Book 4 Chapter 16.5

Book 4 Chapter 16.5 - Unknown

“Lord Haydn is here as well. Are you going to run in front of his face?” The woman ridiculed. 

Anger immediately flashed past the man’s face, but he didn’t dare say anything. He clearly felt great restraining fear towards the boy sitting on the couch. In reality, everyone in this room possessed real strength, and they also had a temper and arrogance to match that strength. Towards this child Bevulas sent over to be their leader, whose background they never heard of, none of them were willing to accept this, and there were many who secretly wished to fiercely deal with this little boy. 

There were even some who acted on these thoughts. 

Only, after taking action, of the three that wanted to teach Haydn a lesson, two were seriously injured, while the last one directly turned into a corpse. Moreover, during their brief interaction, Haydn fully displayed an irritable temperament and ferociousness that did not match his age. All those that belittled him, regardless of who it was, male or female, would incur a vicious beating from him. During these two or three days, this group of vicious individuals had nothing but fear and dread towards this little boy. 

Haydn liked to read books, to the extent where one normally wouldn’t see him train abilities, instead using all of his time reading books. Whenever he began to read books, he would show no interest in his surroundings, which was why this man and woman dared to talk about him while he was reading. Haydn’s expressions were extremely rich when he read books, sometimes displaying great pain, other times gnashing his teeth in anger; however, he never showed joy. 

The male gave Haydn a hidden look, giving the book’s title a look as well along the way. 

“The Phenomenology of Spirit?” This really was a book of suffering, or at least it seemed that way from its name. This was what the man thought. 

Underneath this building guarded by ability users was a closed off secret research center. Right now, the only ones standing within this large space were Dr. Connor and his assistant. The doctor’s face was clearly suppressing excitement and expectation, while his assistant didn’t try to conceal his fanaticism at all. 

In front of these two individuals was a dark black, semicircular, enormous pillar-shaped instrument that continuously released a slight motor sound. On the light screen next to the doctor, the numerous indicators were changing from red to green colored. Whenever an indicator turned green, it signified that another crucial target passed a test. This process was extremely short, but it was also extremely long. These several minutes of time left the doctor and his middle-aged assistant’s faces covered in sweat. 

Finally, the last indicator turned green. Even though the screen still had a few striking red areas, this meant that the overall progress had come to an end. 

“Doctor, can we start now?” The middle-aged assistant’s voice involuntarily trembled. The test this time was too important. If they succeeded, then they might have very well left a heavy stroke in all of human history. As such, it was not surprising that he was so stirred up and worried.  

Dr. Connor nodded. He raised his hand and then he took a moment to calm down his breathing, only then did his trembling hand stabilize. He then tapped on the light screen. 

The mechanical rumbling sound within the testing region suddenly became louder. The cylindrical machine slowly stood up, and its entire body began to release faint radiance. The cylinder gradually became transparent, revealing that this was actually an enormous cultivation cylinder. Inside floated an extremely healthy and handsome man around two meters tall. However, what was different from humans was that there were two spherical crystals where his chest should be. In addition, four several meter long, whip like tentacles extended from his shoulders and back, unfolding within the cultivation cylinder. Their pointed ends continuously touched the walls of the cultivation cylinder, as if they were trying to sense their surroundings. 

This male within the cultivation cylinder still hadn't woken up, but its four tentacles were moving on their own, as if they possessed their own intelligence. When Dr. Connor and the middle-aged assistant saw the four tentacles, they both couldn’t help but feel a bit of fear. As the creators of this existence, they understood quite clearly the power of those four things. 

The middle-aged assistant looked towards Connor and said, “Doctor, your distinguished self should go to the monitoring room above, I can take care of the rest here. After all, there might be dangers soon.”

“No, I will stay here.” 

“But doctor, what if there is danger? My death is not important, but the central laboratory, no, the entire Blood Parliament cannot bear to lose your distinguished self!”

“You don’t have to convince me any longer, I won’t leave. This is the most important moment in this era of history, so I have to personally stand before my creation. Even if I die as a result, it is worth it! I have long offered my life to science. If the experiment succeeds, the two of us will be standing at the very pinnacle of human history! Because what we completed is what should have originally been god’s work, creating a brand new life!” When Dr. Connor spoke up to here, his face was already radiating a dazzling brilliance!

After pausing for a moment, Dr. Connor smiled and said, “Even if there is danger soon, we still don’t have to worry. Even if we both die, there will still be people who can continue the central laboratory. Helen, she is actually more suited to that position than myself.”

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