Book 4 Chapter 13.6

Book 4 Chapter 13.6 - Blood Exchange

Pandora immediately felt helpless. Her left hand reached out like lightning, forcefully grabbing Su’s heavy sword’s edge. Meanwhile, her right hand drew down a long arc, immediately sweeping aside Madeline’s heavy sword. However, the power of Su’s heavy sword even exceeded Pandora’s predictions. Her left hand was pressed down by the sword’s edge until it was touching her head, and the center of her hand also dripped out blood. However, Pandora’s black hair suddenly flew about, her tall and slender beautiful nude body suddenly erupting with boundless power, unexpectedly able to forcefully stop Su’s powerful strike that reached eight levels of power!

Two light ka ka sounds could be heard. The tremendous impact made the crystals on Su’s shoulders immediately shatter, and two blasts of bloody mists sprayed out from the cracks. Fine cracks covered the energy crystal on his back as well. Su did everything he could to bring the sword down, but he felt as if what he was trying to subdue was like a surging great sea. Meanwhile, beneath this seemingly tranquil and gentle sea surface, countless terrifying undercurrents were gathering. 

Immediately afterwards, Su was already sent flying high into the night sky by the crazy waves of this roaring sea! 

As soon as Pandora sent Su flying, Madeline suddenly evaded and closed in. Her left hand gripped the heavy sword, while her right winded around Pandora’s neck. Her entire body stuck to her back, and with her right knee, she locked down Pandora’s legs. Madeline was a bit taller than Pandora. This series of motions flowed naturally like water, extremely smooth and natural. 

The two young ladies entered a momentary deadlocked state, and then Pandora lost her center of gravity. Her body that was close to being completely naked hung from Madeline’s arms, and then with a spin of elbows, her head was below her feet, once again being slammed fiercely by Madeline into the ground!

Seeing Pandora whose upper body had completely entered the earth, Madeline didn’t have any intention of letting her off. Instead, she reached out her hand, grabbing Pandora’s exposed ankle to pull her out from the ground before planting her back in. Madeline’s hands were vibrating at an extremely high frequency, and this frequency was transmitting through Pandora’s entire body, destroying her defenses. Being pulled out from this ground made of sturdy rock like this, if done again and again, even Pandora’s freakish body wouldn’t be able to endure this type of damage. 

The instant she grabbed Pandora’s ankle, Madeline’s eyes suddenly widened, her long gray hair almost all standing on end. An extreme feeling of danger passed through her entire body! Her feet moved slightly, and then her body already retreated several dozen meters out. 

The great earth was immediately covered in cracks. Pandora’s body shot out from the ground, and with a flip, landed on the ground. She raised her right hand towards the distant Madeline, and then her five fingers clenched into a fist. A formless forcefield already wrapped around Madeline. Then, unparalleled power was released from Pandora’s fist, blasting towards Madeline who was restricted within this forcefield with a power that completely ignored the distance between them! 

This fist actually displayed ten levels of power! 

Madeline’s body twisted, immediately displaying several dozen strange movements, miraculously eliminating a large portion of the terrifying force that bombarded her body. However, the remaining power still made her release a light groan. Wisps of blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth, and a paleness immediately occupied her face. 

Pandora’s left hand reached forward. Her body suddenly erupted with dazzling energy, and then from within her palm, what seemed to be something like a tangible energy blade extended outwards, quickly increasing speed as it shot towards Su who was falling from the sky in the distance! Even though she didn’t increase its speed with energy, the speed of activation was already close to that of Su’s Extreme assault!

Madeline’s eyes suddenly widened. She released a light cry, and then her body arched and released, rushing out with a speed that was even a bit faster than Pandora’s. She wanted to get in between Pandora and Su to block this attack before it reached him. 

Even though Madeline had already exhausted all of her power and her long gray hair was already pulled perfectly straight behind her, she was still a step too late, unable to intercept Pandora whose speed suddenly increased. The most important thing was that Madeline was no longer unpredictable, her actions not changing rapidly. Previously, this was precisely why she was able to severely injure Pandora even with her clearly weaker power. 

Su was also aware that he had no chance of evading Pandora’s attack. His face fell. His falling body suddenly increased speed, smashing into the ground like an artillery shell. The impact made his crouching leg bones release a groan of being unable to bear the heavy burden, but he still didn’t collapse. Su maintained a kneeling posture just like that. His arms each produced a small energy crystal, and then the alloy heavy sword moved through the air, piercing towards Pandora’s underbelly. 

When this sword struck outwards, all of the crystals exposed on Su’s body quickly shattered, the color of blood crazily erupting from the broken crystals. However, the power that this sword contained was already the greatest Su had ever displayed in his entire life! 

However, tonight’s Pandora was already far, far more powerful than the one he met last time. Su didn’t have much faith in this strike producing any results, only wishing that this could restrict this black haired young lady a bit, enough to give Madeline the chance to run, even though Su was extremely clear on the fact that Madeline was someone who would never choose to run. 

The girl had never went against Su’s words since she was little, but this was the one thing Su could not change her mind on. 

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