Book 4 Chapter 12.8

Book 4 Chapter 12.8 - Reward

The strange creature’s mouth was covered with sharp teeth that flickered with metallic luster, and one could imagine how powerful those teeth were from its eight claws’ sharpness. Right when the enormous mouth was about to close, the end of its mouth suddenly released a few slits. Like a nose, they sniffed a few times, ultimately deciding to retract its mouth from Helen’s neck and closing again. However, its sharp teeth already penetrated a bit into Helen’s soft skin, leaving a row of bloody dots on its surface. 

Then, it released a long forked tongue from its mouth, licking the injuries on Helens’ neck. When the long tongue made contact with Helen’s blood, it seemed to have sensed something, as a result starting to release light wuwu sounds. It climbed up a few more steps before curling up around Helen’s shoulders, using its body to seal Helen’s injuries. When it climbed onto her shoulders, its sharp claws became extremely graceful as well, just enough to support its ascent. However, the eight sharp claws’ ends were too sharp, still piercing through Helen’s clothes and leaving behind a few drops of blood. 

Only now did Helen produce a reaction, but she didn’t fear this little thing that almost took her life in the slightest, unexpectedly reaching out her hand to lightly caress it. Meanwhile, it also whimpered, cheerfully enjoying Helen’s touch. 

A few seconds later, this small thing suddenly released a short and sharp cry. Its body began to contort, unexpectedly falling from Helen’s shoulders and landing with a pa sound onto the ground! 

It continuously screeched while rolling about, its eight claws brandishing about at flying speed and its tail lashing crazily about. Its sharp metal-like claws drew out streaks of deep grooves into the ground. 

Helen squatted down onto the ground, feeling a bit at a loss for what to do. She didn’t dare get any closer to this strange creature that was experiencing so much pain that it was going mad. Those crazily moving sharp claws and tail couldn’t be touched at all, as getting even the slightest bit closer to them might dice her flesh up into chunks. 

Its vitality was currently flowing away, and a minute later, it was laying there on the ground, only able to breathe weakly. Then, with a low cry, the muscles on its back split apart, releasing more than ten sharp stingers of varying lengths. It seemed like it was currently evolving another important weapon, but its body was already incapable of supporting this evolution process. 

It raised its head, looking towards Helen. After releasing a final wail, it became silent.

Helen stayed silent for a long time, and only then did she pick it up into her arms. The current scene proved that this was the subject that underwent the most successful evolutionary development. After breaking through the lid’s seal with its extremely sharp teeth and claws, it then broke many containers to turn the still developing subjects into its own nutrients. 

From an evolutionary standpoint, its evolution was several hundred times that of the other containers. It had a complete biological system, extremely powerful movement ability, powerful and strong offensive organs, as well as terrifying growth potential. It even had a basic level of recognition and intelligence. This was a disparity only mutation could produce. 

It was only missing the most important factor, which was that the various subsystems of its body were still not stable enough. If it could further display reproduction and hereditary abilities, then it would become a true biological entity, a species that could pass down its dna. 

This was a biological body produced using the intruder cells from Su’s blood as parent cells, a completely new biological form. At the very least, as far as what humans knew, there were no records that matched this life form. 

The intruder cells alone already displayed characteristics of intelligence and powerful offensive ability. Meanwhile, Helen thought of a hypothesis, and that was that if these intelligent individual systems merged together into a unified will, then it might very well produce a completely new biological system of intelligence. This was originally a presumption that was impossible to prove, but now, it appeared in front of Helen, moreover a path that was already half complete. 

A moment later, this small biological life form that had exhausted its vitality was resting on an experimental stage, Helen’s entire set of cutting tools silently resting next to it. Right now, she had to thoroughly understand its body’s composition, yet her hand that held the surgical blade was slightly trembling. 

This was an old weakness. Each time she needed to dissect and analyze the bodies of creatures that made some sort of breakthrough, Helen’s hands would always tremble. She couldn’t control this at all. 

After all, those ugly, strange lumps of meat were all related to her own flesh and blood. 

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