Book 4 Chapter 11.6

Book 4 Chapter 11.6 - Déjà vu

However, his voice was still a bit too enthusiastic. If one only listened to his voice, one definitely wouldn’t think that Victor was sweating so profusely that some of his gray hair was sticking to his forehead. After enthusiastically and simply discussing a few matters with Su, they came to a conclusion. Su already cut off the communications, but Victor was still staring at the long distance communications device in his hands with a stupefied expression. Only after a long time had passed did he release a heavy sigh and turn around. His face was covered under a bitter smile. 

Lora gave Victor’s expression a look, and then her face became serious as well. “He isn’t willing to cooperate?”

“No, he is quite willing to, only, the cooperation method was a bit different from what we had previously anticipated.” Victor sighed, and only after remaining silent for a while did he seem to recover a bit of his stamina. “His intention is to become the sword that sweeps through all enemies, while our main role will be to become his logistics and training base.”

“What?!” Lora jumped up from the couch. She originally wanted to loudly berate Su for being egotistical and ignorant, but when these words reached her throat, she didn’t know why, but for some reason, she couldn’t say them out at all. 

Victor took a deep breath, and after calming down, said, “Actually, if we think about this deeply, this isn’t that big of a deal. We are already no longer soldiers but instead businessmen, don’t you agree? Not only me, Lora, even you already lost the bravery to fight with your life on the line. Midnight City’s success has brought us unprecedented comfort, joy, but at the same time, flattened our great ambitions and ideals. Otherwise, we would have long captured N69. Isn’t it just fighting against Steel Gate and Kelan City at a disadvantage? Twenty years ago, how many of our battles did we fight with an advantage? In reality, having Su control our military strength isn’t too bad of an idea. After all, he will shoulder the most dangerous tasks.”

“You trust him that much? We aren’t even clear on his background.” Lora brought up another crucial issue. 

“His origins aren’t important, what’s important is how we orient ourselves. We are businessmen, so it is enough as long as we pay attention to benefits and pleasure. You, me, Ramos, and the others, the five of us won’t live for that much longer. For us, enjoying life and waiting for breakthroughs in medical technologies is what’s most important. Even though we cannot control Su, we can help guide his military strength towards Steel Gate and Kelan City. Regardless of which side wins, in the end, we are the ones that will benefit, even if we don’t obtain the greatest rewards possible. Right now, we just need to supply him with goods and manpower. We then just have to observe him, that is already enough.” Victor said coldly. 

Lora also began to calm down from her previous anxiousness, saying, “Perhaps we should control the goods we supply him with. Even though this is an investment, we should still contemplate costs and risk.”

Victor nodded and said, “Don’t worry, we can first observe. If Su truly has wild ambitions, he will restrain his desires.”

At the entrance of Base N69, Su put away his long-distance communications device and walked towards Madeline. Further away, and Li and Li Gaolei were leaning against trees, watching Su from afar. This was also the closest distance they could tolerate, because the mutants’ smell was definitely more potent than their combat prowess. 

“Don’t you feel like leader has changed a bit?” Li suddenly asked. 

“How so?” Li Gaolei also looked at Su while looking pensive. 

Li scratched her short hair. Finding suitable adjectives was not her strong suit, which was why only after thinking for a while did she say, “I just feel like… he seems to have become a bit more vicious?”

Li Gaolei couldn’t help but erupt into laughter. He then said, “Leader is not someone who can become vicious. However, in this blasted place, how can one survive if one doesn’t become a bit fierce? Don’t you feel like when following leader’s side, we feel much more at ease?”

Li nodded and said, “En, you’re right. There are a lot of things we don’t even have to think about.”

“By treating the outside world more fiercely, he allows us to be a bit more relaxed. Perhaps this is what leader is thinking too.” Li Gaolei said in an unhurried manner. 

Li nodded her head in half-understanding, but then she mumbled in a somewhat unconvinced manner, “I think the truth is that he is trying to let that girl live a bit easier!”

Li Gaolei laughed, but he didn’t reply to her statement. 

Li was someone who wasn’t used to silence. After a while, she asked, “Hey, you should be close to twenty evolutionary points now, right?”

“I think a bit over.” Li Gaolei replied.

Li released a grunt of approval and said, “I think I’m over thirty now. However, we probably can only depend on ourselves to develop abilities. I still want Combat Domain abilities, hoping that if I’m lucky, I’ll get some speed. What about you?”

“Probably should strengthen area control a bit.” Li Gaolei said. 

“Still going to strengthen area control? Isn’t that already at five levels? But that doesn’t seem to help your individual strength that much.” Li was a bit surprised at Li Gaolei’s choice. 

Li Gaolei still only laughed in response, not replying. Instead, he picked up a cigarette and took a deep breath. 

In reality, they all understood the area control ability now. This was an ability that wasn’t that useful for personal strength, but it would greatly increase the combat strength of a team. 

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