Book 4 Chapter 1.3

Book 4 Chapter 1.3 - No Choice

As he looked at these ashy remains, the elder shook his head, and with a sigh, said, “Perhaps not listening to my advice is also a reflection of bad luck!”

The elder stopped his footsteps. In front of him, the weak glow of radiation was currently playing the final scene of the battle. Even though the faint green figures were indistinct, they still illustrated Su’s fiendish movements, Henry’s hysteria, as well as Madeline’s calmness and indifference. 

Before Su hurried over to the battlefield, Henry already flung Madeline onto the ground and impatiently threw himself over. He grabbed the clothes around Madeline’s chest, but he didn’t even have the strength to tear it apart. Henry’s entire body bent at a strange angle, and then it went rigid. 

Madeline’s left leg was curled up, her knees perfectly pressing against Henry’s underbelly. If this position shifted upwards even slightly, under his hyperemic state, it could easily involve a critical part. Moreover, under Henry’s full force pounce, it could perfectly maximize its power, and from there on inflict the most damage onto Henry. 

This heavy strike immediately made the completely unwary Henry go unconscious on the spot!

He then bounced off Madeline’s body like a bullet and then backed up several meters. Madeline produced an extremely unusual stance. If Henry remained in his original spot, then his genitalia would be bombarded once again by her right knee. At that moment, even if he had seven levels of defensive ability, it would be difficult for Henry’s frail reproductive organs to escape destruction. Meanwhile, when his left hand landed in Madeline’s hands, it would be immediately snapped apart. 

Then, perhaps just a few seconds later, Madeline would have disassembled all of Henry’s bones!

In that instant, Henry almost sank from a state of extreme excitement to an abyss of destruction! This great contrast left him with incomparable shock, completely filling his soul with fear and madness. He rushed at Madeline while crying out strangely, using the great disparity in body and power to knock her down. Then, he used his favorite method to grab at her hair and kick her body with all his strength, trying to use violence and pain to break down her rebellious consciousness and resisting strength. 

If this was all only for the sake of obtaining Madeline’s body, Henry completely could have directly knocked her unconscious and then do everything he wanted. He had an enormous toolbox that would allow him to carry out a program tonight that could never be carried out again. It might be a bit more difficult, but he could have broken all four of her limbs and then sealed up her mouth. The benefits of this was that he could enjoy the other party’s reaction of pain, but the shortcomings was that this reaction was incomplete. 

Henry had an obsession with perfection. He couldn’t accept an incomplete rape. He needed the expressions, trembling, squirming, shuddering, moaning, helpless resistance that came with brutalness, screaming, pain, and humiliation. However, as long as Madeline still had the will and strength to resist, with her almost foresight-like terrifying combat ability, anytime Henry tried to throw himself over to enjoy the aforementioned pleasures, his frail reproductive organs would definitely be destroyed first. 

That was why he could only continuously strike down, and the more he lashed out, the more rage he accumulated within himself. This strange state made it so that he was completely unaware of Su and Sousa’s short and vicious battle, nor did he see Su rush at him with indescribable speed. He even more so didn’t notice what the hint of mockery in Madeline’s gaze signified. 

However, Henry, who had several sixth level combat abilities, was sent flying by a single fist. In addition, due to having too many options of attack available to him, Su even had the luxury of saving a bit of strength, and then use an even greater power and greater destructive fist strength to blast him flying, immediately covering his backbone with cracks!

The elder silently watched everything. The two young ladies quietly stood at his side, but a trace of bafflement could be seen on their faces. 

As if it influenced by the elder’s gaze, the scene immediately became clearer, to the extent where Henry’s Bevulas name threat towards Su was perfectly replayed. Consequently, the elder’s face correspondingly changed, and his originally charming smile now carried a hint of bitterness. 

“If he didn’t say those last few sentences, perhaps he might have been able to live. He really is an unlucky fella!” The elder sighed softly. The cause of bad luck could come from many sources, for example, arrogance, ignorance, or craziness, but at this moment, the result of bad luck would all be the same: death. 

Su pressed down the trigger without any hesitation, blasting a small half of Henry’s body into ashes. There was not the slightest chance of revival. The elder’s sharp eyes noticed that the moment before the trigger was pressed, the veins on the back of Su’s left hand continuously jumped about. This proved that no matter what Henry said, he was actually already doomed. 

This trace of helplessness slightly increased the elder’s evaluation of Henry. He didn’t even have the chance of forgiveness, which meant that his luck was terrible to the extreme. The elder even began to doubt whether nine levels of true luck was enough to hold off Henry’s ill luck. However, these types of thoughts were already meaningless, because Henry was already dead. 

At this moment, the girl at the elder’s left side suddenly spoke up. “This Su’s luck seems to not be that bad!” 

“It’s not only not bad, it is good to an inconceivable degree. His luck is just as good as how bad Henry’s luck is.” The elder said. 

“Such high luck? Could it be that he has the luck ability in the mysterious fields?!” The woman’s face immediately revealed shock. She knew that Su had eight levels of perception ability. If he also had eight levels of luck ability, then that meant that Su’s strength was already at the general doorstep! They definitely had to reassess Su’s abilities. This also meant that Su’s potential was far greater than their previous appraisal. For this type of fella, if they had no choice but to treat him as an enemy, then they had to eliminate him as quickly as possible. They definitely couldn’t allow him to grow. 

“No, I’ve seen Su’s battlefield records. It is impossible for him to have that many evolutionary points.” The elder’s rejection made the young woman release a sigh of relief. However, his next words made her worries resurface. “Su’s luck was incredibly great to begin with, and just three levels of Mysterious Fields ability was enough to expand this amount of luck to a suffocating level for enemies.”

“Do we need to go and kill him now?” Killing intent appeared on the young woman’s face as she asked for instructions. 

“Su already ran far away. This is an extremely smart fella.” The elder smiled, as if he wasn’t worried about this type of enemy running away at all. He looked at his two assistants, and with a shake of his head, he said, “There’s no need to be worried. Good luck and bad luck are completely different things.”

The old man swept his eyes over the surrounding dark, cold, desolate, and dangerous wilderness. He chuckled in a rather meaningful manner and said, “You all have to remember, good and bad are completely equal to each other. In this blasted era, the chances of bad things happening is much greater. In addition, good or bad luck both have their corresponding price to pay. For example, this unlucky Henry, don’t think that he looks like an idiotic lunatic now, because if he could have stuck it through these years, he would have become a figure even more terrifying than his father! Su’s luck is indeed extremely good, but sooner or later, he will pay the price for good luck. Meanwhile, from his current luck, this price is definitely not something he can undertake, unless…”

“Unless what?” The two young ladies asked at the same time, greatly satisfying the elder’s vanity. 

The elder pointed into the dark night sky and made a gesture of explosion. Then, with a laugh, he said, “Unless this world is destroyed!”

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