Book 4 Chapter 1.3

Book 4 Chapter 1.3 - No Choice

As he looked at these ashy remains, the elder shook his head, and with a sigh, said, “Perhaps not listening to my advice is also a reflection of bad luck!”

The elder stopped his footsteps. In front of him, the weak glow of radiation was currently playing the final scene of the battle. Even though the faint green figures were indistinct, they still illustrated Su’s fiendish movements, Henry’s hysteria, as well as Madeline’s calmness and indifference. 

Before Su hurried over to the battlefield, Henry already flung Madeline onto the ground and impatiently threw himself over. He grabbed the clothes around Madeline’s chest, but he didn’t even have the strength to tear it apart. Henry’s entire body bent at a strange angle, and then it went rigid. 

Madeline’s left leg was curled up, her knees perfectly pressing...

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