Book 3 Chapter 9.3

Book 3 Chapter 9.3 - Whose Hero?

Su quietly laid there on the ruined bedroom. The apartment that was originally neat and orderly now looked like it had been swept through by a storm without a single piece of intact furniture. Based on the Black Dragonriders’ rules, the compensation dues for damaging the apartment would all be put on Su’s account. This was going to be a several thousand yuan bill. 

However, Su, who always fussed over every little bit of money wasn’t thinking about how much he would have to pay for this. Instead, his mind was like a raging sea. Countless thoughts surged like foam. 

Every aspect of that violent battle that broke new ground between Su and Persephone was rising and falling in Su’s memory, continuously replaying itself in his head. Su almost subconsciously remembered every scene, every detail, and only now did he have time to carefully think them over. 

However, Persephone’s matters didn’t occupy all of Su’s thoughts, to the extent where it didn’t even take up half. Su, who looked like...

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