Book 4 Chapter 16.3

Book 4 Chapter 16.3 - Unknown

The great calling and powerful fear tangled about within Su’s mind, immediately causing his face to fall. However, Su hid it quite well, so Douglas didn’t notice anything. 

Su already had a vague feeling that there seemed to be all types of indescribable relationships between things in this world. However, these relationships were hidden beneath tens of thousands of things, so the only method people could detect them with was intuition, and that was why it wasn’t accurate. Only after increasing his perception abilities past eight levels did Su start to sense the various relationships hidden within the tangible world, but this process was completely baseless, and the distance to complete understanding was still endlessly far. For the sake of producing Extreme Assault, Su invested all of the evolutionary points he obtained into the Combat Domain, and because of that, he discovered that the abilities of other domains were also helpful in understanding this hidden relationship within the perception world. For example, Combat Domain provided clarity, making the relationships he sensed clearer. The Mental Domain increased space and Magic Domain increasing time, while the Mysterious Fields didn’t seem to help much. 

That was why Su was now already certain that there was definitely a relationship between Frozen Throne and himself. However, as for what kind of relationship it was exactly, he had to take a look by himself to find out. 

At this moment, Su suddenly felt a weak fluctuation from his side. He moved his head over, discovering that Madeline’s face had become pale and her body slightly trembling. There even seemed to be an expression of weakness within her azure pupils. He immediately supported this young lady who was about to fall over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Madeline quickly recovered from this unknown state. She shook her head and somewhat weakly said, “I’m okay now. For some reason, I felt extremely uncomfortable just now.”

When he saw that Madeline had already recovered, Su finally calmed down. He then said his goodbyes to Douglas. 

“Wait, young man!” Dr. Douglas chased after Su and asked, “Can you tell me how many levels of abilities you have? I strongly dislike those Steel Gate fellas, but I know that they at least have some fellas with seven levels of abilities.” 

Su thought for a bit, and then he said, “Eight levels.” He didn’t plan on talking about the exact domains and abilities. When one understood what kind of ability the ability user had, then various tactics could be prepared. It would still be quite some time before trust would form between Su and this doctor. 

Douglas sighed and mumbled, “Eight levels… eight levels is enough to assassinate all of Steel Gate’s higher levels silently and without stirring up any commotion? It seems like the difference between seven and eight levels really isn’t as simple as one level suggests… no wonder there were always people saying how eight levels was the dividing line, one step over this line and you are in heaven.”

Towards Douglas’ great sigh, Su originally shared this feeling. On the list of Black Dragonrider abilities, every single eighth level ability possessed terrifying power far greater than that of seventh level abilities, and it was precisely because of this that abilities from eighth to tenth level were known as saint levels, as there really was a distinction. Meanwhile, above the saint level, it was rumored that there existed an eleventh level ability! Only, Su never heard of anyone having this type of divine ability that should only belong in legends. 

However, even though eight levels of ability were powerful, it didn’t reach the level where it could casually slaughter seventh level ability users. The reason why he could wipe out all of Steel Gate’s leaders in a single night was because even within eighth level abilities, Su’s Space probe and Extreme Assault were both rare abilities. Su, who had both of these abilities, already had the power to contend against a normal ninth level ability user. 

Su suddenly thought of something. With how large Kelan City was, its complete, as well as strict research system, why did it fail to develop an eighth level ability after so many years? Douglas already deduced the genome mapping of a ninth level ability, so based on normal reasoning, there should be no reason why he couldn’t produce a single eighth level ability. At the very least, he should have some prototypes. Since this curiosity suddenly appeared in his mind, Su casually asked about it, though he didn’t expect much in reply from Douglas. 

Douglas muttered to himself for a bit, and then said, “This problem isn’t all that strange. If the end goal was just an eighth level ability, then it’s not all that difficult. There are several eighth level ability formulations in my laboratory’s storage cabinets alone, but I don’t plan on making them public. Eighth level abilities really are a dividing line. Once one took a step over it, they might not necessarily enter heaven. There is a chance that they would head straight to hell!”

“Hell?” Su listened with rapt attention. Douglas who single-handedly created Kelan City possessed wisdom rarely seen in this world. He wouldn’t say frightening words just to scare others. 

“Who doesn’t know about the tremendous power of eighth level abilities? However, that is precisely why the amount of genetic alteration they bring to the human body far surpasses that of abilities seven levels or lower. In reality, these changes are already great enough to the extent where they can influence the survival of the human race. We all know that ability users’ posterity possesses much greater talent for abilities than ordinary people, but those people with eight levels of ability, their later generations are born with abilities! What this signifies is that perhaps after ten generations, perhaps even after just a few generations of inheritance, the so-called human race we know of would no longer hold the same meaning as that of the olden era. They already couldn’t be called humans! The reason why I did not distribute eighth level ability formulations to the outside world is out of hope that I can continue modifying and perfecting them. My ideals are extremely simple, which is to produce an eighth level ability that will not affect the genetic inheritance of the human race.”

Douglas’ voice was overcast and soft, but no one would doubt the resolution and passion he felt for this dream. However, after releasing a bitter laugh, he said, “Unfortunately, my skills are finite, and so progress has been extremely slow. After these dozens of years, under the premise of creating formulations that would have limited effects on the genome, I was only able to produce seventh level abilities that were satisfactory. I am still too far off from a true eighth level ability.”

When he spoke up to here, the old man released a deep sigh. An expression of reverence and recalling the past appeared on his face. “If teacher was the one that took charge of this project, he would have likely long broken through into nine levels. My teacher, he is the true genius that surpasses several generations of geniuses!”

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