Book 4 Chapter 17.4

Book 4 Chapter 17.4 - Country

Several hours later, darkness fell. The entire world was shrouded within darkness. A thick fog surged from within the mountains, so even if it was daytime, it would have been difficult for one to see several meters in front of themselves. 

A vicious wolf that was half asleep outside the village suddenly raised its head, forcefully sniffered a few times, but it didn’t discover anything. It whimpered rather strangely, its large eyes looking around its surroundings fruitlessly. Even though it couldn’t see anything apart from thick fog, the danger that was coming closer and closer made all of the fur on its back stand straight up. Right when it was about to howl, a hand suddenly reached out from the mist, gently patting down on its head. The high frequency vibration immediately crushed the brain in its skull. The vicious wolf’s body went limp, powerlessly dropping onto the ground. 

These wolves were clearly a core part of the village’s alert system. At this time, there were already only two sentries left, and they were both half asleep, their clothes gripped close to their bodies. The only roles they served was that should there be an alarm, they would be the first ones able to make use of the anti-aircraft machine guns. There was a pair of alloy gates at the village’s main entrance, but it didn’t close even during nighttime, clearly already completely broken. 

Su and Madeline moved between the buildings. Even though the village was covered with vicious wolves, they were masters at mobile warfare, good at fighting in the field. The two of them were both great at concealing their whereabouts, and as such easily made it through the outer region covered with vicious wolves, heading towards the heart of the radar base station. 

The interior of the village was divided in an orderly and clear-cut fashion, still carrying a dense military base tint. The long rows of rooms along the outside were the vicious wolves’ sheds, while the others who lived in this village resided in the soldier dormitories. The power station was located at the corner of the village, but due to it being already a bit dated, it continuously released deafening noise. However, the villagers and vicious wolves were already used to this noise, so they continued to do what they had to, whether it be eating, sleeping, or mating. 

Su’s panoramic view quietly surrounded the entire village. Approximately 200 people living here, half of them being women and children. There were close to fifty vicious wolves, as well as several dozen other biological responses that Su had never seen before. Most of them gathered below the radar station; it seemed like that should be the laboratory where the vicious wolves were produced. 

An old-fashioned lamp hung from the radar station’s entrance, the dusky lighting only able to brighten a small area by those doors. A petite male guarded this entrance, but from how he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, as well as how his submachine gun was completely on his back, it didn’t seem like it would be able to display much use during a truly dangerous situation. 

In reality, this was quite understandable. In this village covered with vicious wolves, there wasn’t much meaning in having sentinels. Even if someone wanted to invade, they might be torn to pieces by the vicious wolves before they even approached the outer walls. However, the vicious wolves might be able to stop normal ability users, but they were useless against high level ability users like Su. 

Su appeared next to this sentinel like a spectre, reached out his hand to grip his neck, and then gently clamped down. High frequency waves transmitted outwards from his fingertips into the guard’s bones, shaking up the his brain and immediately making him go unconscious. However, his rigid body continued to support him against that wall. 

What the sentinel guarded was an iron door covered in rust. The electronic security system long became ineffective, now only relying on an old fashioned mechanical lock to secure it in place. The door was locked, and Su didn’t find any keys on the guard’s body. However, this type of lock couldn’t stop Su. After transparent surveillance brought back the lock’s inner composition, Su produced a prick made of composite material, pressed it against the lock, and then suddenly exerted force. With a light pa sound, the center of the lock was pushed out, bouncing down onto the ground. 

Su gently pushed open the metal door. Behind this door was a deep tunnel, and due to there only being two dark red emergency lights, it was quite dark. The paint covering the walls was full of stains and spots, so it looked like no one had added a new layer of paint for over ten years. At the end of the tunnel was a door with a serial number; this should be the base’s original entrance. 

Su properly closed the iron gate behind him, and then like a ghost, he reached this door inside. Just by touching the door gently, his perception abilities already sensed that what rested behind this door was a wide open space. There were many small and primitive biological responses on this floor, with all of the powerful unusual biological life forms underground. The two human biological responses were upstairs. 

This door wasn’t locked. With a push, he silently opened it. Behind the door was an extremely clean and orderly world, entirely different from the old-fashioned and tattered passage. In this open space were six large scale biological experimental apparatuses. Resting along the walls were rows of shelves, the experimental materials on them organized in a neat and tidy manner. The room was brightly lit, the warm lighting illuminating every corner of this place clearly. The two dissection experimental platforms to one side seemed to be used quite frequently, but they was cleaned quite well without a single trace of a bloodstain. 

The experimental region had four video monitoring installations, but Su knew their locations before he even opened the door, so as soon as he opened it, he immediately increased speed, passing the vast experimental region with just two steps. He then pushed open the only entrance on the other end to enter a corridor. At the end of the corridor was a flight of stairs. The side facing the experimental region had two doors, looking like storage rooms. Su pushed open one of the doors, and then cold air immediately poured outwards. When he saw the scene behind the doors, Su couldn’t help but frown slightly. Behind this door was a freezing storeroom, the inside storing piles of organs and chunks of flesh! These all seemed to be the result of dissections. With them piled up here, it was unknown if they were going to be researched a step further, or if they were going to become the food of matured experiments. 

Su closed the door, and then his figure became blurry, already disappearing from this place. At this moment, he had already flashed past the monitoring camera above the stairs, reaching the second floor. 

One of the doors of the second floor opened, and a delicate and pretty youngster walked out. He wore the trademark white coat of a researcher, his hands holding a large pile of information crammed with data. His brows were tightly locked together, currently preoccupied with some difficult problem. He had a striking bald head, and what was even more shocking was the rear part of his head. That area was covered by an alloy formed shell. 

The youngster suddenly felt that something wasn’t right in front of him. When his head raised, he discovered Su calmly standing in front of him with shock.

“Who are you?!” The youngster was alarmed and angry, shouting while producing a small and exquisite pistol like magic, aiming it at Su’s head.

“You shouldn’t do that, it’ll easily cause a fire.” Su calmly said. 

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