Book 3 Chapter 9.6

Book 3 Chapter 9.6 - Whose Hero?

Peperus laughed and said, “Then can we discuss the conditions?” 

“Of course!”

Peperus suddenly laughed charmingly and said, “I want Guile’s thing. Can you give it to me?”

Sarton looked into Peperus’ eyes, and with a smile, he said, “If you are being serious, then I can remove it and hand it over to you right now. Do you dare swear on the empress’ name?”

Guile’s face immediately became green and white. He suddenly jumped onto the sermon platform and shouted loudly, “Lord Sarton, don’t listen to that woman speak nonsense! What is so special about a blood pond? I’ll go inside and fish up that Madeline for your distinguished self right now!”

Guile’s rough voice suddenly came to a halt. Under Sarton’s ice cold gaze, all of his confidence and bravery dissolved like snow. 

“Idiot! Not even His Majesty Mitchels dares to touch the blood pond, yet you dare? Get the hell out of here and wake yourself up!” Even while angrily cursing, Sarton’s voice continued to remain cold and flat. 

Guile’s mouth opened and closed several times, but he didn’t dare say anything else and walked out in an embarrassed manner. He hated Peperus terribly, and the more he hated her, the more he wanted to fuck her, fuck her until she couldn’t breathe. Unfortunately, he knew that right now, the situation really wasn’t right for doing these things, so he could only obediently leave the church to see if there were any arbitration officials unlucky enough to run into his fists. 

As soon as he reached the entrance, Sarton suddenly shouted, “Stop! Don’t leave!”

Guile stood there, stunned. He didn’t know what else he did wrong. Sarton stood up, his eyes beginning to pulse with a different colored flame. With a cold voice, he said, “Just now, there was a mouse that was eavesdropping on us. You, stand guard here. I am going out to catch the mouse!”

When he reached the entrance, Sarton stopped moving. He tossed a pocket watch to Guile and said, “Remember! Before the twelve hours are up, you aren’t allowed to take a step from this place. If there are any unexpected events, immediately blast the blood pond apart.”

After handing over these tasks, Sarton walked out of the church and disappeared into the darkness. 

Su was hanging from the roof of the church. Through a broken stained window, he observed the entire scene. All of Su’s aura was collected, and even his heartbeat was lowered until it only beat once every minute. The current him was no different from a piece of tile or brick. Only when Sarton walked out from the church did Su sense that something was wrong. He immediately leapt up, and after making two flips in the air, he descended into the concentrated buildings. The moment he was about to land, Su suddenly hacked his dagger into the wall on the side, and then his body froze just like that in midair!

A black chain silently tore apart the wall on Su’s left side, passed by his body, and then pieced through the wall on the right. The hard and solid brick wall was as soft as bread in front of this black chain. 

Only now did Su tumble forward and land on the road. 

“Just a mouse, but one with some skill.” Sarton’s cold voice was transmitted to Su from all directions. 

Su didn’t reply at all, instead moving about between the houses with varying speed. Sometimes, he would drop low, while other times, he would jump up. Sometimes, he would even make his way between abandoned houses. He would often only barely avoid the black chain that shot over like a monster through walls from all types of inconceivable angles. 

Su quickly ran, and then he suddenly stopped before slowly turning around a corner to face a hiding arbitration official. Before he could even release a look of shock, Su’s military blade already entered his chest. Then, he supported this individual’s body as it sat down. 

Sarton released a snort, clearly feeling anger towards Su’s unexpected action of killing an arbitration official in front of his face. Like a streak of black lightning, the chain followed Su. Even though Su’s movements were without any patterns, the distance between the chain and himself was quickly closing!

Faint white air continuously exited the tight face mask. Su’s speed and reaction were already reaching their limit. Under the influence of spirit reaction, the icy cold feeling of being pursued continuously attacked him, and then they were immediately flung aside by him. However, for some reason, the targeting he should have originally been completely able to free himself from now seemed to possess its own spirit. As soon as he broke free, it would immediately lock back onto his body. Under its guidance, the black chain was already pointing at Su’s back!

Su had no choice but to turn around in midair. His military blade hacked down on the black chain. The black chain trembled, sending an incomparably powerful energy over. A light clank sounded, and then the military blade made of composite materials actually had a piece chipped off! The composite materials the military knife was made out of was even lighter than special steel, yet its toughness and rigidity was twice as great. Not only did it not fend off the black chain, it was instead damaged. The moment they traded blows, Su already detected that Sarton had at least seven levels of terrifying power! Of course, the material of the black chain itself was extremely important. Its specific gravity already exceeded that of gold. It looked like a thin structure, but it was actually extremely heavy. Under Sarton’s powerful strength, it could pierce through concrete just as easily as tofu. 

The black chain quickly wrapped itself twice around the military blade, and then, like a viper that left its cave, it suddenly pierced outwards!

Su released a muffled groan. His body strangely stood perfectly straight, but not even this evasive maneuver that exceeded the limits of what a normal human was capable of could avoid this black chain’s piercing strike. The black chain’s tip still hacked three centimeters into Su’s waist. Then, with a tremble, it immediately changed the five millimeter cut into a four or five centimeter bloody hole! Only then did it reluctantly retreat. 

During this intense battle that suddenly erupted, Su was using most of his brainpower to try and figure out why he was suddenly traced by Sarton. Could it be because there was some problem somewhere? The speed of Su’s consciousness was already pushed to its limit, the powerful calculation intensity even bringing him a raging headache. However, during this short period of time that could almost be completely disregarded, Su still obtained an answer: that arbitration official’s blood! That blood was fresh, so it had temperature and scent!

As soon as he obtained this answer, Su loosened his hand that was holding the blade and allowed the military blade to retreat. He himself soared up, making his way past three houses before once again breaking free from Sarton’s pursuit. 

Su had stopped moving inside the corner of a room. He had already stayed here for five whole seconds. He used his spare bandages to tightly wrap up his wound and contracted the blood vessels at the area of the injury to prevent further bleeding. However, the injury was too large, and the destruction of the tissues around the injury was thorough. This wasn’t something he could recover from in a short amount of time. 

As long as he stopped somewhere for longer than a second, transparent surveillance and long range sensation would bring him information his naked eye couldn’t see. Now that five seconds had already passed, Su already knew everything within ten meters like the back of his hand, to the extent where his perception already seeped all the way until it reached three meters underground!

In Su’s consciousness, only the outlines of this world was the same as the original. The colors were completely different. The most glaring part were large expanses of blue and black colors that moved about as if they possessed life. They possessed powerful permeating force. As soon as they jumped onto a building, not only would it immediately fill up the space inside of the building, it would even extend close to a meter into the building’s foundations. 

The expanses of blue and black colors represented Sarton’s probing ability. It was detected by Su’s spirit reaction and reconstructed in his consciousness. This was already using spirit reaction a step further, requiring the corresponding effects of many abilities he obtained beforehand, as well as using thought and data processing speeds as the base. When Perception Domain abilities reached this level, their power on the battlefield would sharply increase. 

However, at the same time, Su also realized a problem. This issue was that when he used detection abilities like transparent surveillance, long range sensation, and even mysterious perception to probe an enemy, he would similarly expose his own traces. This wasn’t as obvious during the initial to advance stages of these abilities, but once one’s abilities reached the later levels of the advanced stages, this problem would become evident. 

When these expenses of blue and black colors surrounded this house, Su had already long disappeared. Sarton caught onto a bit of aura Su left behind, but this small amount of clues wasn’t enough for him to lock onto Su. It could only expose the direction he headed in. 

The shadows in the room suddenly rose and fell. Sarton’s figure appeared. His upper body was exposed, his lean body revealing strips of steel like muscles. Even though his physique wasn’t that outstanding, no one dared to doubt the power this body contained. Large ink like stripes appeared on the surface of his body. His chest’s muscles bulged, revealing a fist sized blue gemstone. The black chain’s origin was actually connected to Sarton’s middle finger, appearing as if it merged together with his body’s tissues. The black chain’s other end was inserted into the ground and lightly shaking. It was unknown just how terrifying the power this rather unremarkable vibration would deliver a hundred meters out was.

Sarton’s eyes were already completely occupied by the almost completely black dark blue radiance. He carefully looked at the traces Su left behind, and then he revealed a cruel smile. He had already lived in the Town of Trials for fifteen years, so this place could already be somewhat called his home turf. Even though this crafty mouse was quite hard to catch, he couldn’t run quickly. In the Town of Trials, as long as his speed was slightly faster, Sarton would sense it. For example, if Su fled from the Town of Trials and lost the cover of the town’s complex structures, the difficulty for Sarton to track him down would similarly greatly decrease. In addition, Su was injured. Sarton obviously wouldn’t give him enough time to recover from his injuries. He understood the destructive power of his black chain inside out. 

The darkness rose and fell again. Sarton disappeared from the house. Immediately after, the black chain tore through the ground and swept towards the area between Su’s waist and ribs!

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