Book 4 Chapter 12.5

Book 4 Chapter 12.5 - Reward

Number one frowned. Due to number four being able to see a few seconds into the future, she always had trouble distinguishing subjective from objective, especially since she was someone that was always on the edge of insanity. Staying together with someone like this was definitely not a joyous thing. If not for her eyes being extremely helpful to him, number one definitely wouldn’t take on Persephone’s fatal attack for her. The price of this was the sacrifice of numbers two and three. However, they had long began to become a threat to number one, so he didn’t feel much grievance towards their deaths. 

When he saw the calm and unruffled O’Brien and Alan, even number one who had eighth level Magical domain abilities felt a bit of hesitation. Even though he was extremely confident in his own abilities, due to his overly cautious nature, he still said to number four, “Investigate their abilities.”

A flash of blood red passed number four’s pupiless eyes, and then her face clearly revealed an expression of disdain. “Their highest abilities are seventh level.”

Number one immediately released a breath of relief. It seemed like O’Brien’s abilities matched what was recorded in the materials. The subordinate next to him who had never made an appearance before didn’t seem that outstanding either, which meant that the alloy heavy armor that was like a tortoise shell was a piece of equipment that was just a bit worth noting. This was likely why they felt a bit more confident in this battle. 

Bevulas’ special dispatch combat forces’ members all possessed abundant combat experience, and ever since they were young, their abilities’ development paths were specially adjusted based on their talents and conditions. They had never taken any wrong paths, nor did they waste even a single evolutionary point. That was why when facing similar level opponents, the special dispatch combat forces’ members had the confidence that they would definitely win. Even when facing enemies that were higher leveled than themselves, they would still be without any fear. 

Upon seeing that number four still wanted to say something, number one immediately berated, “Stop wasting time and get rid of them!”

When he saw O’Brien and Alan’s calm appearances, number one felt a strange sense of unease. 

“Number four! Link up!” Following this shout, icy cold energy seeped out from below number one’s feet, his body then beginning to slowly rise. His right hand reached outwards, while his left hand rested on the extended right hand’s wrist. Five fingers unfolded, his palm aimed at O’Brien. Then, cold energy surrounded his entire arm, and a streak of extreme cold fired from number one’s palm, instantly blasting towards O’Brien.

Number one immediately used his eighth level Magic domain ability, Frost ray!

O’Brien revealed an indifferent smile, and without any movements, three pieces of transparent ice shield already appeared before him. There was naturally no way the fifth level ice shield could compare to an eighth level ability, so the ice shields were easily penetrated by the Frost ray, instantly reaching O’Brien. However, these three ice shield were not activated by O’Brien, but instead Alan!

The reason Frost ray could be considered an eighth level ability was primarily due to its ability to penetrate defensive force fields. Almost all force fields under the seventh level were completely ineffective before it. That was why O’Brien only watched as Alan used three pieces of fifth level ice shields to weaken the ray’s power, while he himself didn’t use the various higher level defensive force fields. 

An enormous alloy shield suddenly appeared in front of the frost ray, completely shielding O’Brien. Following a light sound, the Frost ray already landed on the alloy shield, immediately applying a layer of azure colored frost! Under the extreme temperature of negative 200 degrees, most alloys would become extremely weak. However, a layer of earthen radiance suddenly appeared on the alloy heavy shield. Then, with a loud roar, the extreme frost on the heavy shield suddenly exploded, the azure icy shards flying in all directions. Whenever a fragment fell onto the ground, several meters of the surrounding surface would be frozen!

Alan stuck his head out from behind the heavy shield. After flinging off the icy frost covering his head, he gave number one a cold smile. 

Number one’s pupils immediately narrowed. Even though it experienced three instances of weakening, Frost ray was easily blocked just like that?

Through the linked spiritual fluctuation, everything number four saw continuously entered number one’s field of view. This was not just the three-dimensional imaging both individuals’ eyes captured, but also the ability to differentiate O’Brien and Alan’s tactics through the analysis of past imaging. Number one suddenly discovered that there was a blue flame that ignited within O’Brien’s left palm. 

He immediately roared without taking the time to think. 

“Number four! Get out of the way!”

Number four with seven levels of speed shifted to the side as if she was as light as a feather. As soon as she moved a few meters, the place she was originally standing on suddenly erupted with a blue pillar of flame! Number four deeply understood the destructive power the seventh level ability Volcanic flame possessed. If she took these flames that were over 1500 degrees head on, most of her body would immediately be turned into coal. 

If it wasn’t for number one’s warning, number four would have already become a corpse.

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