Book 4 Chapter 17.2

Book 4 Chapter 17.2 - Country

As the previous master of the Town of Trials, Madeline was definitely not someone who would easily feel fear. The only thing that could make her feel fear was the unknown, unknowns she knew existed, yet she could not explain!

Su patted her head gently out of habit, and with a sigh, looked into the night sky that almost seemed within reach. “Actually, I also remember seeing a starry sky before.”

Ah? When?” Madeline immediately asked with shock. 

Su released a forced laugh. Just like Madeline, this was something he could not answer. The scenery Su recalled was a sea of stars that stretched endlessly in every direction, while he himself was just an insignificant speck within the universe. It was unknown where this short memory originated. It wasn’t a dream, nor was it an illusion, but instead something truly witnessed before. This memory had already existed in his brain even before Su was able to store complete memories.

Now wasn’t the time to immerse themself in a stunning scenery. A while later, Su and Madeline once again entered the sea of clouds, returning to a world of reality. 

When the sky brightened again, Su and Madeline walked out from the other end of the clouds full of radiation. The western mountain terrain was a bit more peaceful, the temperature a bit higher than the eastern portion of the mountain range, and rocky surfaces could be seen protruding from the layers of snow from time to time. Upon closer inspection, Su also discovered that in this snowy region, there were quite a bit of life. Even though these lives were all extremely weak, they were also extremely tenacious. 

Suddenly, an extremely powerful aura of life appeared several hundred meters out, and an intense and pulsing red color appearing within Su’s panoramic view. This was a sign that this lifeform possessed powerful offensive abilities, a new function that appeared in the panoramic view after Su developed Extreme Assault. The more primitive and simple the creature, the clearer its effects. For beings as complex as humans, there was no way of clearly distinguishing this aura. 

The mountain range above the snow line, due to a lack of food and its closeness to the clouds of radiation, should not have any vicious creatures. Su acted as if he didn’t detect its existence, continuing along his intended path, gradually approaching this unknown creature. Meanwhile, when they were within a hundred meters, Madeline’s brows suddenly moved and gave Su a look. She also discovered that small thing.

The two walked through the snow covered ground, one in front, one in back. The snowy surface suddenly erupted, and a faintly discernible figure rushed out from within, shooting at Su like an artillery shell!

Su leaned to the side, easily avoiding the attack of this unknown creature. Then, his left hand grabbed it by the nape of its neck, lifting it up. 

This was a strange creature that looked like a wolf, but only a third of its size. Its head was unusually large, its mouth not long, but extremely solid. In addition, its mouth could open unbelievably largely, just like a few snake species. The front half of its body was extremely sturdy beneath its thick fur squirming muscles. Its hind legs were ridiculously thick and forceful, almost like those of ancient dinosaurs. The sharp teeth in its mouth were long and messy, not orderly like other wolves’, its claws were also ridiculously large and thick. In summary, it was a small scale slaughtering machine. Even though it was smaller than a wolf, its fighting prowess was clearly much greater. 

Its shoulder and neck bones were firmly grasped within Su’s hand, his five fingers that seemed to have sunken into its bones restricting all of its ability to resist. However, it still roared, using its claws and teeth to fruitlessly attack Su. However, when Su’s fingers tightened, its skeleton began to release crack crack fracturing sounds. The intense pain seemed to make it go mad, its fangs and claws biting and tearing at him in an even more berserk fashion. From the gaps between those messy teeth, a dark gray saliva continuously poured outwards, moreover releasing a thick, acidic smell. 

If it was a normal wolf or other vicious beast, the faint pressure Su intentionally exuded would have long driven them away. However, this little thing was exceptionally vicious, becoming more crazy the greater its injuries became. Su frowned slightly. Its struggle was unexpectedly fierce, the shocking power its little body erupted with making him almost feel as if he couldn’t control it. If this little thing struggled free, it definitely wouldn’t run but instead carry out vicious retaliation. 

The five fingers sticking out of the tactical glove suddenly became a slight bit longer, and then the power his hand exerted directly doubled. With a crack sound, this unknown vicious beast’s shoulder and neck joints were crushed, the four claws that were brandishing about powerlessly going limp. Su’s hand loosened, letting its body fall weakly onto the snowy ground. 

Madeline squatted down to carefully inspect this vicious beast’s body. “There are poison glands in its mouth… corrosion type acidic poison. Its power is greater than a mastiff, speed… similar to a cheetah’s. En, claws are twice the size of what’s normal, and also poisonous. Biting strength…”

Madeline unexpectedly directly inserted her hand into its mouth. The crushing of its vertebra didn’t affect its head area’s movements, so it immediately bit down on Madeline’s hand, moreover tearing at it ferociously. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way it wished. That fine white hand was like some superalloy; no matter how it exerted force, it couldn’t bite through it in the slightest, on the contrary breaking many of its teeth.

“Its biting strength is similar to a lion.” Madeline nonchalantly pulled back her hand. Apart from being contaminated by quite a bit of saliva, her hand didn’t seem to have any injuries. However, a small half of that vicious beast’s teeth came off. 

Su nodded and said, "Its power and body are so powerful, so its exhaustion of stamina should be extremely great, its food consumption tremendous as well, perhaps eating more than a lion. There is not enough food for it to eat in this region, and with the rate at which its stamina is depleting, there is no way it can support itself until it reaches the foot of the mountain where food is more abundant. That is why it should be something artificially bred, the natural world would not have something so unbalanced.” 

“There should be a feeding base as well, one that isn’t too far from this place.” Madeline said. As a Dark Saint, her combat experience was actually much richer than Su’s. 

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