Book 4 Chapter 15.1

Book 4 Chapter 15.1 - Treading on Ice

In the end, Li chose a highland location 15 kilometers from the base to use as a sniping position. This high point was only around 50 meters higher than the surrounding terrain, but this location had a broad field of view. If they added a few cannons here, then they could control a large portion of the mountain region. If one didn’t try to go through here but still wanted to reach N69, they had to either cross tall mountains a thousand meters above sea level, or they had to make a great detour of several tens of kilometers. From their mobile suits’ flexibility and supply range, they were already at the limit of their combat radius. 

The only problem was that this highland wasn’t a strategic location, the superiority it gave in defense was not all that great. However, in Li’s plans, this was perfect for drawing Steel Gate’s attacks. She wanted to concentrate her troops on the high ground and have a small amount as backup. She also planned to set up an artillery gunner there, having their only two small caliber cannons placed in that area. In front of mobile armors, these two cannons didn’t pose any threat, but against loading trucks and soldiers, they were still powerful. In addition, even if there was an ability user with six levels of defense, they still wouldn’t be willing to take a hit from a small caliber cannon head on. 

Li commanded the refugees that had just surrendered to construct a temporary fort on this high ground. When the sky gradually brightened, she could already see roiling smoke and dust at the end of the horizon. Then, several scouting motorbikes emerged from the smoke clouds, rumbling as they approached in a wild and coarse manner, only turning around after reaching about a thousand meters from the high point. They hovered around that area for a bit, loudly cursing at the armed refugees defending the high point. The wheels of these motorbikes were extremely wide, and hanging to their sides were either machine guns or shotguns, each equipped with considerable firepower themselves. 

Li was carrying out a construction of this defensive structure in a rather bold fashion, so it naturally didn’t escape Steel Gate’s eyes. She didn’t plan to hide it either, instead preparing to completely wipe out Steel Gate’s expeditionary force in front of this high ground. This army included almost all of Steel Gate’s elites. If they were allowed to return to Steel Gate, fighting in close quarters would be much more troublesome. 

The investigational motorbikes roared in front of this highland as if they were protesting. The riders laughed, cursed, even firing the machine guns towards the high ground. Of course, under this distance that exceeded a kilometer, these bullets couldn’t reach the highland at all. These riders’ skills at operating the bikes were quite excellent, the way they weaved in and out making it nearly impossible for an ordinary sniper to hit them. 

A rider with a great beard suddenly increased speed towards the highland, opening up his throat to scream, “Hey! Turtles on the hilltop, have a taste of this!”

The scouting bike released a clump of thick smoke from the back seat. A small and exquisite guided missile flew into the air towards the high ground fort. Even though the power of this less than a meter long missile was unknown, from its flexible trajectory, clear, and precise control, it clearly possessed technology that completely surpassed the olden era. In addition, from how it was installed in the backseat of a scouting bike, it meant that the manufacturing cost wasn’t that high, most likely a mass-produced good. 

Those who were rather sensitive to weapons and ammunition, for example, Su’s three subordinates, would see the potential of Steel Gate’s military industry.

“This thing isn’t bad!” Li watched in admiration as the guided missile flew over. 

En, they probably have a complete guided missile factory, and that’s why they could produce this fella.” Kane said. He didn’t seem to have realized this guided missile’s destructive power either. 

For a guided missile, any distance under a kilometer was covered in an instant. This type of battlefield missile actually possessed extremely great power, not inferior to that of heavy artillery, classified as heavy firepower under infantry level weaponry. That motorbike rider often used this fella to blast armed refugees until they cried for mercy. Unfortunately, what he didn’t know was that Steel Gate’s technology was an entire generation behind that of the Black Dragonriders. Meanwhile, among the commanders on that high ground, not only were there subordinates that fled from the Black Dragonriders, they even had many dragonrider standard equipment with them. 

Then, a scene that left all of the scouting riders who were acting arrogantly stupefied played out. 

A stream of bullets suddenly erupted from the highland, accurately striking the guided missile, blasting it apart in midair!

What was this?! Blasting apart a guided missile with an assault rifle? Practically every single one of these scouting riders felt that this was utterly absurd!

With a hong sound, a motorbike lost balance, fiercely falling onto the floor. The absent-minded rider tumbled a few times on the ground before stopping, the pain brought by several bone fractures made him release a groan before going unconscious. The riders who were going back and forth turned around, frantically fleeing into the direction they came from! Perhaps ordinary snipers weren’t a threat to them, but for a fella that could put out a guided missile with an assault rifle, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to shoot them down. 

Li Gaolei lowered his dragonrider assault rifle, and then he turned around to sit down on the firing position. After slightly adjusting the cannon, he fired at the frantically escaping scouting motorbikes. 

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