Book 4 Chapter 13.5

Book 4 Chapter 13.5 - Blood Exchange

The alloy greatsword was still unable to pierce through Pandora’s palm, but it slammed her hands into her body. Then, Pandora’s long and slender left leg suddenly flew outwards, kicking towards Su’s hands that were gripping onto the sword’s handle. Just from the abrupt sharp whistle of the wind alone, it was clear that if Su took this blow head on, not only his arms, but the entire alloy sword hilt might be smashed apart!

Su didn’t decide to evade. Instead, crystals appeared on his backbone and shoulders. As soon as they barely emerged, they released a radiance that was powerful to the extreme, as if there were three tottering banners impaled into Su’s back. 

The power of the alloy greatsword suddenly surged, instantly crushing Pandora’s defenses. Pandora’s beautiful body was knocked flying again, her foot that kicked outwards naturally only making contact with the air. 

Su didn’t immediately pursue Pandora, instead drawing out a beautiful arc with the greatsword and backing up. Black scales appeared around his chest, and the space between his brows split open, producing an extremely fine long and narrow crystal that looked just like a third eye. All of the cells he could control were burning, frantically sending out energy. Some of the less important tissues were even being absorbed by the core organs to replenish the large amount of energy that had been exhausted. 

This was a true ignition of his own life. 

Before Pandora dropped down, Madeline’s heavy sword was already waiting for her below. The black-haired young lady still used an ability she had displayed before, her body suddenly and rigidly turning, descending in another direction.

However, when the tip of the black-haired young lady’s toes landed on the ground, she suddenly discovered that Madeline was still standing in front of her, her hand holding the sword, sweeping it towards her waist. It was almost as if she already deduced that Pandora was going to fall here. 

The heavy sword silently attacked over. Pandora surprisingly revealed a seriousness. Her left hand moved out to block the edge of this blade. The heavy sword released a trembling groan before vibrating intensely, releasing a tremendous power that not only blasted away Pandora’s hands, but also left behind a deep wound along her palm! 

Pandora released a soft cry of surprise. In that instant, she felt close to nine levels of tremendous power from that heavy sword! Her left hand landed on that heavy sword again, but this time, she used all of her power, finally completely restricting Madeline’s power. At the same time, her right elbow released a faint whistling sound, and with enough power to smash apart a main battle tank, it struck towards Madeline’s chest! 

The two exceptionally beautiful young ladies immediately tangled together, and then they separated just as quickly. Madeline grabbed Pandora’s hand, swinging her entire body into the air, and then she slammed her heavily onto the ground!

The ground below Pandora's body was smashed to pieces from the power of this strike, yet she leapt back out as if nothing happened. A strange tint flashed through her black pupils. She immediately rushed towards the the continuously retreating Madeline, once again engaging her in close combat. After another dazzling physical struggle, Madeline lifted Pandora by the neck, smashing her body into the hard rocky ground!

The black-haired young lady’s back arched and then released, sending her body flipping over. Then, with extremely ferocious power, she bounced up!

These movements really were outrageous, simply impossible of determining how she displayed such power. However, Pandora’s small face was immediately covered with shock. Madeline had already turned her heavy sword around, aiming the sharp sword hilt towards her soft abdomen. 

That was why the situation completely changed into Pandora throwing herself at full force towards Madeline’s sword hilt.

As soon as Pandora bounced up, she then shot back down with similarly frightening speed. This type of heavy blow, even with her body, was difficult to take, and as such, she couldn’t help but curl up into a ball. A fingertip sized injury appeared on her abdomen region, and a thin strand of blood was currently flowing out from it. 

A rumbling sound suddenly erupted from the distance. Su used the already warped alloy greatsword to easily cut apart a few enormous rocks, the fierce strike producing many nicks on the blade, turning the weapon into a jagged sawtooth blade. Su held the greatsword horizontally. The three crystals on his back released energy radiance again, and then he rushed towards Pandora with great speed again. A pure cutting edge couldn’t injure Pandora’s body at all, so Su had to rely on hacking power to break through Pandora’s defenses. 

Su’s figure moved erratically. Even though he didn’t use extreme assault, his current speed was already not inferior to Madeline’s, perhaps even a bit faster. He suddenly passed over Madeline’s head, and then sent the blade hacking down on Pandora! While flying through the air, the crystals on Su’s shoulders became even more blinding. A tremendous power made his body suddenly sink down, and the power of the greatsword was correspondingly increased as well. 

Faced with Su’s extremely heavy sword, Pandora also finally began to treat him seriously. She sat upright in her original place, raising her right hand. She was unexpectedly going to bare-handedly take on Su’s powerful heavy sword!

Right at this moment, Madeline flashed by Su’s side like a ghost, the heavy sword in her hands slicing towards Pandora’s exposed ribs. The timing of this strike really was ingenious, perfectly attacking the weakest point exposed as a result of Pandora defending against Su’s heavy strike. The threat this blade posed even made Pandora’s tender skin tremble. 

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