Book 4 Chapter 13.4

Book 4 Chapter 13.4 - Blood Exchange

Pandora suddenly raised her head, gazing in the direction where Su disappeared into. Her head of black hair still flying about, unknown whether it symbolized shock or anger. 

What she saw was an expanse of great brilliance. Su was like an ancient war god as he walked out from the radiance, a sword descending straight down onto her head! During that instant, the night was peaceful, and all sounds, including the greatsword’s whistling and Su’s roar, were left behind by the brilliance. 

Pandora crossed her arms in front of her, and then her body leaned backwards. She was going to use her forearms to block Su’s greatsword strike!

The edge of the sword carried the power to break steel and smash rocks, yet it was stopped rigidly in place by those fine white arms. The edge of the blade drew out a great expanse of sparks, yet it couldn’t inflict even the slightest injury. However, the powerful impact force caused by its great speed still crushed on her until she moved backwards. However, right when her descending long black hair just touched the ground, her body that was bent like a bow no longer went downwards, instead starting to enter a deadlocked state against Su who held the sword with both hands. 

In that instant where not even her consciousness could react in time, the young woman’s pupils that were serene like the night met Su’s eye that was deep green like an ocean. As the two’s gazes intertwined, there almost seemed to be something intangible that was exchanged between their eyes. In that instant, Su’s right eyepatch already lost its isolation effects. 

However, in that instant that was impossible to measure with units of time, regardless of whether it was Pandora or Su, before either of them had the time to appreciate or analyze what had just taken place before both of them, they had already separated!

Su was sent flying high into the air from the tremendous counterforce, while Pandora finally fell onto the ground with her face towards the sky. That tattered short jacket was finally blasted to pieces under the berserk eruption of energy, but the skin that was exposed still didn’t have a trace of an injury. 

Su’s body sprung out for close to a hundred meters, and only then did his body flip around like a reptile and once again land on the ground. As soon as his legs made contact with the ground, his body erupted with the brilliant radiance of energy, once again launching an assault towards Pandora under the drive of crazy energy! This time, the sword that was held by both of his hands aimed its barely functional edge towards the heart of the black haired young lady who had just stood up!

Every single cell in Su’s body was crazily igniting, squeezing out every last drop of his energy to supply the neverending demand of this Extreme assault. This type of stimulating method had long exceeded the critical point, so the self-protecting restrictions within Su’s body had long activated. However, all of these warnings, all of these restrictions were then suppressed by him in an undefiable manner. 

With the sword in hand, Su rushed out, only forward and not backwards. 

This was the first time Pandora’s small face revealed a grave and serious expression. However, as soon as Su started up his assault, four figures suddenly leapt out from the shadows at the same time, rushing towards Pandora! 

Su’s heart suddenly jumped, but there was no way to stop Extreme assault already. He could only roar with all of his strength, “Get lost, or else I will kill you all!”

Su’s incomparably handsome appearance was already starting to distort, becoming a bit sinister from fretfulness. This roar that was issued in spite of the body being unable to handle it even more so destroyed the stability of energy within his body. After struggling to roar out the final word, blood filled his throat, but it was forcefully swallowed down. 

At the start of the battle, the roar Su released was precisely for the sake of stirring up his own fighting intent, setting the resolution to give up on everything, as well as to warn Madeline and his three subordinates to leave as quickly as possible. Even though Su’s strength was quickly increasing, it was almost impossible for him to escape from Pandora’s clutches during the last battle, while this time, it was just enough to put up a fight. There still wasn’t the slightest chance of victory. 

Pandora’s ten fingers were originally extended, her hands in front of each other as she waited for the blade’s assault to make contact with her palms, but after she saw the four that were closing in, her hands suddenly unfolded. Then, with a speed that didn’t lose out to Su’s Extreme assault, she began to spin in a circle in place, immediately spinning several dozen times! A crazy whirlwind immediately appeared in her surroundings, her tattered clothes even more so turning into countless fine fragments, shooting out in all directions with speeds faster than bullets, like a hail of bullets! 

Under the extreme speed and terrifying precision, all of the clothing fragments possessed extremely great destructive force. The four individuals that were rushing at Pandora felt as if they were being swept through by several machine guns. As soon as Kane started moving, blood blossomed in several places, and his body couldn’t help but fly backwards. Li Gaolei and Li could only continue a few more meters than he could before their bodies were similarly covered in blood, blasted more than ten meters backwards from the powerful impact of the cloth fragments. They then slammed heavily until the ground, going unconscious. 

Pandora immediately stood still from her spinning state, and then her ten snow white toes pressed on the ground, her almost completely naked body gracefully shifted to the side as if she was gliding on a water surface to avoid a frontal collision with Su’s Extreme assault. After colliding twice with his Extreme assault, Pandora already understood that this technique had extremely limited mobility during its later stages. If she could accurately determine the other party’s trajectory, as well as have enough speed to evade a direct impact, Extreme assault’s destructive power would be greatly weakened. 

However, when Pandora had just shifted over two meters, she had no choice but to move back to her original spot. The fourth person, Madeline, didn’t fall under her clothing bullets, instead easily avoiding the region of attack before rushing forward with a speed that seemed slow but was actually extremely fast. In her hands was a heavy sword that was a meter in length, and right now, it was currently being easily brandished. If Pandora continued to move to the location she intended to, the heavy sword in Madeline’s hands would perfectly pass through her waist. It was to the extent where Pandora didn’t even fear the great power of Su’s sword under his Extreme assault, yet for some reason, she was instinctively unwilling to make contact with the edge of Madeline’s heavy sword, even though this gray haired blue eyed young beauty didn’t seem to possess any particularly outstanding abilities. 

That was why she had no choice but to return to her original location, facing Su’s Extreme assault that had already amassed the most power it could head on for the third time. 

Su and Pandora clashed together again, releasing a tremendous explosion!

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