Book 4 Chapter 13.2

Book 4 Chapter 13.2 - Blood Exchange

“So direct? I really do feel rather awkward now…” Su couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head. He then slowly said, “... why should I even bother listening to the words of a dead man?”

“What did you say?!” Anger immediately made a layer of darkness appear over Vale’s face, but he surprisingly didn’t immediately take action. When faced with this exceptionally beautiful young man, he always felt a sense of danger, as if he was being stared at by a vicious beast, making him not dare act rashly. However, when he understood that he changed his violent habits due to fear, Vale suddenly felt an enormous humiliation. 

Another thing that made him feel uneasy was that the other two judgment knights still hadn’t replied to his call, completely disappearing into this boundless dark night. Su seemed to have seen through Vale’s thoughts, and then with a smile, said, “They will never come, and you will reunite with them soon as well.”

Vale’s expression changed greatly. All of the engines on the mobile suit began to roar as they began to move at peak performance. The greatsword in his hands pointed diagonally at the ground, and the muscles on his body continuously squirmed about, the strips of muscles even releasing a faint glow!

In addition, the mobile suit’s various hidden lighting systems lit up, the radiance released truly making him look a bit like a ‘divine emissary’. This was especially the case with that bloody eye, so red that it was impossible to ignore. The lighting effect of the mobile armor and its combat prowess were not related; it was purely for decoration and intimidation purposes. 

To Vale’s surprise, the surface of Su’s skin similarly released a faint radiance. Even though one wouldn’t notice this layer of light without looking carefully, this was indeed a radiance caused by the release of energy from the body. Not only did this signify a powerful ability, it often also meant that a powerful ability was being activated!

Su suddenly moved, his body’s energy immediately erupting fiercely, instantly propelling his body to top speed! Thirty meters of distance, under this terrifying speed, only took an instant to cover. Vale had just lifted his greatsword; at this moment, he could only stare with horror as Su arrived with inconceivable speed, the military blades gripped in his hands piercing viciously at the gaps between the mobile armor! Su’s body similarly began to transform at an inhuman speed. A bone blade extended out from each of his forearms, and below his clothes, shining black bone fragments the size of dove eggs covered his chest like scales. 

The bone blades only extended a few centimeters from his forearm, short and rough, producing both offensive and defensive effects. 

Under the contrast of night, one could only see Su draw out a beautiful trajectory. Then, he collided with the mobile armor with a loud noise! Following this loud sound, a column of flame created from the burst of energy erupted between the two! 

The one that was smashed flying was unexpectedly Vale who was equipped with the mobile armor! 

As he flew out in reverse, blood sprayed out everywhere from his body. His chest, as well as the mobile armor covering it caving in deeply, the center of it even more so having a deep bloody hole. The alloy armor plate was covered with small holes. 

Su’s fine white face flushed with redness, and he staggered backwards a few steps. The alloy military blades were now curled up, and fine cracks could be seen all over the bone blades extending from his arms. However, compared to Vale who was flying through the air, these small injuries were completely insignificant. 

Vale’s heavy sword spun about in the night sky. In the end, it powerlessly landed on the solid ground next to Su’s feet. 

Only now did Vale’s enormous body fall heavily onto the ground, the mobile armor covering him releasing bursts of electrical flames from time to time. The judgment knight leader’s body jerked involuntarily. He managed to raise his upper body with great difficulty, pointing his finger at Su, wanting to say something, but the blood pouring endlessly from his mouth prevented him from doing so. 

Vale already understood his own fate. 

As Steel Gate’s judgment knight leader, even though Vale had as many as three seventh level Combat Domain abilities, he still died so miserably under Su’s hands. The reason for this was due to arrogance, but even more so due to Su’s inconceivable eruption of speed, as well as his enormous force of impact. Abilities that propelled one’s body forward through energy means weren’t rare, but he had never heard of any ability that could increase one’s speed to such a degree. 

Vale’s eyes were full of resentment and unwillingness. He had an endless amount of curses he wanted to throw at Su, but the pieces of flesh stuck in his throat made him unable to utter any sound. He began to completely disregard his injuries as he forcefully coughed, continuously sending dark colored pieces of flesh from his mouth. There were some people who would maintain their arrogance and anger to the end. They would rather choose destruction than lose their dignity under the other party’s disdain. As a core member of Steel Gate’s higher levels, a powerful individual well known in this region west of the great lakes, Vale was precisely someone who valued dignity and arrogance over life. 

Seeing the unyielding flames within Vale’s eyes, Su already understood what he was thinking. However, as for what this true great figure in this region west of the great lakes was really thinking, it wasn’t important right now. In fact, it wasn’t important from the very start. Su raised the assault rifle, and with a single burst fire, blasted apart Vale’s face, finally ending his struggle in trying to curse outwards. 

As he looked into the dark, desolate, bloody, and smoke covered world, Su finally felt a sense of familiarity. This was the true wilderness, as well as this world’s true appearance, a world where power and violence settled everything!

Su walked towards Vale’s corpse. As soon as he walked a few steps, he suddenly turned around, his green left eye releasing an extremely sharp radiance as it gazed into the distant mountaintops. 

Even though he couldn’t see with his green eye, and that area far surpassed the range of his panoramic view, Su still felt that at the top of that mountain currently stood a young girl more serene and dark than this very night. 


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