Book 4 Chapter 15.5

Book 4 Chapter 15.5 - Treading on Ice

Schneider endured the powerful pain and dizziness, narrowing his eyes as he looked towards Su. He knew that he already lost the ability to stop the fourth round, but he just felt unwilling to accept things like this. What kind of damn weapon was this? Even for Steel Gate, it would still be an extremely long time before they came close to making energy weapons practical. 

The fourth round seemed to brush past Schneider’s body, destroying another mobile armor. Only now did Schneider realize why Su’s three shots were harder and harder to dodge. It was because each time after he fired, he would be several hundred meters closer! What kind of speed was this?

When it came time for the fifth shot, Su was standing just ten meters from Schneider, the electromagnetic rifle in his hands blasting the remaining mobile armors that were still searching about in the distance one after another. Only then did he lower the gun and calmly look at Schneider. The electromagnetic rifle was already completely out of bullets, but one alloy energy bullet for a mobile armor was definitely a worthwhile exchange. Once they acquire Steel Gate, that would be the same as obtaining the ability to produce alpha alloy, so the electromagnetic rifle would have ammunition again. 

Over half of Steel Gate’s mobile armors were already buried, or to be more precise, buried under this handsome young man’s hands. Even though he relied on this terrifyingly powerful energy rifle, even if he didn’t have this rifle, Schneider still didn’t believe that he had much of a chance of defeating Su. 

As one of the elders that initially founded Steel Gate, together with his companions, Schneider personally established the massive city on the ruins. Aside from an irascible temperament and heavy killing nature, he didn’t lack persistence, decisiveness, or bravery. His rich military career also brought Schneider nerves of steel, so even though he knew that defeat was inevitable, he still definitely wouldn’t surrender. 

Even while equipped with seven levels of ability and a set of mobile armor, Schneider was still left in a sorry state, having his mobile armor destroyed without even a chance to retaliate. This was not purely because of the electromagnetic rifle. At the very least, without five levels or greater defensive strength, it was impossible to resist this rifle’s recoil force. 

“Go to hell!” Schneider roared, his short gray needle-like hair standing on end. He leapt into the air, and with all of his strength, his fists gathered together before smashing towards Su’s head!

Su raised his left hand, unexpectedly resisting Schneider’s fists with just a single hand!

The moment the fists and palm collided, time seemed to have stood still. Only after this moment of stillness had passed did Su’s light blonde hair fly upwards, his feet sinking into the sturdy frozen earth. 

Meanwhile, the electromagnetic rifle suddenly spun about, the butt of the gun made of super alloy bringing forth a vicious gust of wind, ferociously slamming itself on Schneider’s face! Concentrated crack crack sounds of bones fracturing rang through the air. Schneider’s resolute face seemed to have completely caved in. His body that was full of power seemed to have had most of its power sucked out from it instantly, rigidly falling from the skies before landing heavily on the ground. Schneider’s head moved up and down, seeming like he wanted to stand up, but what he breathed in wasn’t air, but instead large amounts of blood. The blood entered his lungs, and after twitching a few times, he stopped moving. 

The electromagnetic rifle spun about in Su’s hands before finally stopping. The muzzle that was still releasing heat silently pointed at the ground, the green radiance flickering about the gun’s surface like the eyes of a demon.

Su swept his eyes over the clearly frightened Steel Gate soldiers, and then he said indifferently, “Lower your weapons and surrender where you are. I will only give you all one chance to surrender!”

His voice was soft and pleasant to listen to, not particularly loud or resounding, but it still sounded as if it was spoken right beside every soldier’s ears. A few soldiers whose mental states had long been tense immediately spun around to see who it was that was speaking next to their ears. A rare few dauntless officers’ snapped out from their great fear and roared out, “Kill him! Get revenge for the general!”

An officer whose body was robust like steel roared as he rushed at Su. He forcefully brandished the heavy machine gun in his hand, unexpectedly treating this thing like a metal rod, ferociously smashing it towards Su’s head!

Su’s face was without any expression. He similarly raised his left hand, using his arm to block the heavy machine gun that was frantically smashing over. The one that clearly bent was unexpectedly that heavy machine gun! The electromagnetic rifle had been returned to his back, and when his right hand reappeared, it was holding an assault rifle. The muzzle was directly inserted into this officer’s mouth, and then the trigger was pulled down!

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