Book 4 Chapter 12.3

Book 4 Chapter 12.3 - Reward

Helen tapped on the intelligence system in her hands. A moment later, a virtual diagram of the entire northern mountain region appeared. She drew a circle around a rather large area with her finger. “From what I currently know, the chances of Phoney being in this region are quite great. Also, this is where the special forces are the most active. There seems to be a few special forces members that haven’t joined in on the battle yet.”

O’Brien stored the region Helen drew out in his memory. He then stood up and said, “Thank you, older sister Helen. Then I have to head out right now, so please wish me luck. Right, I forgot to do some introductions. This is Alan, a companion I can trust my back to.”

Helen gave O’Brien a look, and then she looked towards Alan. “Just by relying on you two’s seventh level abilities?”

O’Brien decided not to comment on the great skepticism in Helen’s voice. Instead, he said with a smile, “Haven’t you said before that data actually cannot prove everything?”

When O’Brien and Alan left the reception room, only now did a sea of data flood Helen’s great brain, and it also began to operate at a speed comparable to supercomputing centers. A while later, O’Brien’s probability of success emerged. Only when she saw the result did Helen relax a bit. 

At this moment, O’Brien had just walked out from the entrance of Persephone’s private hospital. The bright sunlight made both of them slightly narrow their eyes. The off-road vehicle at the side of the street started up before slowly heading in their direction. 

As he waited for the vehicle to arrive, O’Brien smiled as he gave the familiar Dragon City around him a look, his eyes carrying a hint of reluctance. He then slowly said, “Alan, how confident do you feel? The special forces’ fellas perhaps all have strength equal to that of major generals!”

Alan seemed to still be acting rather lazily, as if he was forever in a half sleeping state. When he heard O’Brien’s question, he shrugged his shoulders and said, “The sentence of data not being able to decide everything is something I already heard twice today. If our luck isn’t too bad, in a few years, our military success might be recorded in the Black Dragonriders’ textbooks, an example of a seventh level abilities defeating generals.”

When O’Brien heard Alan’s words, he patted his shoulder and said, “You absolutely cannot look down on older sister Helen. I even dare to make the bet that right now, she has definitely already seen through our true strength. Otherwise, with her nature, she would have definitely prepared a few life saving methods for us.”

After speaking, O’Brien released a sigh of sorrow and said, “Actually, the entire life of a so-called genius like me, in front of older sister Helen, really isn’t much at all.”

Alan seemed a bit reluctant to accept what O’Brien was saying. His intrinsic nature to unconsciously look down on women was great, especially a woman without any abilities. However, he didn’t plan to let this bother him too much, nor was he used to doubting something O’Brien repeatedly emphasized. Instead, he just asked, “What is our following plan?”

“Get on the plane and head north.” O’Brien said. 

“Plane?” This time, Alan became a bit more clear-headed. He asked with a bit of shock, “What kind of plane can fly to a blasted place like the north?”

“The plane is actually quite ordinary, but I know a person who can definitely fly to the north.”

“Who?” Alan was quite curious about this individual.

“Even I’ve never met that individual. I just know that his nickname is Flying Bear.” O’Brien said. 


In the outskirts of Dragon City, Ben Curtis currently had his upper body bare. He was carrying a five meters long steel bar and walking towards a half built structure several hundred meters out. This was a ten meter tall, several dozen meter long building that doubled as both a storehouse and factory building. It had a steel frame, with the outside covered in lightweight boards. About half of the project had already been completed, and the steel frame was pretty much done. However, there wasn’t a single worker on the construction site, so it seemed like the captain intended to complete the entire process alone. 

Along with his heavy and forceful footsteps, the captain’s dark skin continuously wriggled about. Beads of sweat continuously trickled downwards, leaving behind shining trails on his black skin. He carried a steel part that was several tons in weight, and each time his foot raised and lowered, they would always leave behind a clear footprint on the ground. 

“Captain!” A cry sounded from behind Curtis.

Curtis didn’t pay the call any attention. Only when he reached the hangar and placed the steel part down did he turn around and say with a rather deep voice, “Little fella, what are you doing here instead of sitting tight in your own territory?”

O’Brien still had a smile on his face, as if he didn’t see that Curtis’ small eyes seemed to contain a tangible radiance. With a rather relaxed voice, he said, “I want to ask Flying Bear to send us north.”

“North? At this time of year?” Curtis’ eyes suddenly became sharp, and then they dimed. Then, with a somewhat absent minded tone, he asked, “You want to go to war?”

O’Brien shook his head and said, “I don’t want to, but I have no choice.”

Curtis gave O’Brien a deep look, and then he began to move his arms around a bit to stretch out his muscles. He then walked over to O’Brien and said, “However, Flying Bear requires compensation.”

O’Brien produced a bottle of alcohol from his bosom like a magician, and then he tossed it over to the Captain. “Take it!”

Curtis gave the bottle’s label a careful look, discovering that this really was a bottle of olden era whiskey. It wasn’t bad, but it definitely wasn’t anything incredibly precious. As such, there was immediately an undisguised disappointment on his face. With a heavy sigh, he said, “You are just like your older sis, all penny-pinchers! However, I guess this bottle of alcohol is enough. Wait a bit.”

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