Book 4 Chapter 13.7

Book 4 Chapter 13.7 - Blood Exchange

The black haired young lady’s unstoppable might suddenly disappeared without a trace. She suddenly turned around gracefully before rushing towards Madeline. Her speed was so fast that it was impossible for the naked eye to grasp. She instantly appeared behind Madeline, and then her left arm moved, already wrapping around Madeline’s body! 

Both of Madeline’s arms were locked within Pandora’s arm, momentarily preventing her from budging an inch!

“Let her go!” Su released another roar, and then he rushed towards Pandora with large steps!

He was extremely clear on the fact that with Pandora’s terrifying strength, as long as her arm slightly displayed strength, she could easily crush all the bones in Madeline’s body! Moreover, she still had a completely free right hand. This was not all; her head, any part of her body, could all become the most frightening weapons! 

Even though Madeline was currently in a predicament, there was no way she would resign herself to her fate. Her body wriggled about miraculously, twisting about, and after a few movements, there was already a small amount of space created. 

However, Pandora blew gently into Madeline’s ears, and with a voice so soft only the two of them could hear, she said, “The greater your struggle, the more Su will go all out.”

Madeline’s eyes suddenly widened. Her long gray hair immediately fluttered about, and then it gradually fell. Endless stellar splendor danced around herself and the black haired young lady, adding a mysterious brilliance to this scene. 

Upon seeing this scene, Su was immediately shocked. He stopped all movements, no longer pressing forward adamantly. It was because any offensive action now would result in Pandora’s doubt, and as a result cause her to take forceful action against Madeline. 

Only now did Pandora give off the feeling of a young lady that had real flesh and blood instead of just a powerful human shaped weapon. Meanwhile, her expressions seemed much richer and more natural. 

She looked at Madeline whose head was slightly drooping, and then she looked at Su. Suddenly, a faint smile that was almost undetectable appeared. She raised her right hand, pointed it at Su, and then said indifferently, “I need your blood under the state where your abilities are all active.”

Su was silent. Then, his bruised body straightened again. The dozen or so energy crystals that were already shattered emerged again. Then, his mouth opened, and a drop of perfectly round blood was spat out, drifting towards Pandora. 

The young black haired girl opened her mouth, and with an inhale, the bead of blood entered those glowing moist lips. Su stood there calmly, nor did he try to stir up the power stored within his blood. In addition, when Pandora’s lips closed, the connection between that drop of blood and himself was lost. 

Pandora’s eyes narrowed slightly, appearing to be sampling the taste of that drop of blood. Several seconds later, she looked towards Su again, and with a slight smile, her tongue extended a bit. Then, a cut appeared on the tip of her tongue, and a drop of blood similarly flew towards Su. 

"For you. This is the black flame seal blood, while what you saw last time was just a fragment of the black flames.” Pandora spoke with her unique voice. 

Su was quite surprised. However, even if this was a trap, he had no other choice. That was why, just like Pandora, he similarly swallowed that drop of blood. 

Pandora finally smiled. She loosened her left arm, and then with a light push, sent Madeline towards Su. Pandora wrapped Madeline within a powerful force field, seemingly intending to deliver her right into Su’s embrace. 

However, Madeline released a light snort, and then her shoulders smashed about a few times, deemphasizing the power of this forcefield as she freed herself from these restrictions. Then, she rushed to the side before walking to Su’s side in an unhurried manner. 

Pandora already learned not to feel annoyed over these small losses. She instead looked towards Su and said with a serious voice, “In Frozen Throne, there is something the apostle is searching for. Su, my personal advice for you is to think of a way to obtain it before the apostle does, or at least destroy it.”

Su was inwardly shaken up. Even though Pandora didn’t tell him the reason, since this mysterious young lady already spoke about it, then there was definitely some extraordinary secret hiding within Frozen Throne, a secret that could draw the interest of even an apostle. However, why did she have to tell him? 

It didn’t seem like Pandora planned on giving Su an answer. She gathered her scattered black hair, stared at Su’s green eye, and then said, “This time, you didn’t disappoint me. I hope that when we meet next time, you similarly won’t leave me disappointed. You should know that if I am disappointed, then that will signify your end as well.”

After speaking, Pandora turned around to leave, instantly disappearing into the boundless darkness.

“Next time, huh?” While Su was thinking about this matter, Madeline gazed into the direction where Pandora disappeared into, the corners of her lips slightly moving upwards. 

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