Book 4 Chapter 16.2

Book 4 Chapter 16.2 - Unknown

The doctor’s residence was located at the northeastern corner of the biochemistry base. This place flickered with an illusory blue light, a building that was full of a fantasy style. Right now, it was completely dark. Dr. Douglas who had just completed a day of work walked along his spacious and thick rug. At the other end of this corridor was the living room he was most fond of staying in. 

The doctor wore a gown that exuded an ancient style. His head was already close to being completely bald, only having a sparse ring of white hair left. His long white beard directly extended down to his stomach. The doctor’s face was covered in deep wrinkles, each wrinkle giving off the feeling of passed time. However, this this elder who already had one foot in the grave had a pair of bright and lively eyes that were as clear as those of a youth. 

The elder calmly reached the end of the corridor, extending his hand to push open the living room’s door. Then, he frowned slightly, looking at the two individuals who were sitting on the couch that originally belonged to him. 

If he ignored their sudden appearance, the young man and young lady who were sitting on the couch left Douglas with a breathtaking feeling. After experiencing over a hundred years of life, Douglas could completely be called someone who had seen countless people. However, when he saw this light blonde young man, as well as the young lady with long gray hair, the young and powerful heart within the elder’s chest couldn’t help but speed up. 

As a great master that had studied the human genome for over eighty years, Douglas had thought to himself countless times what perfect humans would look like. Even after living a hundred years, he still couldn’t help but think about it from time to time. However, the limits of one’s imagination was limited, and each time, he was left with a feeling of dissatisfaction. 

However, the instant he pushed open the door, Douglas finally saw perfect humans, and he also knew why, through the endless passage of time, he was unable to imagine perfect humans. 

It was because there was an inhuman aura exuding from both Su and Madeline’s bodies. 

The young man stood up, and with a smile, greeted the doctor. “Dr. Douglas, I apologize for disturbing you so late.”

“No matter. You must be Su, right?” Douglas dragged his heavy body and sat down on a couch across from Su. His long, narrow, and shining eyes stared at Su, seemingly unable to hide his fanatical gaze. The old man’s eyes wandered back and forth between Su and Madeline a few times before saying, “I believe you’ve already seen the cooperation agreement. Is it to your satisfaction? Since you came to Kelan City and saw how things are here, you should understand that an old man like myself has no interest in power and influence, just wishing to research without disturbance, as well as allow this laboratory to continue its regular operations after my death.”

Su’s body leaned forward slightly, still maintaining his enchanting smile. “I understand, and I am quite content with the cooperation agreement as well. Actually, after seeing Kelan City, I know that only under your distinguished self’s guidance can Kelan City display its true uses. The reason I came is to hopefully learn about a few matters related to Frozen Throne. I heard that in this entire region west of the great lakes, you are the only one that knows about Frozen Throne.”

“Frozen Throne?” A flash of surprise passed Douglas’ eyes, and then he said slowly, “It seems like I must answer this question.” 

“That is correct.” Su’s voice was always gentle, but right now, no one doubted his resolution. 

“Then alright. Frozen Throne… it really is a name that makes one reminisce!” Douglas stood up, pouring a small glass of wine for himself. He stood by the fireplace, gradually slowing down his voice, seemingly already immersed in his past memories. “There were a few people who had talked about the name Frozen Throne before. They might have thought that it was a place, or maybe an organization… but in reality, Frozen Throne is a project!”

“Project?” This was a reply Su did not expect. 

"Correct, a top secret project. Frozen Throne was this project’s code name. I only know that this project is related to the development of a certain biological weapon exceeding this era, the concrete details I am not clear on. In that era, this code name was one of the federation’s greatest secrets. Back then, I was still extremely young, Dr. Rochester’s student. During the first ten years of the war, the doctor was already an authoritative figure that was at the very forefront of biology, genetics, philosophy, chemistry, and other fields, someone in charge of many federal top secret projects. Even though I was the doctor’s student, the number of times I could see the doctor in a year was pitifully few. In the few times I was able to meet him, the doctor had mentioned the Frozen Throne project, only, when he talked about it, the doctor seemed extremely unhappy, to the extent where… to the extent where there was a bit of fear!”

“Then, can your distinguished self tell me where this project is?” Su asked. He did not wish to search aimlessly about in a vast region of over ten thousands kilometers. 

Douglas walked to an olden era federation map that hung from the wall. He reached out his hand, pointed at an area and said, “The location of the project is right here. However, after the war erupted, the mountains and seas all became areas humans could not cross. This place has long been sealed up as a result as well. After so many years, no one knows exactly what has happened there. Are you sure you wish to go there?”

Su looked at the place where the doctor’s finger pointed at. It was a city located at the western side of the mountain range, its back to the mountains and face to the sea. An airport, harbor, and railway along the coastline connected it to the other parts of the main continent. It was just as the doctor said. Following the war, the mountains and great sea had all become dangerous places humans could not travel through. The railway had long gone out of service, and even if there were trains, the railway tracks had long corroded to a terrible state. All unknown regions signified unassessable danger. Since Project Frozen Throne’s goal was to produce a biological weapon, no one can predict what exactly has happened after being sealed up for several dozens of years. At the very least, there was one possibility, and that was that the staff members of this project had continued to reproduce during this time, all the way until now. They were just like the predecessors of the Blood Parliament’s great families who relied on the refugee bases to survive until now. 

When Pandora mentioned Frozen Throne, Su already had a vague feeling, but this feeling vanished too quickly for him to even experience. When Douglass explained Project Frozen Throne, the same feeling resurfaced, but this time, it was much clearer, about to be seized by Su. However, soon after it disappeared, when Douglas pointed out the position on the map, that feeling emerged within Su’s heart again, moreover extremely clear and powerful. 

It was… a calling, as well as fear. 

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