Book 3 Chapter 9.2

Book 3 Chapter 9.2 - Whose Hero?

“196? That’s a bit more than what I expected. As for ability, let me think about it for a bit…” Persephone muttered in a somewhat undecisive matter. When one reached her level, the selection of abilities became extremely important, definitely not something randomly chosen because it was convenient. On the topic of ability selection and allocation, Helen could be considered a great master, even though she herself didn’t possess a single level of ability herself. 

Helen’s hands moved, dividing the screen into two different screens. The first was Persephone’s genetic composition and list of current abilities, and the genetic mapping of different abilities appeared one after another, with explanations after them. Helen was currently trying to deduce what kind of ability Persephone could possibly develop. 

Helen adjusted her glasses and said, “My suggestion is to form an eighth level ability in the Combat Domain, and the choice with priority is offense and defense mastery. This is an extremely useful ability. The other choice is for you to accumulate some more evolutionary points and then form a new ninth level ability in the Mysterious Fields. However, as for exactly what kind of ability it is, I need to calculate things a bit more before I can be sure what it is. You should understand that Mysterious Fields is always the hardest domain to be certain of what type of outcome will appear. As for abilities of other Domains, I do not suggest you consider them. You don’t have enough abilities in the other domains and cannot form a seventh level or higher ability. Since the difference in strength between the seventh level and eighth level or higher holy level abilities is so great, it is best if you give priority to forming an eighth or higher level of ability.”

Persephone remained silent for a bit, her attention successfully diverted to the selection of her next ability. In this era, abilities were undoubtedly the most important thing for an individual. The relationship between ability levels wasn’t as simple as a linear one. Because the power of eighth level abilities was extremely great, far surpassing that of commonly seen seventh level abilities, these abilities of the Black Dragonriders were called Holy level abilities. It was also hard for eighth level abilities to compare to ninth level abilities that were the true holy level abilities. At least in terms of evolutionary points usage, ninth level abilities were at least double that of eighth level ones. 

However, the Mysterious Fields was an exception to this. On the Black Dragonriders’ list of abilities, there was only a single Mysterious Fields ability on the Black Dragonriders’ meager list of ninth level abilities, and it wasn’t even a formulated ability. Meanwhile, among active dragonriders, the highest level of explicitly stated Mysterious Fields ability was a sixth level mysterious perception. Persephone’s eighth level rich resource was something only Helen knew about. Persephone knew that if she chose to form a ninth level ability in the Mysterious Fields, it would be a huge gamble. 

“Dear, what do you suggest?” After leaving the scanner, Persephone put on the uniform while asking for Helen’s opinion.

Helen’s face became a bit pale. This enormous calculation was burdensome even for her. She silently thought for a bit, but before she had time to say anything, Persephone who had already finished putting her clothes on again suddenly clenched her teeth and said, “I will head north and save up more evolutionary points!”

Looking at the serious faced Persephone, Helen was clearly a bit surprised, “Phoney, this type of gamble is meaningless! A suitable eighth level ability, for example, offense and defense mastery, will bring about a clear increase in your combat power, so is there a need to pursue a holy level ability? You drank quite a bit. Let me give you a shot.”

Persephone stood perfectly straight, tidying up the uniform that didn’t fit her body that well. Even though there was still a scent of alcohol that wouldn’t disappear, she already cleaned up the dejectedness and confusion, shining once again with a sharp aura like that of an unsheathed sword! She shook her gray hair, and then all of the hair that was stuck together became straight again. The sticky alcohol and sweat were shaken off, returning brilliance to her hair. 

Persephone put up her hair with one hand, and then set it in place with a pencil from who knew where. Afterwards, she smiled towards Helen and said, “I’m not drunk. I was thinking that I need to quickly enter the holy level. That’s why I’ll take this gamble!”

“You…” When she saw Persephone who was like a sword, Helen knew that she had already made her decision, so she didn’t know what she should say. Ever since they were young, during crucial moments, Persephone never lacked her decisiveness and gambling courage. This was something that Helen who was always skilled at logic and calculations lacked. From Helen’s perspective, as long as Persephone who was full of talent had enough talent, it would only take her a few years at most to develop a Combat Domain holy level ability. Why was she in such a rush?

Perhaps Persephone had her own reason. Even though the relationship between Helen and herself was special, they both had their own secrets. 

Helen no longer tried to persuade Persephone and instead asked, “When are you leaving for the north?”

“I’ll gather my subordinates right now. We’ll leave in three hours.” Persephone’s style of doing things was always like that of wind and flames. 

Helen silently nodded and began to clean up the messy laboratory. Then, before she left, Persephone suddenly turned around. With a hint of hesitation and apprehension, she asked, “Dear, your examination just now… that… there’s no problems, right?”

“Problems?” Helen seemed rather confused.

“You know… that…” Persephone felt like her face was burning. “The stuff with Su… that problem…”

“None.” Helen didn’t raise her head and indifferently replied. 

Persephone released a breath of relief and then left the laboratory with large steps. 

Helen continued to robotically clean up the scattered bottles, fragments, and bottle cork. Only, after she cleaned for half a day, the laboratory only seemed to be more messy. She suddenly stood up and forcefully smashed the large pile of trash she was carrying into the wall. A loud crashing sound rang through this place. The petri dishes that were arranged beside the wall on a steel rack were shaken up, and then numerous petri dishes fell onto the ground. Countless specimen thus flowed out. 

The screen on the side of the scanner continued to flicker about. Among the countless images that flashed past, there was one that precisely showed the initial shape of life. 

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