Book 4 Chapter 16.6

Book 4 Chapter 16.6 - Unknown

The middle-aged assistant found this a bit difficult to believe. “She previously humiliated your distinguished self in front of everyone!”

“Just a small matter. It has already long passed.” Dr. Connor said. 

However, the assistant knew that what happened back then was definitely no small matter, to the extent where it stirred up a huge commotion within the Blood Parliament. However, Connor didn’t seem to worry too much about this anymore. “As long as she can carry out the apostle’s plan to the end, then that will be the greatest respect and compensation she can bring to my life. She is the only one that truly has a chance of completing the apostle’s plan.”

“She is a freak, a madman!” The assistant said resentfully. Back then, he was part of those that had been humiliated as well, moreover a humiliation in the field he excelled and felt most proud towards. For his past self who was at that time, close to forty years of age, to have less academic achievements in the biochemistry field than a little girl in her teens, this kind of embarrassment would never be forgotten for the rest of his life. 

“The synonym of freak and madman is genius. This might not be something universally accepted, yet it is quite suitable when used to describe Helen.” Connor calmly said. His hand finally pressed down on the light screen! 

An extremely powerful arc of electricity was produced at the base of the cylinder, spiraling upwards until it reached the top of the cylinder, and only then did it disappear. The male within the cultivation cylinder suddenly opened his eyes! He had a pair of silver eyes, scarlet radiance flickering within those beast-like pupil’s depths!

The culture fluid began to slowly drain, but that male seemed like he couldn’t wait any longer. The four tentacles behind him hacked out with lightning speed, fiercely piercing at the glass wall, unexpectedly piercing through the strengthened glass that was stronger than steel in one move! Then, the two crystals in front of his chest suddenly lit up, and then a fist blasted outwards, completely shattering the reinforced glass wall!

The strong smelling culture fluid flowed out, pouring all over the ground. The male walked towards Connor and his assistant with large steps. He stood still, his silver eyes sweeping between these two individuals. Then, his eyes landed on Dr. Connor’s body. 

Connor’s assistant didn’t dare move. After all, those four tentacles were floating in the end, the leaf shaped ends already pointing deathly at the two of them like the heads of vipers. With how easily they pierced through the reinforced glass, tearing through these two’s bodies was definitely not an issue. 

“What am I? If… I am human, then who am I?” The male spoke. His intonation was quite unusual, as if it was still learning how to speak. 

Dr. Connor took a step forward, his body now almost touching the ends of those tentacles. He looked towards this male that was taller than him in the eyes without any fear before saying, “You are my creation, a special ‘human’. There is no one in this world like you, but soon after, you will have great brothers and sisters. The birth of you all is a miracle in itself, and that is why, I will name you, as well as your brothers and sisters, the chosen!”

“Chosen…” The male repeated these words, as if it was trying to remember it. 

“As the first chosen of this world, the name I will give you is Moses!” Conner reached out his hand towards that man. 

The male’s expressions continuously changed. Doubt and struggle could clearly be seen. After a moment of silence, he finally knelt down before Dr. Connor, allowing the doctor to place his hand on his forehead.

Connor’s assistant finally released a breath of relief. He could no longer hold back his perspiration, sweat pouring out frantically. In the blink of an eye, both of their coats were completely soaked through. 

“Stand up, my child. From here on out, I still need to inspect your body’s overall situation one more time. Only then can I feel reassured.”

Moses stood up, looking into the direction where the Dr. Connor’s finger was pointing to. He walked into the reserve cultivation cylinder and then closed his eyes. Culture fluid poured into this cultivation cylinder from ten different nozzles, completely submerging his body.

A completely new set of data appeared on the light screen. The assistant read this new data line by line, and the more he read, the more excited he became. 

“Power, six, detectable potential eight levels, speed, seven, detectable potential nine levels… The strength of the four tentacles are equivalent to six levels of power, detectable potential eight.”

The assistant gasped for air as he wrapped up this analysis, “Immediate combat strength outstanding, potential great, this is an extremely great result!”

Dr. Connor began to mutter to himself, and in a rather profound manner, said, “The follow-up experiments’ materials are limited, so their strength will be weaker than Moses’. Also, the pivotal part of this plan is whether intelligence and combat knowledge was completely transplanted, and if they will accept our control. We still need to study this a bit further.”

The assistant laughed, not disputing the doctor’s words. From his perspective, as a completely new lifeform, the fact that it so quickly understood orders and controlled its actions already proved that the intelligence transplant was quite great. As for the doctor’s questions, that was just his tendency as a perfectionist. 

Moreover, he was just like his mysterious father; Moses had an inhuman ability to evolve abilities, and when necessary, can also accept further transformation. 

The issue laid in the fact that Connor and his assistant didn’t completely understand Moses’ genetic sequence base. The genes looked extremely stable right now, but no one knew what kind of circumstances would appear post transformation or evolution. 

However, just like the doctor said, due to a scarcity of the critical ‘material’, it meant that the ability of Moses and the later chosen’s abilities would become limited. The ‘material’ Moses used alone was already equivalent to half of what they currently had left. If Moses’ entire body was made of that material… when the assistant thought of this, his breathing couldn’t help but become hurried.

If that result was realized, what they created would no longer be a chosen, but rather an apostle. 

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