Book 4 Chapter 13.3

Book 4 Chapter 13.3 - Blood Exchange

Su turned around, welcoming the young lady that was calmly walking over. 

Under her feet, a dozen or so kilometers of distance was a but a moment’s time. When she entered Su’s range of perception, her identity was finally proven. That black-haired young lady was just like her name, bringing with her a heavy aura of death and disaster, moreover deeply sowing itself into each and every one of Su’s nerves. 

Su took a deep breath. His chest rose high into the air, and then he slowly calmed his breathing. He felt every cell in his body burning, a raging fury burning at his consciousness like a scorching hot iron. In addition, it ignited the things that were slumbering deeply within him. 

“Pandora!!” Su’s voice was so loud it didn’t seem like a voice a human could make. It was like thunder in a calm summer evening as it rumbled outwards, echoing through the mountains!

Pandora opened her small mouth, revealing a face full of shock. She never expected that Su, who was usually gentle like a breeze, would suddenly erupt with such a loud and clear voice. 

“We already hid so far away, so why are you still chasing after us?!” A flame now truly ignited within Su’s green pupil, to the extent where there were several strands of green brilliance flowing outwards. Meanwhile, even though the emotion his voice carried seemed to have calmed a bit, the volume became louder and louder, eventually becoming so great it was as if over a thousand people were shouting loudly together!

Pandora frowned slightly. Compared to when they first met, her expressions were much richer and varied. She stared at Su, and then from her lips that were so soft and moist one couldn’t help but want to give them a kiss, she spoke words that made him recall the past. “No matter where you hide, I will always find you.”

She pointed at the distant Su, and then she said with an unquestionable voice, “You, are mine.”

When faced with the incoming Pandora, Su’s reaction was unusually intense. He suddenly took a step forward, and then like a wounded beast, he released a world shaking roar!

Before the roaring voice dispersed, Su’s body was straightened out. Then, his hand grabbed his combat jacket, forcefully pulling at it! With a riiip sound, this combat jacket that possessed quite unordinary defensive power was unexpectedly torn into two pieces by the raw strength of his arms, exposing his upper body that was tightly wrapped by bandages. He then grabbed at the bandages. The muscles on his arms surged, and following pa pa sounds, the bandages were torn off one after another and tossed onto the ground. 

If not for the several injuries that were so deep bone could be seen, Su’s bare upper body, regardless of whether it was his muscles or outline, could all be considered perfect. 

Su took a deep breath, and then he released it. Between his inhales and exhales, one could see strips of flesh frantically wriggling about and growing under his bare skin. Su’s body immediately became filled with explosive power. 

Within the depths of his body,  a sharp and clear shattering noise only Su could hear sounded. A tiny crystal shattered, and then a grain of flesh that was originally imprisoned within was released outwards. Countless pieces of data were instantly sent to various parts of Su’s body, and a sea of genetic fragments were reproduced, the neat and orderly genome long prepared the space for these genetic sequences. New abilities were produced one after another, forming the cornerstone for the road to the target ability. Meanwhile, at the end of that road was Extreme assault!

All of this merely took place in the time it took for him to inhale and exhale. 

Su’s right leg suddenly flew outwards, kicking Vale’s two meter long greatsword that was inserted into the ground. The greatsword trembled as it whistled through the air, and then it abruptly stopped in Su’s hands. 

Then, Su’s bare skin released a radiance that almost seemed to have substance. A long tail of flame was dragged out behind him as he instantly traveled several hundred meters, passing  Pandora’s body, the greatsword’s edge slashing horizontally at the black haired young lady’s waist!

Pandora reached out a pair of small soft hands, unexpectedly directly and accurately gripping the greatsword’s edge. This was a hundred kilogram alloy greatsword that was moving faster than the speed of sound, yet she could catch it with her bare hands?!

Su’s body that was still carrying out the Extreme assault suddenly froze in midair, and one could see every strand of muscle on his body tremble, roaring, desiring to erupt with their greatest power. 

Ahhh!” Su released a vicious beast-like roar once again. All of the muscles in his body suddenly swelled, and the injuries that hadn’t healed yet violently fired a blast of bloody mist! The alloy greatsword’s blade released a vibrating sound that made one’s teeth sore, and then it suddenly twisted!

The young lady’s eyes suddenly widened, her black hair rushing into the sky as if it lost weight. Then, her body couldn’t help but fly backwards. When she was still in midair, the sleeves of her short black jacket were blasted to pieces, exposing a pair of snow-white arms. 

She flew back close to 30 meters, and only then did she stop. Then, as if there was an invisible great hand, she was suddenly pulled to the ground, completely defying common sense. When the black haired young lady landed, all of the sturdy rocks were completely shattered, producing a shallow crater that was several dozen meters in diameter. Meanwhile, the leather boots that were previously covering Pandora’s feet exploded into countless leather butterflies that danced about in the night winds, exposing her snow white, soft feet that were difficult to describe with words. 

Only now was Su’s strike that seemed to contain endless power exhausted. 

The parts of Pandora’s body that were exposed all seemed extremely soft and snow white, seemingly even a bit superior to Su’s. However, even after suffering such a heavy strike, her body didn’t reveal the slightest injury. No, Pandora was still injured. She looked at her hands, discovering that at the center of her snow white palm was a fine streak of blood. 

It was extremely red, red to a shocking degree. 

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