Book 4 Chapter 15.6

Book 4 Chapter 15.6 - Treading on Ice

All of Su’s movements flowed like water, natural and smooth, as well as inconceivably fast. After blasting apart the officer’s head, the automatic assault rifle in his hands continuously fired out a few times, shooting down all of the Steel Gate soldiers who pointed their muzzles at him. What left Su somewhat surprised was that Steel Gate’s ordinary soldiers unexpectedly had such firm willpower, unexpectedly still putting up a fierce resistance after seeing him single-handedly wipe out the mobile armors!

Like a fish in water, he weaved through the stream of bullets, the concentrated firepower unable to harm a single hair on his head. Meanwhile, the assault rifle in his hand fired at a constant rhythm, shooting his targets down one after another. 

Even though the retaliation of these ordinary soldiers was moving, it was still doomed to be futile. Su, equipped with panoramic view and a series of high level abilities, was definitely not someone who these ordinary soldiers could defeat simply with numbers. 

A sharp whistling sound rang through the air. An artillery shell exploded within Steel Gate’s soldiers, sending ten soldiers out of this world. This artillery shell was like the final straw that broke the camel's back, reminding those soldiers how frightening of an enemy they were dealing with. Concentrated gunshots sounded from the side; Li led several dozen soldier from the side. The remaining Steel Gate soldiers finally lost their willpower to fight, all of them surrendering. 

What followed was a cleanup of the battlefield and dealing with the captives.

After this battle, there were only a hundred soldiers from Steel Gate taken as captives, a small half of them seriously injured, and the rest died in battle. This was an army with quite the conviction, but it was precisely because of this conviction that resulted in their destruction. If one didn’t have the confidence to make the enemy obedient after they surrendered, it was better to just kill them. Su definitely wouldn’t leave behind an army that had a chance of defecting at any time. 

In this era, violence was the simplest, as well as the most effective way in maintaining loyalty, just like how it was when dealing with those mobs. If one wanted to make someone with conviction surrender, time and energy was needed. Su didn’t have either of these. 

This battle was unavoidable, and Schneider’s death was also inevitable. This didn’t leave Su with a good feeling at all, but if they did things over, he would still make this choice. Su didn’t participate in the cleanup of the battlefield, as it was enough to just hand these matters to his subordinates. He himself chose a relatively higher location before quietly sitting down. 

The rewards of this battle were extremely plentiful. Apart from weapons and ammunitions, the several dozen loading trucks were also a rare wealth. However, Su’s mind did not rest on these matters, as his interests never laid in wealth or influence. Perhaps because he was about to head north, Su suddenly felt as if his mood was extremely calm, calm to to extent where there was a bit of gloominess and despair. 

If one were to say that what covered this world was a muddy darkness, Su felt like he himself was a beam of light that illuminated those at his side. Su wanted more people to enter his radiance as well, but this light was extremely weak, and it could only cover a few people under its wings. 

“What are you thinking about?” Madeline had unknowingly when appeared behind Su, asking with her unique ice cold voice. 

“After wiping out Steel Gate’s final army, occupying their city and factories, I should head to Frozen Throne. This route isn’t easy. Will I have to turn over this ice cold mountain range?”

“Then what about me?” Madeline asked. 

Su gave this girl who he mutually relied on for survival a look, gently patted her head and said, “Of course you are coming with me!”

Su already decided that from today forth, no matter where he went, he would bring Madeline with him at his side. Only at his side could he immediately protect her and take care of her. 

Towards Su’s decision, Madeline seemed to have already expected it somewhat. There weren’t any special expressions to be detected from her small face. Only, she suddenly looked at Su’s hand that was still resting on her head, and then she suddenly bit down on it! This bite was fierce and heavy, attacking over like lightning and without any omen. Su couldn’t react in time even with his nimbleness, and as a result, was bit rigidly like that. 

Su looked rather tender and soft, but his flesh was now already beyond sturdy. However, despite this being the case, his hand was still aching with pain after being bit by Madeline. He looked at this girl with shock, but he saw the corners of her lips curl upwards, smiling as if she had some ulterior motives. 

When this girl smiled, the entire world seemed bright. 

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