Book 4 Chapter 11.2

Book 4 Chapter 11.2 - Déjà vu

Su looked at the blood in the palm of his hand without any expression. He then grabbed the bandages covering his body, forcefully pulling on them! Several streaks of bloody pus shot out from the gaps between the bandanges like arrows. Even with his endurance, he still released a light groan. After expelling the bloody pus from his injuries, Su tidied up the bandages covering his body. He reached out his hand towards the mutant’s corpse, picking up a clump of flesh, and then smeared it on the bandages to cover the contaminated bloodstains. Only after completing this did he walk out from the passage, waving his hand towards the other three for them to follow him inside. 

This base was actually quite large, the designs able to hold over five hundred people. Under this type of half sealed terrain, the range of Su’s panoramic view was also correspondingly shrunk down to less than five hundred meters, but this was already enough. The scattered mutants had no idea that they had already become the brightest lamps in the darkness, targets to be hunted. There were less than thirty mutants left, most of them scattered throughout. Even though it was Li and Li Gaolei who lead the assault, the disposal process was quite fast. 

Su silently followed behind Li and Li Gaolei, only informing them from time to time when there were mutants hiding within a certain room or corner. For Li and Li Gaolei who excelled at alley fights and were well coordinated, this was already enough. Madeline dragged the heavy sword behind her as she walked at the very back of the group, protecting the rear. In reality, there was already nothing left for her to do. 

However, Su always felt as if Madeline’s gaze on his own body was especially burning, as if burning needles were piercing into his various injuries. However, every time Su turned around, Madeline would always raise her face and show him a beautiful smile. From the depths of those azure eyes, Su saw something, but he didn’t understand what he was seeing. 

The power of this four member group was already powerful enough to suppress all the mutants in this base, so clearing up the old, weak, and disabled couldn’t be easier. However, what made Su feel a bit strange was that these mutants were either angry or scared, terrified to the extent where many of their minds collapsed from fear, yet not a single one of them surrendered. In addition, even if they had all four limbs severed, they still tried to bite the enemy with their teeth. That was why wherever these four passed, not a single living mouth remained. 

The last five mutants were gathered at the central control room, the four fully armed, robust looking mutants should be bodyguards. Li and Li Gaolei who were now extremely clear on the mutants’ weak points didn’t even leave them with the chance to use their weapons, directly using the assault rifles and pistols in their hands to blast open their heads. Then, Li pulled open the control room’s main entrance, slipping inside. 

“Not good!” Su already sensed that there was another mutant in the control room, and it was currently pointing a weapon he was not familiar with at the entrance. However, before he issued this warning, Li already disappeared into the central control room!

Almost at the same time Li disappeared, a loud bang sounded within the central control room. A large spray of lead granules and smoke blasted outwards, almost smashing right into Li Gaolei who was just about to rush in. It was unexpectedly a shotgun! In this type of narrow and sealed environment, this was a vicious weapon far more powerful than multi-barreled machine guns. 

“Li!” Li Gaolei roared, and then without worrying about personal safety, he directly rolled into the control room, raising his weapon and pointing it towards the mutant’s position. 

However, he didn’t pull the trigger. This was a mutant who looked extremely old. Its body was not particularly tall or robust, only a bit over two meters. His head of white hair was already sparse, and there were so many wrinkles on his face that they looked like the deep ditches of mountains and hills. Its eyes that were already a bit muddled widened, and its mouth was agape; the shotgun it carried slid out from its hands. Li was currently sticking closely to its side, the short blade in her hands piercing deeply into the gap between its ribs, accurately penetrating its heart. 

Su who was standing outside the central control room shook his head. He originally wanted to leave him alive, because this elderly mutant seemed like he knew quite a bit. If he was left alive, they might have been able to obtain precious intelligence. However, Li’s movements were too fast, to the extent where Su couldn’t even stop her in time. After all, that old mutant did have a shotgun in his hands, so if he stopped her, her life might have been in danger as well. 

The central control room was already completely useless with all of its screens smashed to pieces. The central control desk was instead arranged into what seemed like an altar, at the center of the altar was a refined metal ring.

When he saw the flickering metal ring at the center of the altar, Su’s heart suddenly jumped. He walked over with large steps and carefully lifted it up to inspect it. 

This was a metal ring made out of alloy, and on its outside, one could see a refined row of integrated circuit pieces. However, due to the exhaustion of electrical energy, the metal ring had long lost its effects. At its center, a unique font engraved: SN6000274.

This serial number seemed to blast at Su’s eyes like lightning! 

This was an extremely unique font. In fact, Su had seen this type of font before somewhere, in that green colored world. 

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