Book 4 Chapter 12.2

Book 4 Chapter 12.2 - Reward

The reception room was quite large, and there were several couches arranged in it. The fireplace had a raging flame burning about, dispelling the unavoidable coldness and humidity of the underground building. On the couch sat a carefree and straightforward man, and there was another individual who was standing by the wall, seemingly appreciating the painting suspended on that wall. When Helen’s figure appeared, the rather straightforward male began to lazily recline into the couch, half closing his eyes to continue enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. Meanwhile, the male near the wall turned around, and with a warm smile, said, “Older sister Helen, we meet again.”

This male’s appearance was extremely young, but there wasn’t a trace of immaturity that could be detected from it. His entire being gave off a feeling that was as imposing as a mountain, an aura that was restrained. This was a feeling that should only be possible through the accumulation of time, but for some reason, it appeared on this individual who had just separated himself from boyhood. Helen was quite clear on his age. 

Only after carefully giving his soft and steady face a look did Helen walk into the reception room. “O’Brien, why did you suddenly run over to my place?”

O’Brien handed an intelligence system to Helen and said, “Older sister Helen, please take a look at this first.” Then, he walked to the counter on the other end to prepare some black tea. O’Brien was quite familiar with this place, because he was quite fond of Helen’s reception room before, often coming here. Of course, back then, he was still a big kid who was full of ideals and radiance. 

Helen threw her own rather hollow body onto the couch. After turning on the intelligence system, several lasers first constructed Eileen’s appearance and resources, and then all members of the special force began to appear one after another, starting from number one to six. 

O’Brien carried the tray as he walked. He lowered a cup of black tea and several biscuits in front of Helen, and then he arranged the other portion in front of himself. What he offered that straightforward man was instead a cup full of strong alcohol. He patiently waited for Helen to flip through all of the materials, and then he said, “These are the ones Bevulas sent after my sister. However, from what I’ve heard, Eileen ran out on her own. Older sister Helen, what I wish to know is, how great are older sister’s chances of victory?”

Helen raised her head and looked into O’Brien’s eyes. Within the depths of those gray and green pupils, she saw a world far deeper and vast than what she saw in the past.

That was why Helen decided to give him a reply. “From my judgment, Phoney’s success rate should be around 70%. Even though Eileen’s abilities are powerful, it is still actually within Phoney’s range of control.”

“However, this is a probability created purely from digits. There will always be exceptions in the real world, and that is why data does not represent everything.” Helen added.

“70%? This is much greater than what I had anticipated.” A radiant smile appeared on O’Brien’s face, and then he said, “Since older sister believes that it is 70%, then it will definitely be 70%. Actually, based on this probability, there is already no need for me to head north. When I get there, older sister might have already settled everything.”

“However…” O’Brien continued to maintain a captivating smile, but his voice slowly sank. “Even though that is what my rationality is telling me that such a high probability rate means I do not need to interfere, from an emotional standpoint, 30% failure is still more than enough reason for me to pay the north a visit.”

“You are prepared to go to war against Bevulas?” Helen asked with a frown. 

O’Brien smiled and said, “I already clearly expressed my position, and have also given him time, but he hasn’t withdrawn his troops from the north. Since this is the case, then war is just an unavoidable matter.”

“Will your father and family agree with your actions? You should understand the current situation.” Helen’s brows were tightly locked together. 

O’Brien’s smile became even more enchanting. “I believe that with Borriello’s wisdom, at the very least, the preservation of the family is not an issue. If Bevulas insists on pursuing older sister, then it is not that big of a deal for me to separate myself from the family and fight in the wilderness just like older sister.”

When Helen saw O’Brien who seemed to have brought sunlight to this underground reception room, she finally changed her machine like expression. With a soft sigh, she said, “Back then, it was precisely you who expelled Persephone from the family.”

“Back then, I was still young.” O’Brien gave quite the unusual reason. It had been less than a year since his decision back then. Could a single year’s worth of time really bring this much growth to an individual? However, the reason he gave strangely made others believe him.

“Then what is it that you need me to do?” Helen asked. 

"I need to know where I need to go to find older sister."

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