Book 3 Chapter 8.4

Book 3 Chapter 8.4 - Drunken Slaughter

Su slowly moved his right arm, and then he exhaled a white stream of air from his mouth. His entire right arm was experiencing sharp pain. Countless muscle fibers were showing signs of tearing, and the bones in the entire right side of his body were aching dully from the recoil. In that instant, Su, who had just exhausted the last bit of his stamina, felt the urge to sit down on the floor. He slowly stretched his body out. Then, he put on his clothes, leaving this completely empty combat training area. 

While walking home, Peperus’ shouting continued to repeat itself at the bottom of Su’s heart. He felt as if there was a large rock weighing down on his chest. Fortunately, he had just experienced an exhausting strength training, which slightly alleviated this pressure Su was feeling. 

When he reached his apartment building’s entrance, Su suddenly stopped moving. His left eye suddenly began to burn with a deep green flame, and his expression became more and more cold. He could feel an incredibly cold and intense killing intent inside of his residence, one that poured at him in a completely undisguised manner. 

Su’s eyebrows jumped. He slowly brought out his military knife before walking towards his own residence. 

The door...

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