Book 4 Chapter 10.2

Book 4 Chapter 10.2 - Sweep

Ah!” A shrill cry sounded from a house a few meters out. The figure of a youth who was clearly still rather young and immature ran out crazily from within, passing by Su, and then into another alley while panicking. 

Su didn’t fire at that youth, instead turning to the left and walking towards an alley in the other direction to arrive at the entrance of a dirt house. Inside the dirt house was a marksman who held a machine gun. Even though his mind was extremely nervous, the hand that held the weapon was still steady; it seemed like this was quite the experienced veteran. His attention was currently completely concentrated on the window, not noticing that Su had already appeared behind him at all. Su originally aimed at his heart, but when he saw the machine gun that was still in good condition and its cartridge full of bullets, he tilted the muzzle slightly upwards. Then, a gunshot sounded. That shooter’s body staggered forward, and then his hand unconsciously pressed down on the trigger. The machine gun spat out a dozen or so rounds, and then everything became quiet. 

The machine gun’s roar seemed to be the last package the camel could take. Malphas’ underlings’ fighting spirit finally collapsed, and then they all fled from the direction Su was heading in. Su wasn’t in a rush to chase after them, to the extent where he didn’t even fire at the running mobs. These mobs mostly had a single level of ability, so they could be considered elite soldiers. However, ahead of them were Li, Li Gaolei, and Kane, as well as twenty Sinking Blade soldiers. 

In the town’s other direction, a seemingly ordinary looking man sneakily slipped away from the town. Even though his face was completely hidden underneath a scarf, there was still no way his ability’s aura could escape the detection of Su’s panoramic view. Six levels of ability made him stick out like a sore thumb, long exposing Malphas’ identity. He increased speed as soon as he left the small town, and he quite ingeniously borrowed the cover of favorable terrain as he headed towards the northern mountains. However, Su didn’t have any intention of chasing after him, because Malphas’ luck really was quite bad. Madeline was currently in that direction. 

At this time, footsteps sounded from behind Su’s back. The youth that had been previously passed in front of his face perhaps out of being terribly frightened, ran back and forth, unexpectedly returning to where Su was. Su didn’t even turn around, raising his hand and firing. He didn’t need to look, nor did he even need the panoramic view’s help. This shot should had accurately blasted through this youth's heart.

However, this shot didn’t hit its target!

Su unexpectedly found that this youth just happened to fall onto the ground, and this fall managed to perfectly avoid his fatal shot. 

“This fella’s luck really isn’t bad…” Su thought to himself as he stared at the youth on the ground. The young man raised his head, just happening to meet Su’s eyes. He was immediately so frightened he didn’t dare move. Even his breathing stopped. 

The young man’s eyes could still be considered clear, not like those soldiers under Malphas whose eyes were filled with blood, cruelty, fear, and turbidness. 

“If you don’t want to die, then stay here and don’t move.” After saying this, Su headed in the other direction. There were still a few soldiers that were hiding, and Su wouldn’t allow them any chance of a fluke. 

Concentrated gunshots sounded from outside the town, and oppressive sniping bullets sounded. Even though Malphas had many people under him, numbering several times that of the enemy who cut them off, the enemy had all found good cover. The barrage of bullets immediately suppressed all of Malphas’ underlings. Under the sky covering hail of bullets, there were a few weapons that were exceptionally accurate, collecting lives with each burst fire. That shooter was even more terrifying and the most savage. The craftiest soldiers almost all died under her hands. 

There was no need to talk about Li Gaolei, but Kane’s three levels of weapon control ability was also what made him comparable to the trump card of some special force. Meanwhile, the one that was carrying a sniper rifle was Li. Even though she couldn’t deal with true experts, her skills weren’t inferior to second level sniping specialists. When dealing with Malphas’ underlings, it was completely a one shot one kill. 

Malphas was acting extremely carefully and escaping as quickly as he could. As long as he entered the mountains, with his six levels of speed, he believed that not even Midnight City’s five membered committee or Steel Gate’s Judgment knights could catch him. He was cursing frantically inwardly. Who was this enemy he didn’t know the identity of at all? His fear was reaching a critical point, almost causing the cool-headedness he was so proud of to collapse. He also wanted to run at top speed, but his intellect told him that he definitely shouldn’t do this. If he accidentally drew the attention of the devil that was still unleashing a bloodbath in the town, then the life he was so proud of living would all amount to nothing. 

Correct, that one-eyed man was definitely a devil. Malphas began to pray towards gods he had never believed in himself. At the very least, he had never seen this type of slaughter before. That was something similar to omniscient and omnipotent slaughter, cold and precise. It made others fall into absolute despair. 

This fella clearly had a goal in mind, and that was to pull up everything he did by the roots! When Malphas thought this to himself, a question suddenly emerged in his mind. Under the guidance of this kind of devil, his thorough preparations and powerful firepower, would they really let him go this easily?

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