Book 4 Chapter 10.6

Book 4 Chapter 10.6 - Sweep

The instant Li launched her assault, Su was already sticking to the mutant on the left. He first hacked apart its right wrist with a single slice, and then the military blade pieced into its neck, severing its vertebra in one motion. Unlike Li, under the panoramic view, the mutant’s body composition was clearly displayed before him, so Su’s cut avoided the hard skeleton as it nimbly sliced open its skin, muscles, and tendons, making its palm and wrist separate. The second blade directly inserted its cervical vertebra’s joint, so the blade didn’t receive the slightest bit of damage. Meanwhile, Madeline walked up a single step with her heavy sword, and then she stopped, deciding to just calmly watch as Li and Li Gaolei worked together to attack the other mutant sentinel. 

The mutants’ body fluids and blood similarly released a thick stench, causing Li’s brows to lock together as she looked at the military blade in her hands. This powerful odor was a bit difficult to endure even for Li who had survived for a long time in the wilderness. It was bad enough already in the outside wilderness, so what would it be like in a nest of mutants? When they thought of this, both Li and Li Gaolei’s faces became a bit pale. This was a mental suffering, but they didn’t have the ability to control their mental reactions like Su. 

Su didn’t stop for a second. He removed the mutant’s weapons and leather armor one after another. After roughly looking them over, he directly used his blade to dismember the other party. Apart from him, no one else had the transparent surveillance ability. Towards these unknown enemies, dissection and examining their weak points was an effective and direct method. That was why all three of them stood on the side, enduring the stink that was becoming so strong it was almost viscous as they carefully observed the mutants’ internal body composition. It had to be said that the insides of these mutants were pretty much the exact same as a human’s. Apart from the various locations being a size larger, every part of them was proportionally similar to the parts of humans. Due to having to support an even heavier body, their skeletons were sturdier and thicker, and their muscles were much more developed. 

Su used his blade to remove a breast bone. On the cross section of the skeleton, there were unexpectedly bits of metallic reflection. These mutants’ skeletons unexpectedly had numerous metal granules! No wonder they were so sturdy, causing even the alloy military blade to chip. 

The entire dissection process only continued for a few minutes. Under the support of transparent surveillance, Su completely dismembered it in an extremely short period of time. Everyone pretty much understood these mutants’ body compositions and weaknesses. Actually, the main reason for doing this was for Li and Li Gaolei to see. Su already understood their anatomy, while Madeline’s fighting style didn’t really take into consideration how the mutant bodies grew. Under her strength that was equal to seven levels of power, hacking over the mutants with her heavy sword was just too easy. 

Several roars of mutants sounded from the distance, the main contents being why the two roaming fellas hadn’t returned yet, if they had fallen asleep somewhere again. What was somewhat shocking was that these mutants unexpectedly used human speech, only, the heavy nasal sounds made their voices sound rather strange and the syllables a bit blurry. However, it wasn’t to the extent where it couldn’t be differentiated at all. 

With a wave of his hand, the four of them separated into two parties to flank them again. After heading forward another few hundred meters or so, three mutants appeared before them. The two mutants on the side were quite similar to the two roaming sentinels, but one held a rather simple and crude rifle, while the other a heavy hammer. The one in the middle was much larger than the two on the side, and it held a heavy machine gun. He wore a black leather outfit, and the leather clothes had metal plates woven about, perfectly protecting its vital areas to form a piece of leather armor with rather outstanding defensive power. It seemed like this mutant should be one of the leaders, or at the very least, the two on the side were clearly rather fearful of him. 

The head mutant roared out again, its eyes already filled with bloody veins from anger. It walked in the direction of where the two sentinels disappeared into, and the other two immediately followed from behind. However, as soon as the three mutants walked out a hundred meters, they suffered an attack! Li threw herself towards the mutant that was holding the heavy hammer, and Li Gaolei used his assault rifle to suppress the mutant with the rifle. Meanwhile, Su moved out later yet arrived before the others, arriving by the mutant leader’s side like a ghost. Madeline dragged her heavy sword with her, following behind without moving too quickly or too slow. This party of four was already extremely coordinated, each locking onto a target without requiring additional orders. 

The mutant leader’s reactions were clearly a bit faster, but it still didn’t have enough time to use its heavy machine gun. With a mad roar, it brandished its right fist and smashed it towards Su! Its enormous fist was even a bit bigger than Su’s head!

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