Book 3 Chapter 9.4

Book 3 Chapter 9.4 - Whose Hero?

Julio gave the paper a glance. A vivid and lifelike portrait of a girl was drawn with simple lines. She looked rather pretty, but her expression was serious, and she had rather messy short hair. There was also heavy killing intent seeping out from her. 

“Peperus? Isn’t she that Town of Trials’ little devil’s executioner? What, you are interested in her?” The lieutenant colonel gave Su a sidelong glance. 

Su spread his hands out, and with a smile, said, “I just saw her once and thought that she was quite pretty. That kind of feeling, hm, how do I explain it, was quite unique. It seems like you recognize her. Can you tell me a bit more about her? And who is the little devil?”

Aha! Julio cried out. With a serious face, he said, “Old pal, I would advise you not to have any ideas about her. This isn’t a joking matter. Do you know what we call the Town of Trials? Dragonriders’ graveyards! Correct, Peperus does look quite tasty, but heaven knows how many she’s killed before! Of course, you might not be scared of killers, but the ones she killed were all those on their...

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