Book 4 Chapter 11.1

Book 4 Chapter 11.1 - Déjà vu

As expected, the entrance to the base was inside the cave. The thick gear model metal gates, weapons that were suspended behind the gates, the metal driven tension bars, as well as the control platform were all extremely familiar. These components alone were enough to make one certain that what rested before them was definitely a refuge base established in the olden era. 

The metal gear here left the gate half opened, and the hydraulic pressure valves were covered in rust stains. It seemed like it had been a long time since it was last touched. The control platform was deathly still, the touch style screens all completely shattered. Only an outline of the weapon suspension platform remained; it seemed like this base had already been abandoned for a long time. When one gazed into the depths of the base, one could vaguely see a few dim lights in the base. The dim red light glow was the mark of emergency lighting. From these lights, one could see that at the very least, the emergency system had a chance of being operational. 

The base’s interior was extremely dark, and there were even more waves of odorous stench wafting out from within. Under the dim lighting, one could see enormous figures moving about at the end of the passage. There were clearly a few mutants who were trying to set up an ambush. 

Refuge bases’ designs were always focused on making it easy to guard but difficult to attack. At the end of the passageway was an intersection where one would be bombarded with firepower from three different directions. 

Su wasn’t clear on the scale of this base, but from the materials he received on this base, as well as judging by the food sources available nearby, the population of mutants inside this base shouldn’t exceed a hundred and fifty. In the battle outside the base, there were already more than eighty mutants that were killed, so it was highly likely that there were only thirty to fifty mutants left inside. 

Through the panoramic view, Su already noticed that there were about seven or eight mutants hidden behind the walls at both sides. The passage was quite spacious for humans, but for these mutants, it was rather cramped, only able to fit two at most. The mutant in back couldn’t see in front of the other mutant, and as such, was roaring lowly, continuously shoving and pushing its companion in front, to the extent where it would push the mutant in front out of the wall’s cover. The mutant in front would turn its head to curse outwards and forcefully cram his way back, once again hiding its enormous body behind the wall. In reality, this made it so that their hiding actions were completely useless, but by guarding the entrance of this passageway, it was the same as controlling the chokepoint of the base. Unless Su could blast apart the five centimeter thick bulletproof glass at both sides of the passageway, he had to go through this path, and only then did he have a chance of entering the depths of this base. 

Half of the hidden mutants were female. There were two, who, from their outer appearances, looked like children that had just matured. There was also another sparsely haired elder elder. As for the other places inside the base, it seemed like the mutant populations were similar, with all of them being women, children, and elderly. The robust soldiers had long been slaughtered clean. 

Su indicated for everyone else to wait at the base entrance. He took a deep breath, held the military blade in reverse, and then silently entered the passageway. His footsteps became faster and faster, and with a few steps, his body began to leave behind faint afterimages. His speed already reached a terrifying degree, yet he didn’t make the slightest sound. In addition, with how terrifyingly fast his speed was, forget about the fact that those mutants were still busy shoving each other around, even if they concentrated all of their attention on Su, there was still no way for them to react in time!

In that instant, Su already reached the passageway’s other end. Two military blades hacked into a mutant’s chest, sinking all the way down to the handle! The enormous force of the military blades completely tore the mutant’s body apart, and at the same time, Su borrowed this power to change directions and charge fiercely into the group of mutants. The military blades in his hands each pierced into a mutant’s ribs, accurately smashing apart its heart. There was one mutant left in front of Su who was currently frantically raising its machine gun. However, how could it possibly even aim at Su who was moving like a ghost?

Su removed the military blade with lightning speed, leapt up, pressed himself against the roof of the passage, and then crawled to the entrance of the passage along it. He then lightly jumped off. All of his movements were fluid and smooth, happening in between a breath. 

At the passage intersection in front of him, gunshots sounded loudly, the multi-barreled machine guns within this narrow space deafening as they fired. The concentrated bullets were like wasps leaving their nests as they swarmed outwards, their fiery light completely illuminating the pitch-black passageway. Even though the mutants’ bodies were robust and possessed powerful natural defenses, under such a close distance, forget about the multi-barreled machines guns whose firepower were much more vicious, even assault rifles were fatal threats. 

There were four mutants cramped together on each side of the passage. Three of those on the left were instantly killed by Su, while the last one, under extreme fear, subconsciously fired towards Su’s figure. The six barrels of the machine gun operated at great speed, sending a crazy chain of bullets outwards. These powerful bullets that could easily tear through flesh poured out like a stream. Only, when that mutant pulled the trigger, Su had long left through the passage wall, so all of the bullets landed on the other four mutants’ bodies! Under this few meters of distance, the multi-barrel machine gun’s bullets could even penetrate the mutants’ enormous bodies! The other four mutants didn’t even have the time to defend themselves. Endless blood sprayed outwards as they collapsed under the hail of bullets. 

After the machine gun ran out of ammo, that mutant was still breathing heavily, continuously pressing down on that trigger with great force. It was to the extent where it didn’t even notice that its four companions had already been killed by its actions!

Su then made his way back from the roof of the passage and silently dropped down behind it. Two blades intersected, slicing its vertebra into three segments. 

The mutant’s movements suddenly became sluggish. Waves of whimpers sounded from its large mouth, and then the multi-barreled machine gun dropped powerlessly from its hands. When its enormous body collapsed with a loud noise, Su’s ghost like appearance was revealed. 

Su looked towards the other end of the passage. Right when he wanted to walk over, his body suddenly swayed, and he couldn’t help but reach out his hand to hold the walls. His left hand held the wall, while his right hand reached inside of his clothes. When his right hand retracted, his palm was already covered with pitch-black, foul smelling blood!

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