Book 3 Chapter 9.3

Book 3 Chapter 9.3 - Whose Hero?

Su quietly laid there on the ruined bedroom. The apartment that was originally neat and orderly now looked like it had been swept through by a storm without a single piece of intact furniture. Based on the Black Dragonriders’ rules, the compensation dues for damaging the apartment would all be put on Su’s account. This was going to be a several thousand yuan bill. 

However, Su, who always fussed over every little bit of money wasn’t thinking about how much he would have to pay for this. Instead, his mind was like a raging sea. Countless thoughts surged like foam. 

Every aspect of that violent battle that broke new ground between Su and Persephone was rising and falling in Su’s memory, continuously replaying itself in his head. Su almost subconsciously remembered every scene, every detail, and only now did he have time to carefully think them over. 

However, Persephone’s matters didn’t occupy all of Su’s thoughts, to the extent where it didn’t even take up half. Su, who looked like he was calmly laying there without moving a finger, was currently thinking at the highest speed he had ever thought in his entire life. Everything he had experienced since he could remember poured outwards, including what happened after joining the Black Dragonriders. Things he both normally dared to think about and didn’t dare to think about floated up into his mind and displayed themselves in front of Su in an incomparably clear manner. The greatest shock these memories left him were the many years of strange dreams he had, the constant indescribable fear, as well as all types of worry he felt for Madeline and Persephone. At this moment, he couldn’t avoid them even when he tried to, so he was left with no choice but to examine everything closely. 

A crashing sound tore through the air. In another room, a wardrobe suddenly split apart, and Li tumbled out from within it. Her hands and feet were both bound, and her mouth was sealed up by adhesive tape as well; she was in quite the sorry state. Li tumbled on the ground a few times before struggling to her feet. She adjusted her breathing, and then suddenly erupted with power, forcefully tearing through the special military rope around her arms. She tore off the ropes around her feet and ripped off the tape around her mouth before walking into Su’s room. Then, she stood there, quietly looking at the messy room. Only afterwards did her eyes land on Su’s body that wasn’t moving at all. 

Li brought out two cigarettes and tossed one to Su. She then sat down next to him, lighting one of them and taking a deep breath. “Did it leave a rich aftertaste?”

Su’s scattering thoughts were pulled back by Li. He didn’t reply to her question and instead asked, “How did you end up being kidnapped?”

Li scratched her hair and said in a somewhat depressed manner, “I came back before you. That great general felt that I was a bit irritating and directly tied me up and threw me into the wardrobe. If it wasn’t for the cabinets being shaken loose, I wouldn’t have even been able to escape.”

Li spat out a smoke ring, and then she looked around the room before hatefully saying, “Fuck, you guys really were crazy! Hey, can you even use your thing anymore? Don’t tell me that it’s already done for.”

Su chuckled. He cleansed his mind of the strange thoughts he had just now and sat up. “How can that be?” He brought out a set of clothes that could still be considered intact from the wardrobe and put them on. Then, he stretched his body in a rather flexible manner to loosen up his unbearably aching body. Last night’s battle proved once again that Su’s combat strength couldn’t compare to Persephone’s at all. 

Li scratched her hair and asked, “What are we going to do now? I want to fight!”

Su stopped moving and then said, “Afterwards, I have to complete a solo mission and can’t bring you guys along. If you want to fight, you can follow Ricardo, but you have to move together with Li Gaolei. Your abilities complement each other’s quite well on the battlefield, but…” 

Su looked at Li, and after hesitating for a moment, said, “Are you alright?”

This time, Li’s body went rigid. She suddenly lowered her hand that was scratching her head and buried her head in her knees. “It would be weird if I was perfectly fine! However… it’s not that big of a deal either. It’ll be fine once I feel bad for a few days. She is prettier than me, and stronger too. She’s a general as well, so there’s no way I can compare to her…”`

When Su frowned, Li immediately stood up and rubbed her eyes fiercely. Then, she spat out a breath of air. She patted Su’s shoulder and then said with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m fine! I know that she saved you before, so I’ll cry a bit at most, and then it’ll be okay after a bit of sadness. I want to fight to earn a bit of money, not to die. I’m still so young, with so many things that I haven’t enjoyed yet!”

Su’s mind relaxed. However, who would have expected that right at this time, Li would move close to his ear, moreover pressing her firm chest against his back and say in a low voice, “Hey, leader, I know that general is your leader. She won’t be stingy and not allow you to touch other women, right?” 

Su was momentarily stupefied. He had never thought about this problem before. After hesitating for a bit, he said, “Probably not.”

Li grabbed Su’s waist, and her arms even more so began to roam about, like lighting arousing men’s desires. Her voice even contained a tempting roughness, saying, “Before you go on your mission, let’s go at it once more?”

Even though he had astonishing recovering ability, Su was still unbearably tired right now. However, to make it up to Li, he still aroused some dormant stamina and prepared to enter a battle that was definitely going to be more intense than anything he had encountered before. However, who would have thought that as soon as Li’s flexible fingers sensed Su’s heat and rigidness, she suddenly squeezed fiercely before jumping back two meters and saying nonchalantly, “But I suddenly lost interest!”

“You…” Su was stunned.

Li formed a pistol with her hand, and while narrowing her eyes, she aimed at Su and said, “From today on, only by defeating me can you go to bed with me!”

“You!” Su was immediately a bit annoyed, his beautiful and low eyebrows slightly straightening like a sharp sword. He began to move his body about, and with a snort, he said, “It seems like you forgot your first lesson. Fine, these conditions are quite good. Let’s try it out right now!”

When she saw the power in Su’s muscles begin to condense, Li suddenly released her battle posture and threw herself into Su’s embrace. She grabbed on tightly, burying her face into Su’s chest. She then said softly, “Come back alive!”

Another unexpected event. 

Su didn’t know what to say. He only lightly patted Li’s head. He knew that this smart girl already guessed that he was going to undertake an extremely dangerous mission. After all, missions that required a dragonrider lieutenant commander to conduct on his own were definitely not simple. Li’s body suddenly increased in temperature, gradually becoming hot. What followed was an intense and short battle. 

After this disturbance, when the casually dressed Su walked into Black Dragonrider general headquarters, it was already close to nightfall. At this moment, Persephone was already leading her subordinates and dragonriders that came from the north back where they came from. 

“Good afternoon, lieutenant colonel.” Su respectfully and courteously gave his greeting. 

Lieutenant Colonel Julio raised his head from the pile of documents. A pair of bloodshot eyes stared at Su from behind the small glasses he was wearing. With an insincere smile, he said, “I am not good at all! Lieutenant commander, oh, I forgot that your distinguished self already has authority equivalent to that of a lieutenant colonel. Alright, Lieutenant Colonel Su, why did your distinguished self run all the way here just to see me?”

Su sat down in front of the lieutenant colonel and said with a smile, “I came to see if there is anything I can help with, for example, the Scorpions of Disaster?”

Julio’s eyes lit up. He stared at Su for quite a while before muttering, “It seems like you are sincerely wishing to help! This really is unexpected. Fine, I’ll be honest. Recently, those scorpions’ attacks have become more sharp. I am confident that they definitely have more trump cards up their sleeves! Meanwhile, our dragonriders’ masters are all fighting their respective battles and are unwilling to cooperate at all. So, look, this is the battlefield status map. Can you understand it? It looks like we are always winning and only ‘occasionally’ losing, but these occasional losses have already resulted in three dragonriders being severely hurt, and one of them has no choice but to retire. If we continue like this, the death of dragonriders will be unavoidable, and I dare to bet that it will be more than one!”

The lieutenant colonel complained while marking up the battlefield status map. In the blink of an eye, four missions appeared, each of them with a simple main purpose. From the mission difficulty and tactical objective, these were all missions designed for Su. 

“Just choose one. As for the reward amount, it’ll take some more time to determine. Of course, I won’t let you suffer a loss. Haha, if you choose all four of them, then it can’t be better! Unfortunately, that’s impossible!” The lieutenant colonel looked at Su rather expectantly. The Scorpions of Disaster had already given him a huge headache, and he never expected that Su would offer himself up like this. 

Su obviously wouldn’t be able to complete four missions at the same time. That was just the lieutenant colonel joking around. He looked at the missions and casually pointed at one. Julio’s face became full of excitement, and he immediately began to put together a mission assignment in the system. 

Just as the lieutenant colonel was wrestling with the complex office matters, Su pushed a sheet of paper in front of the lieutenant colonel’s face and casually asked, “Lieutenant colonel, do you recognize this person?”

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