Book 3 Chapter 9.5

Book 3 Chapter 9.5 - Whose Hero?

A breeze stirred about at the entrance of the small town. A figure flashed past like a ghost, walking towards the town’s entrance, its eyes shining with a dark blue radiance. It was clear that some type of night vision was activated, seemingly corresponding with the blue storm lantern that fluctuated between bright and dark at the front of the small town. 

Su walked towards this individual, and then he suddenly stopped, immediately dropping down onto the tattered road. In that instant, the eyes of the man that came out from the Town of Trials passed over Su’s body!

He seemed to have sensed that something was off when he glanced over, as if he noticed something that shouldn’t belong to this place. However, when he swept his eyes over this place, everything seemed normal. Despite this being the case, he still felt as if there was something wrong , something that he just couldn’t put his finger on. As a result, he collected his gaze and looked towards the road again. When his eyes’s focal point dropped, Su already moved diagonally several meters!

What his eyes landed on was an absolutely empty road. However, a powerful feeling of danger crept up within his mind! It was as if there was something that was closing in from the corners of his eyes!

Before waiting for him...

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