develop a whole new level of respect. 

After looking around Conier’s miniature biochemical legion, Su became a bit more vigilant towards Frozen Throne. 

At this moment, a faint noise sounded. Su looked at Conier, and then Conier said with a smile, “It’s not a big deal. It should be Greyhawks’ people coming to collect tax.”

“Tax?” Su was a bit skeptical. 

“Correct, trade tax. With all trade with the abnormal creatures grasped in Grayhawks’ hands, they would go around to each inhabited area to collect trade tax. Depending on how much tax they collect, that would decide how much goods the inhabited area could obtain for that year.”

Su nodded, following Conier up the stairs. Su wanted to take a look at Grayhawks’ people, but he didn’t want to take action against them so soon. In Su’s panoramic view, he learned that there were a total of five individuals who came to collect the tax. What was strange was that most of these individuals were no different from ordinary people, only a little bit stronger. However, certain parts of their bodies were releasing powerful energy signals. Purely from the energy of these parts, they all had about three to five levels of abilities. Even among high level ability users in Black Dragonriders, there were no lack of individuals who used energy crystals to strengthen themselves, but those individuals would always appear to have harmonized with them well in Su’s perception, not like these people whose bodies were still like that of ordinary people’s, only small portions releasing powerful energy reactions. 

Su gave Conier’s right hand a look, and then he came to the conclusion that those outside were likely just like Conier, having undergone a biochemical alteration.

Ta ta ta! A wave of rapid gunshots suddenly sounded within the village. A tall and robust male held a submachine gun with a single hand, continuously firing it into the air while roaring, “All of you, get out here! Gather in the vacant area outside the village, not a single one better be missing!”

Su was currently on the second floor of the radar station, watching this man through a narrow window. He wore a filthy leather jacket, and even though the weather was cold, the jacket was open, exposing his chest. Su noticed six black scales that were pieced together on this male’s hair covered chest. Meanwhile, five levels of energy reaction came from beneath those scales. 

“If I find out there is someone hiding inside, then you all can forget about obtaining any emergency meds this year!” The male roared. He walked up to the radar station’s entrance before forcefully kicking open the iron door. 

With a loud guang sound, the iron door trembled a bit, but it didn’t open, instead making the robust male take a few steps back. He was furious. The moment he raised the submachine gun to fire it, the already somewhat deformed iron gate suddenly opened. Conier walked out with all smiles, saying, “I am this place’s village head, Conier. Has Captain Hawk been well? He doesn’t seem to be with you guys?”

The robust male slowly lowered the muzzle and then said arrogantly, “Hawk was relocated to another location. From today forth, this region will be under my management. You should get out here and stand outside the village. I am going to carry out a thorough investigation of this village to see if you all have the qualifications to pay taxes!”

Conier helplessly said, “But when Captain Hawk was here…” 

“What kind of thing is that Hawk? Do you think I, Julius, care about what he thinks?” The robust male shoved the weapon’s muzzle against Conier’s cheeks, the muzzle deeply embedding itself into his already sagging skin. “Old thing, let me tell you something. Greyhawk is my big bro, so as long as I feel like it, I can massacre every single person here!”

More than ten gunshots sounded in succession within the village at this time, accompanied by the miserable howls of vicious wolves before their deaths. A Greyhawk Soldier covered in tattoos walked over, his hand dragging a vicious wolf that was beaten to death. “Captain! This village seems to have quite a few dogs. I killed a few, so we’ll have stewed meat to eat for lunch! Right, this place really has quite some pretty girls, look here…” 

“Less rubbish, we’ll then divide up the women after the inspection!” Julius roared. That soldier walked away while grinning, his relationship with the captain clearly not bad. 

Conier sighed, and then he walked outside the village. The village’s vicious wolves, without his order, would not attack humans. With the number of vicious wolves here, it was more than enough to tear apart these five Greyhawks several times over, but the following retaliation from the Greyhawks would be devastating. It was like this each time the Greyhawks changed captains, nothing more than just seizing their women and a few things. The women were just used a bit on the spot, and then after being played with, that was that. They wouldn’t bring the women back with them, because raising a person was expensive. 

“Old thing, are there no others inside?”

“This is my biochemistry laboratory, used to research a few vaccines and other things for viruses and illnesses. Apart from me, no one else would want to go inside.” Conier spoke in a rather disparate manner. 

“Virus?” Julius’ face immediately became a bit pale, but he still kicked open the iron door to take a look. He had absolutely no interest in biochemical research, but who knew what kind of good stuff this old thing was hiding inside of this radar station. 

On the second floor, Su and Madeline already saw the entire scene play out. The way the Greyhawks behaved could only be called an extremely common occurrence in this era, to the extent where their harshness was a bit better than most rulers. Sounds of women crying out already sounded in the vacant area outside the village; it seemed like Greyhawk’s soldiers couldn’t wait, already taking action. 

“We should go out.” Madeline suddenly said. Su nodded, walking downstairs together with Madeline. With Julius’ abilities, if they wanted to hide, even if the radar station was a size smaller, he could still forget about finding them. 

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