Book 3 Chapter 9.6

Book 3 Chapter 9.6 - Whose Hero?

Peperus laughed and said, “Then can we discuss the conditions?” 

“Of course!”

Peperus suddenly laughed charmingly and said, “I want Guile’s thing. Can you give it to me?”

Sarton looked into Peperus’ eyes, and with a smile, he said, “If you are being serious, then I can remove it and hand it over to you right now. Do you dare swear on the empress’ name?”

Guile’s face immediately became green and white. He suddenly jumped onto the sermon platform and shouted loudly, “Lord Sarton, don’t listen to that woman speak nonsense! What is so special about a blood pond? I’ll go inside and fish up that Madeline for your distinguished self right now!”

Guile’s rough voice suddenly came to a halt. Under Sarton’s ice cold gaze, all of his confidence and bravery dissolved like snow. 

“Idiot! Not even His Majesty Mitchels dares to touch the blood pond, yet you dare? Get the hell out of here and wake yourself up!” Even while angrily cursing, Sarton’s voice continued to remain cold and flat. 

Guile’s mouth opened and closed several times, but he didn’t dare say anything else and walked out in an embarrassed...

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