Book 4 Chapter 10.4

Book 4 Chapter 10.4 - Sweep

The battle outside the town had already ended. After more than half of them died in battle, Malphas’ troops finally gave up their resistance and surrendered. They were all experienced veterans, understanding that under the existence of a sniper, fleeing was equivalent to death. The battle didn’t take too long. They massacred Malphas’ troops, captured ninety people, and caught Malphas himself. 

Malphas’ armed mob that had troubled Midnight City for many years, in just one afternoon, was eliminated from this game of resources for survival. 

Su didn’t mind the mixed looks of fear and respect from the battlefield commander Victor sent over. He picked a dozen or so captives that looked strong and sturdy, and then he handed all of the other captives to Victor. When his eyes swept over Malphas, Su hesitated a bit, but he still handed him over. A living Malphas was worth more than everything he had added together. Even though the captives Su selected were naturally fierce and tough, Su believed that Kane had more than enough methods to make them listen obediently. As long as they were given things to eat, these fellas would throw their lives away for Su. As for Malphas, that was already something of the past. Loyalty from armed refugees, as everyone knew, was just as rare as true love. 

Clearing up the battlefield, surveying the nearby terrain, and escorting the captives all required a large amount of time and energy. Su was not interested in these matters in the slightest, so he allowed Victor’s people to deal with it. Either way, this place was going to be given to Victor. 

A day later, Su led his fleet out again. Victor sent a total of twenty fighters to help Su with his operation, and fifteen of them were currently escorting the captives back to Midnight City. After receiving the battlefield report, Victor immediately sent out a hundred fully armed elites to help Su with his next operation. In addition, he also sent out a few dozen soldiers to set up a semi-permanent supply point in the small town. After all, that water source still had quite a bit of strategic value. 

The vehicle fleet continued for another day, and then it stopped in the predesignated location. As usual, Su went out to scout, while Li set up tactics and lines of battle. Following another short battle that was no different than a massacre, the one named Copperhead Ford and his 110 subordinates once again became Su’s captives. With five levels of weapon mastery, five levels of perception, and three levels of power, Ford was even harder to deal with than Malphas, but that was only for others. Under Su’s overwhelming abilities, Ford didn’t even have the chance to retaliate. 

Regardless of whether it was Malphas or Ford, they both shared a common trait, and that was that many of their abilities were produced by themselves. As a result, their overall combat strength was much greater than that of an ability user who relied on formulations. In addition, from their bodies, Su could sense significant differences from those in the west. In this region, high level ability users, regardless of whether it was their numbers or ability levels, were far inferior to those in the territory controlled by the Blood Parliament, but their development was more balanced, and more people had advanced level abilities. As for the Blood Parliament’s powerful military force, as well as ability formulations’ regulations and monopoly, almost no high level ability users could be found outside of the Blood Parliament’s system. If one had three levels of ability, then that was already enough to be the king of an inhabited area or armed mobs. 

Su wasn’t clear on the history behind these two systems, nor did he know why the uninhabited region that was separated by the great uninhabited area would develop in such different directions. Moreover, from his perspective, the uninhabited area wasn’t some impassable natural stronghold. Perhaps if the Black Dragonriders sent over a general, brought a thousand dragonriders and subordinates with them, they would be able to easily sweep through this place. However, he didn’t concern himself with these issues, because after he swept through the two armed refugee powers, the gate that led to the olden era’s asylum base was already open. That was the new base he selected. 

After looking over the weapons and ammunition reserves, Su had Tegan and the other soldiers that surrendered stay behind in Ford’s base. Kane and Victor’s soldiers were in charge of overseeing this place, while Madeline, Li, Li Gaolei, and himself headed for the refuge base. 

In the information Victor offered him, this olden era refugee base had been open for a long time. After several dozen years of development and continuous owner shifts, it was now a nest of mutated individuals. Due to it being open for a long time, the energy and manufacturing facilities were presumably all destroyed. In addition, the base was constructed in a mountainous region. The road that led to the mountain had long been destroyed, and there were no resources nearby. As such, after the appearance of the mutants, there were no powers that showed interest in this base. 

The Black Dragonriders’ files included data on mutants. From a genetic standpoint, they weren’t all that different from humans. Most mutants had larger bodies, and exceedingly developed muscles were their special trait, which also gave them power far exceeding that of ordinary people. A mature mutant’s original body was equivalent to the power of a human with three levels of strength. Their developed muscles and robust skeletons all offered them defensive strength far exceeding that of ordinary people. If they analyzed it based on abilities, then most of them had what was equivalent to about two levels of defense. In reality, those people that relied on formulations to increase their strength would often display skeleton alterations, muscle growth, and other traits that made them look quite similar to mutants. 

Mutants possessed intelligence that wasn’t inferior either, only slightly lower than the average human. They similarly possessed weapon proficiency and manufacturing skills, with a level of intellect that enabled the advancement of their research as well. Their robust bodies could resist the corrosion of vile environments, and they didn’t fear radiation. Their weakness was that this race was notorious for their bad tempers. They were easily angered, and their larger bodies usually gave off a type of ‘slow’ appearance. 

However, the Black Dragonriders’ materials didn’t mention the origin of mutants, nor did Su encounter any mutants in the surrounding regions. He never thought that he would encounter a nest of them in this region.

Based on the Black Dragonriders’ information on mutants. Su knew that to deal with mutants, moreover in the complex and narrow base interiors, he could only rely on the oppression of abilities. Fodder tactics would not display any effects. That was why Su didn’t bring any of those ordinary soldiers. 

After walking for an hour in the rugged mountainous region, they began to see traces left behind by mutants, including the skeletons of various creatures, spacious engravings, as well as pile after pile of thick excrement. The air began to release the thick stench unique to mutants. If not for Su’s shocking willpower, this stench could be considered a great torment and suffering for his exceedingly sharp senses. Li and Li Gaolei both frowned deeply, enduring it with great difficulty. Madeline, however, seemed completely unaffected. 

After walking another bit of distance, Su suddenly squatted down, holding the assault rifle that had been adjusted to sniping mode in his hands. 

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