Book 4 Chapter 10.3

Book 4 Chapter 10.3 - Sweep

Malphas suddenly stopped and restrained his body’s aura, becoming like a cold-blooded lizard before silently shifting his body behind an enormous rock. Standing several hundred meters outwards was a tall girl, the gray hair underneath the brim of her hat fluttering along with the wind. Inserted diagonally beside the girl was an unforgettable heavy sword, and on her right shoulder was a similarly unique automatic rifle. 

A new era assault rifle! The corners of Malphas’ eyes twitched. He had seen this type of terrifying weapon before. Its powerful firepower, inconceivable firing speed, and precision comparable to a sniper rifle all left Malphas with a deep impression. This girl looked extremely young, not appearing particularly frightening. At the very least, her tall and somewhat slender figure didn’t exude high levels of power. Her perfectly straight legs didn’t seem like they could run that fast either. 

However, she carried that rotten new era assault rifle, and she was standing there alone! However, even if she was standing there empty handed, Malphas would still choose to silently go around her into the distant nearby mountains. Malphas knew that if he was that devil, he would definitely position someone with far greater strength here to intercept him. No one would be stupid enough to place a decoy here, because there was absolutely no reason to. As for him not detecting much powerful abilities from her, that made him decide even more firmly to avoid battle. This could only mean that this seemingly harmless young lady possessed unmeasurable abilities!

This didn’t seem that realistic, but it wasn’t impossible; this was what Malphas thought. After all, even those monkeys in the mountains knew how to fire rocket launchers and rotting wolves had gone on patrols while carrying assault rifles, so what really was there that was impossible in this world?

He began to move while sticking to the ground, acting extremely carefully and not daring to touch a single piece of crushed stone. However, when he shifted several meters out, Malphas suddenly felt as if something wasn’t right. He suddenly raised his head, and he saw that the young lady’s eyes were currently aimed precisely at him in this direction. Her eyes even contained a bit of suspicion. 

With the protective color designs, special concealment combat suit, and his body’s camouflage abilities, Malphas’ hidden movements should put him in a state of near invisibility. When he was careful enough, he had even hid from someone with close to six levels of Combat Domain abilities, and then exploded with power to eliminate him with one stroke!

However, how did this young girl notice him?

Malphas continuously released cold sweat. After a few seconds of this deadlocked situation, he suddenly understood. That young girl had long noticed his existence, and quite possibly might have came specially to intercept him. The one that didn’t notice the other party was Malphas himself!

Malphas fiercely clenched his feet, leapt up, and then began to run madly with everything he had! He didn’t rush at the young lady, and he was obviously even more unwilling to fight a decisive battle against that devil, so he instead chose to run to the side. In the blink of an eye, his speed broke a hundred kilometers an hour, and he was still increasing speed! Malphas already completely couldn’t worry about the effects of hiding, only wishing to increase the distance between that girl and himself, the further the better. 

Concentrated and clear gunshots sounded from behind Malphas, and then waves of sharp coldness attacked at his back. These were warnings that bullets were about to arrive. He suddenly leaned to the side, shooting out over ten meters! The moment Malphas leapt outwards, his mind relaxed a bit. It was good as long as the young girl didn’t personally chase after him. Even though she held a new era assault rifle, when there was more than five hundred meters between them, he still had confidence in evading its fire. As long as his luck wasn’t too bad, allowing him to pull open the distance to a kilometer, then he had a chance of escaping. 

However, Malphas who had suddenly leapt to the side discovered that there was now an even more sharp frigid coldness attacked him! 

Several spurts of blood erupted from Malphas’ back, and then he finally couldn’t hold on any longer, falling onto the ground. 

Madeline stopped firing. Her brows frowned slightly. The moment the bullets entered Malphas’ body, there was an almost unperceivable connection between them. Every bullet that entered his body brought her a strand of energy that replenished her body, as well as opening up some space in her genetic fragments. The result of the gene space expanding, if one assessed it through evolutionary points, then it could barely be counted as one. 

Madeline was quite unsatisfied. She felt like the energy she received was far too little and not even two-thirds of what she would have gotten if she had just brandished the sword to slaughter the enemy. That was why she didn’t feel like shooting was a good method at all. 

She dragged the heavy sword towards Malphas. Malphas had a rare persistent vitality. Even though those bullets hit him, it still wasn’t enough to take his life. Madeline’s brain instantly carried out a sea of calculations, discovering that if she hacked apart Malphas with a single stroke, she might be able to obtain another small half of an evolutionary point. Meanwhile, anything related to evolutionary points was considerable wealth. 

“Wait! We can sell him for even more money if we leave him alive.” Su’s voice that sounded from the distance caused the heavy and already highly raised sword to slowly fall, and then the blade patted Malphas’ body. Malphas suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, but the bullets in his body all jumped out, landing on the ground. Meanwhile, only a few drops of blood flowed out from the bullet wounds. The pat Madeline delivered just now already sealed up all of Malphas’ injuries, making it so that he wouldn’t immediately die. 

She grabbed Malphas by the collar, and then she raised him up, dragging him towards the front already set up outside the town. Compared to the heavy sword, Malphas really was too light.

Su had already returned to the small town, unexpectedly finding that the young man from just now was still laying on the ground, his posture unchanged this entire time. There was no need to escape. If he stood up or changed positions, Su would shoot him down without the slightest hesitation.

“Stand up.” Su ordered. The young man immediately crawled up and stood there without the slightest thought of disobedience. His figure wasn’t that tall, and a bit of delicateness and prettiness could still be seen from his filthy face. He looked quite skinny, but there weren’t any traces of mutated tissues on his body. This young man unexpectedly had two levels of dexterity and one level of speed, so in terms of ability, he already surpassed most of Malphas’ soldiers. 

“What is your name?” Su asked. 

“Te… Tegan.” The young man’s voice trembled slightly. He might have witness a lot of killing already, but he definitely hadn’t witnessed Su’s killing. Malphas’ underlings were all fellas who were vicious to the extreme, but in front of Su, they were less than sheep, to the extent where they couldn’t even make him waste slightly more energy during this massacre. 

“Tegan, from today forth, you are my slave. Of course, you can try and perhaps change your own status.” After saying this indifferently, he began to walk out of the town. The young man Tegan picked up the rifle that was tossed onto the ground and silently followed behind Su. 

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