Book 4 Chapter 12.1

Book 4 Chapter 12.1 - Reward

Cleaning up Base N69 was an enormous task. Before the workers and slaves from Victor’s side arrived, he could only rely on the dozen or so armed mobs that surrendered to lead over a hundred captives into this mentally collapsing work. Tegan became the leader of the armed mobs, and he was directly put under Kane’s responsibility. This rather delicate and pretty youth, perhaps because he was clear on his own fate, or because of some unknown resentment, treated his previous colleagues extremely harshly. The moment they started working, he caught three individuals that were making noise and trying to incite others into starting a rebellion. Then, in front of everyone’s faces, he slowly and cruelly dismembered the most ferocious individual, and then he beat the other two until they were in terrible shape. However, he still knew how far to go, not killing them, nor crippling them in any way.

Su watched everything silently from the distance. With him here, all those that were originally restless, uneasy, and had thoughts of rebellion calmed down. Their comrades, friends, and enemies all died feeling despair and helplessness under Su’s hands, and now this person appeared again. Forget about the fact that only a few days had passed since then, even if several years had passed, they still wouldn’t forget that completely black day. 

Tegan’s delicate and pretty face was distorted, and a crazy radiance shot out from his eyes. A hysterical laughter sounded from the depths of his throat as he slowly twisted the neck of that unfortunate fella. Meanwhile, the other body parts of this victim were already scattered about on the floor. Tegan used special methods to make sure that this individual’s mind was still incredibly clear, not fainting or going mad from pain.

The final execution was a slow twisting of his cervical vertebra, and then came the clear sounds of his his carotid artery being twisted 360 degrees. The process of death was lengthened greatly. Pain, anger, humiliation, and horror intertwined on his face. 

These mobs might not fear the most vicious beasts, but human nature made them more or less fear lunatics. 

After watching these soldiers and slave refugees pick up simple and crude tools, walking one by one into the base, Su called over Kane to discuss the details regarding the follow-up construction within the base. The first thing was how to start up the base’s main energy source. Su asked in detail, and he occasionally mentioned what he thought and envisioned. From what he had in plan, he wanted to make this base have both water purifying and weapon production industries, and the rear escape route had to be opened. The second step was to completely restore the entire base’s various facilities, including the warning and defensive system. The final goal was to have a system that could support over 500 soldiers. 

After his experience with N958, Kane was already quite familiar with the remodeling of olden era interchangeable installations. He previously entered the depths of the base to inspect the processing plant left behind by the mutants, and he was shocked at how well those work tools were maintained. He didn’t have to do too much work here to make it capable of producing various new era weapons that primarily used gunpowder. 

Mutant corpses were carried out one after another and piled up near the entrance. Each time these piles reached over ten corpses, the refugees would pour oil or fuel over them and then ignite it. It was now getting hotter and hotter, so letting these corpses rot wasn’t a good idea. 

Victor promised two hundred workers and fifty sets of standard soldier equipment, but it would still be a few days before they would arrive. During these few days, Su supervised the refugee slaves’ work while studying the power distribution in this region west of the great lakes. He knew that even in this era of turmoil where communication methods were extremely primitive, the speed at which news travelled would often exceed one’s imagination. News of N69’s water purifying unit being close to restoration was currently spreading at great speed, and he believed that many would be interested in it, as well as start planning how they were going to acquire it. 

The water purifying unit was like a lighthouse in a dark night; there would always be moths drawn to this flame. Meanwhile, what Su wanted were precisely these moths to arive.

Su prepared to use several days time to walk about the base’s surroundings. Any place he passed and became familiar with became his home turf. 

Just as Su was concentrated on building this home ground, Helen had just freed herself from her work that continued regardless of whether it was day or night. It had already been several days since she left the laboratory, so her face was extremely pale, and her hair was starting to lose its luster. Her exhausted eyes that rested above dark circles even more so displayed her fatigue. 

She returned to her own residential unit, absentmindedly ate a few things, and then walked into the bathroom. When the hot and powerful water landed on her extremely pale skin, Helen finally felt her vitality recover bit by bit. A row of red numbers lit up on the bathroom walls, and it began to flicker continuously. This was her body weight, and compared to four days ago, she was three whole kilograms lighter. Compared to her figure that was over 170 centimeters, this weight really was too light. Helen lowered her head and looked at her clearly thinner body. Even if she didn’t touch herself, she knew that her ribs were definitely bulging outwards. When she washed her chest, as he hands stroked over her breasts, their volume, density, flexibility, and various other factors appeared within her brain. As a result, Helen immediately knew that they were now 12% smaller than four days ago. Of course, there was even less of a chance of it being comparable to Persephone’s. Even if both of them were added together, they still might not be comparable to a single one of hers. 

“As expected, when a woman loses weight, the first to go are the breasts…” Helen thought somewhat self-mockingly. 

After several minutes passed, the Helen that walked out from her residential unit was already completely different. Her slightly damp blonde hair gave her a bit of sex appeal, but her pale and lusterless skin wasn’t something that would immediately be restored from a bath and some food. 

A light screen floated over, reminding her that she had a guest that paid a visit, and that this guest was currently waiting. When she saw the message on the light screen, Helen was a bit surprised. “Why did he come?”

After thinking for a bit, she headed for the reception room. The guarded entrance system, after verifying Helen’s identity, automatically and quietly retreated to both sides.

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