Book 4 Chapter 17.5

Book 4 Chapter 17.5 - Country

Su completely played down the situation, easily grabbing the pistol. He then broke it down into components before throwing it onto the ground. This entire process was clean, smooth, and natural, but the young man didn’t show any reaction. In reality, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to react, but rather that Su’s movements were too fast. He only felt a blur move before his eyes, and then the pistol in his hands mysteriously turned into components. 

Even under the passage’s bright illumination, the youngster still felt that Su’s left green eye was extremely blinding. This type of radiance was cold and full of penetrative force, giving him the misperception that he couldn’t hide anything before that eye. Indeed, with just a single look, Su already clearly understood this young man’s abilities, to the extent where he even roughly knew  his fundamental potential. 

He was quite an excellent youngster, as well as an assistant here. This was the conclusion Su came to.

The true manager of this laboratory should be the old man busy working in the laboratory at the other end of the corridor. Only under this type of distance could Su begin to sense an aura of power from the old man’s body. The old man’s vitality wasn’t all that vigorous, but his body stored tremendous power. This was close to eight levels of power, but Su surprisingly couldn’t differentiate the attribute of the power. It was muddled and impure, as if it was a product of more than ten different powers mixed together. 

Su walked to the entrance of the laboratory, openly pushing open the door. Great power was not equivalent to great fighting prowess. An elder that immersed himself in the laboratory all day long, even if he had nine levels of ability, would still not give Su the slightest trace of fear. Of course, even if we were to take a step back and say that there was an eighth level seasoned veteran, Su would still not feel any fear. 

The laboratory’s entrance was opened, revealing the wide and spacious work station within, as well as the old man immersed in his work. He was tall and skinny, what’s left of his hair was combed in a neat and tidy manner, his bald head reflecting the ceiling lights, shining brilliantly.

“Welcome, stranger from afar! Your arrival was earlier than what I had anticipated.” The elder said without raising his head, his dry and rough voice ringing through the laboratory. 

Su didn’t seem the slightest bit shocked towards the elder’s words, observing the laboratory’s various displays while absentmindedly saying, “If my suspicions aren’t wrong, it was through that… wolf that you discovered us, right?”

The elder straightened his body and turned around to look at Su, his face revealing shock as he said, “Stranger, it seems like you are much sharper than what I had imagined, and have a profound understanding towards biochemical technology. Correct, it was through communication with those children that I learned of your arrival. I know that making those children like that is quite inefficient, but I have no choice. After all, you’ve seen for yourself that the resources here are truly limited, so I could only produce these lowest grade children.” 

Su’s brows then slightly frowned. When he thought about the vicious beasts whose entire bodies gave off an unnatural feeling, he felt extremely uncomfortable towards the term ‘children’. However, Su was now more or less experienced and knowledgeable, knowing that researchers who stood at the peak of this world were a mix of both ‘genius’ and ‘lunatic’. To put it more simply, formidable scientists usually had eccentric tendencies. Towards this point, Su already obtained abundant proof from Helen. This elder didn’t seem to be a genius like Helen, and his degree of strangeness was also a bit lighter. 

The elder reached out a hand towards Su and said, “I am Rand Conierr, and just as you can see, the head of this village, as well as the anchor of this laboratory. Welcome to Frozen Throne!”

Su looked at the elder’s hand, reached out his hand, and then clasped it. 


“Su? What a strange name. However, regardless, I still have to thank you for giving this old man your trust.” Conier raised his right hand, and then in front of Su’s face, that originally skinny, wrinkled, yellow right hand that was covered in elderly spots swelled up. Suckers appeared at the end of each of his five fingers, and within those suckers were bloody mouths filled with sharp teeth! The numerous sharp teeth had dark brown colored tips, clearly possessing poison.

“Just something an old man uses for self protection.” Conier’s terrifying right hand gradually returned to normal. 

“Indeed, a self protection means.” Su smiled in agreement, and then continued, “The fact that your distinguished self only used it for self protection, was an extremely wise and fortunate choice.”

The smile on Conier’s face immediately went rigid, but soon after, it returned to normal. He walked to the side of the laboratory, continuously pressed a few buttons, and then the wall immediately lit up, turning into a display screen that was divided into more than ten areas, each precisely displaying the various corners of this olden era military base. However, Conier didn’t find what he was looking for, and with a shrug of his shoulders, he somewhat helplessly said, “Su, it seems like your companion is similarly a master of concealment. Would you please ask her to come here to chat with us?”

Several minutes later, Su and Madeline were sitting shoulder to shoulder on a cozy long sofa, watching Conier on the other side. This was a private resting place Conier used when he was not doing research. Even though it wasn't large, it was arranged in a neat and comfortable manner, and there was even red wine and cream biscuits that were of good quality. In this era, they could already completely be considered a luxury and enjoyment. Meanwhile, the youngster who had his pistol completely disassembled, Rupee, temporarily assumed the role of an attendant, bringing over black tea that had milk and sugar added before retreating, carefully closing the door. 

Su and Madeline were both highly intelligent individuals, and Conier was clearly no fool. When intelligent people were together, conversations could become extremely strenuous, or they could become extremely simple. The situation between the three was clearly the latter. After a short period of time, both sides already finished the primary exchange of circumstances. 

“Then that means you two truly came for Project Frozen Throne. Being able to travel through the snowy mountains while surrounded by clouds full of radiation, your strength is truly enough to make one sigh with admiration!” Conier exclaimed in admiration while tossing a biscuit into his mouth. After chewing the biscuit quite forcefully, he asked a question that Su and Madeline could not reply to. “Then by coming to this isolated part of the world, what exactly is it you wish to obtain?”

Right, what exactly were they trying to obtain?

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