Book 4 Chapter 13.1

Book 4 Chapter 13.1 - Blood Exchange

It was another dark night. 

On the summit of mountain peaks, a bit of fiery light flickered between bright and dark. This bit of fiery light was even visible from several kilometers away in this extreme darkness. 

This was Su smoking at the top of a mountain. 

In the past few days, there were already more than ten creatures that disappeared around the surroundings of N69. The speed at which moths flew over was far greater than what Su had anticipated, and they were quite a bit larger in number as well. It seemed like the attraction of a water treatment unit was much greater than what he had thought. However, the strength of those who arrived first were quite ordinary, not that useful for helping Su in advancing his abilities. However, they could still help Madeline and his three subordinates increase their strength. 

The cigarette gradually shrunk. 

Greed made the intellect of humans become weak; Su already deeply understood this point. The ones that came didn’t even have the strength to deal with a small team of mutants, yet they wanted to steal the water treatment unit from him, who wiped out the entire mutant tribe?

These people were most likely sent over by others to scout this place out, testing Su’s strength and attitude. Su’s reply was extremely simple; all who tried to get closer to N69 without contacting him prior to doing so would turn into corpses. 

These greedy fellas didn’t realize that their whereabouts had long been discovered. Meanwhile, Su only had to inform Madeline or his subordinates of their general location and abilities. They would then naturally deal with everything. 

In fact, right now, Su already understood Madeline’s abilities through direct observation. Madeline, who could already freely move the heavy sword, even if she only had three levels of power and two levels of defense and speed, with her true fighting strength, was already enough to completely overwhelm Li. Even if Li Gaolei was added in, Madeline would still easily win. As for Su himself, he would even have to use some tricks to subdue her. However, even after understanding Madeline’s true strength, whenever she went out alone to dispose of enemies, Su would still feel a sense of worry that was impossible to get rid of. 

Su truly wanted to live in the olden era. Even though people back then didn’t have all types of incredibly powerful abilities, they didn’t have to constantly worry about the safety of those around them. 

He took a deep breath of the cigarette smoke, and then he raised the automatic rifle beside him, turning on the sniping mode. Without even using the sighting device, he fired into the darkness. Only when the bullet left the barrel did Su’s body lean to the side, following which a sniper’s bullet passed by his original position. If Su didn’t move, that bullet would have passed right through the end of his cigarette. 

To be able to achieve this type of precision from a thousand meters away, this could already be considered quite an excellent sniper. Unfortunately, that was all it was; this was what Su thought. 

Only when the sniper bullet passed him did a gunshot sound, and it might be a bit longer before the other sniper’s miserable scream would sound. Su waited until the other party fired before calmly retaliating and then easily avoiding the sniper’s bullet. The moment many snipers pulled the trigger, perhaps due to their intense focus, they often had the habit of concentrating and waiting a moment. However, this habit proved fatal tonight. 

After eliminating the other party’s sniper, Su stood up. Raising his voice, he said, “Since you all came, what is the point of hiding? Do I really have to chase you out like rats?”

Even though wind whistled through the mountains, Su’s voice still possessed a penetrative force, sounding far into the distance. Almost the instant his voice sounded, the miserable cry of the sniper before death sounded from the distance. 

In front of Su was a long slope, and two kilometers out was another mountain ridge. Rumbling footsteps sounded from behind the mountain ridge, and then an extremely tall and sturdy figure emerged, walking with large steps towards Su. This was an extremely large man, his rough appearance looked like it was carved from stone, constantly giving off an imposing feeling. He wore a strange mobile armor, not the type that covered his entire body, but instead something similar to the armor of ancient holy cavalry. Only the crucial areas were given propulsion assistance, so its main power still relied on the knight’s own valiant power. 

At the chest area of the knight was the decoration of an eye dripping with blood that was rather striking. In addition, there was a light source within the mechanical chestplate used specifically to illuminate this design.

The knight continued to walk all the way until he was thirty meters in front of Su before stopping. Under this distance, Su’s assault rifle could display considerable strength, while the knight didn’t hold a firearm, but instead a two meter long greatsword. 

“I am the leader of Steel Gate’s judgment knights, Vale!” The knight spoke with a thunderous voice. 

“Aren’t there two more? How long do they plan to continue hiding?” Su asked indifferently. 

Vale’s face changed. Like a male lion, he took quite some time to size Su up, and only then did he say to the communications device installed into his collar, “Pedro, Papence, you two should come out!”

After giving the order, Vale asked, “You are Su?”

Su looked into Vale’s eyes, substituting his reply with silence. 

A wave of anger clearly appeared on Vale’s face. He looked askance at Su from his head down to his feet, and then with an unquestionable tone, he said, “No matter who you are, Base N69 is already Steel Gate’s property! Leave this place immediately, and do not come within ten kilometers of the base. Otherwise, all will be killed without exception!”

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