Book 4 Chapter 17.7

Book 4 Chapter 17.7 - Country

“What is the current state of Frozen Throne? Why are you no longer at the research base, and instead choosing to stay here? I do not believe that the research base failed to withstand the nuclear explosions?” Su asked two crucial questions. 

“The underground research base can stop an endless barrage of nuclear warhead bombardment, let alone the fact that in the war, our area wasn’t even directly hit by any. Only, because the nuclear explosions destroyed all roads that led to the outside world, with radiation sealing up the mountains and great sea, this region was sealed up. Even several months after the nuclear warfare ended, the project was still continuing as normal. I sent out three troops to try and contact the outside world, see if they can learn anything, but not a single one was able to bring back the slightest...

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