Book 4 Chapter 1.2

Book 4 Chapter 1.2 - No Choice

In the dark night, a strangely shaped off-road vehicle suddenly rushed out from the darkness. Six raised tires spun about, propelling a vehicle through the darkness at an inconceivable speed. From the distance, this vehicle looked just like a six-footed insect. 

The engine’s rumbling sound tore through the peaceful night, as it brought the off-road vehicle towards the scene of Su and Henry’s intense battle at a speed exceeding 150 kilometers per hour. Right now, there was only an enormous shallow pit, and within the pit burned an undying flame. There were ruined vehicle fragments everywhere, with many of them still burning. They were clearly already pieces of scrap iron that couldn’t be burned any further, yet the flames continued to pulse tenaciously. 

From time to time, a faint green glow would emerge from the ground. The radiation intensity of this region was already far above that of what humans could endure. A pungent scorched smell assailed the nostrils.

The insect-like off-road vehicle seemed to drive straight to the edge of the flaming scene before coming to a sudden stop! Its braking manner was extremely unusual as well, with all six tires forming a circular shape. After spinning more than ten times in place, it finally came to a stop. 

Following the soft sound of hydraulic pressure systems, the off-road vehicle slowly lowered itself. Then, the car door flew upwards. A metal staircase reached down onto the ground. 

Two young women walked out from within the vehicle, the tight black uniforms that wrapped around their 180 centimeter body perfectly outlining what having a figure meant. Even in the dark night, they still wore the darkest sunglasses on their beautiful faces that were as cold as ice! They walked out from the staircase one after the other. They first coldly swept their eyes over the surroundings, and then they separately stood at the sides of the staircase, one hand in front of their chest, one behind their back before bowing forward. Just like that, they turned into two beautiful and cold sculptures. 

They waited for an entire minute, and only then did an old man walk out from the off-road vehicle. He wore an entirely white set of formal attire, as well as a similarly spotless pair of white leather shoes. He looked like he had a few years on him, the snow white long hair tied behind his head and the old and elegant styled sunglasses both rather eye-catching. Even though the sunglasses hid a portion of his face and he already looked to be over 60 years of age, none of this decreased his unique and unmatched charm. 

The old man stood at the very top of the staircase. He first slowly swept his eyes over the vast scene of fire, and then he slightly raised his head into the sky. After taking a deep breath, only then did he reveal a charming smile. He walked down from the stairs and stepped onto this post-calamity fiery scene. 

“It seems like Henry already died.” The old man spoke as if he didn’t attach much importance to this event at all. 

He leisurely walked through the fiery scene, but whenever his foot descended, the flames within a hundred meters around him would be extinguished. Meanwhile, the light of radiation shone from all directions. Under this dim lightning and continuously jumping radiance, figures unexpectedly appeared one after another in the air. These figures seemed to be fighting unendingly, tearing and striking at each other. If Su was here, he would definitely be shocked to find that these figures were actually reflecting the process in which he killed Henry and every single one of his underlings! The entire battle seemed to be reproduced through some mysterious force with this inconceivable method!

One of the young beauties who followed behind the elder respectfully asked, “Great one, should we immediately report everything that happened here to his distinguished self Bevulas?”

The elder smiled. While walking slowly through this fiery scene, he said in an unhurried manner, “There’s no need. Bevulas wouldn’t be any slower than us in finding out.”

The two young women who possessed the figures and appearances of olden era supermodels followed closely behind the old man, their ice-cold expression and gently swaying figures formed a fantastic charm. However, if one only looked at it from a fashion viewpoint, they were far inferior to the elder in front of them. He constantly gave others a cutting edge type of impact. 

The elder sighed with sorrow as he walked. “Henry was actually extremely, extremely intelligent, one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, only that his character had some problems. However, who can even be blamed for this? Anyone that stays around Bevulas, that old thing, would go mad! Henry was extremely talented, and together with Bevulas family’s resources, he already had a pile of random abilities at his age, and these are just sixth level or higher abilities I’m talking about. If we were talking about other talents, he might be even greater than the Arthur family’s Persephone and O’Brien! Only, because he was Bevulas’ only son, his potential was inhibited. Do you all know what Henry’s greatest weakness was?”

Since the elder asked like this, the two supermodel like women naturally tactfully and hurriedly asked for his opinion. This made the elder’s mood become rather pleased. With a smile, he said, “Henry’s only weakness was that his luck was too inferior. If we had to pick another shortcoming, then it is that he chose Sousa who had similarly bad luck as his personal bodyguard.”

“How could that be?! Doesn’t young master Henry have eight levels of Mysterious Fields ability? How could his luck then be bad?” One of the ladies asked with astonishment. She really didn’t understand. 

The elder enjoyed this reaction of genuine surprise. His smile became even more fascinating, and every single wrinkle on his face seemed to be a meticulously sketched line. “Henry indeed has eight levels of Mysterious Fields ability, moreover this ability being luck! Of course, this was the result of my wise and farsighted choice. Unfortunately, his luck was truly too inferior, with an eighth level luck ability completely unable to change his fate. If he was willing to completely listen to my guidance and abandon those non essential combat abilities, then today, there would be a good chance that he would produce a ninth level ability, true luck! Only true luck has the chance to completely change his fate, right, what I mean is that perhaps he wouldn’t have died so quickly. However, what was regretful was that Henry didn’t listen to my advice, still choosing to improve a few completely useless combat abilities. Perhaps from his perspective, whether he could go to bed with a woman for an entire night was more important than living a few years longer.” 

When he spoke up to this point, the elder suddenly stopped. In front of his snow white leather shoes was a charcoal like object. This thing used to be one of Henry’s legs, but under the explosion’s heat and radiation, it was completely charred into coal. 

This was, perhaps, the only trace Henry left behind in this world. 

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