Book 3 Chapter 8.4

Book 3 Chapter 8.4 - Drunken Slaughter

Su slowly moved his right arm, and then he exhaled a white stream of air from his mouth. His entire right arm was experiencing sharp pain. Countless muscle fibers were showing signs of tearing, and the bones in the entire right side of his body were aching dully from the recoil. In that instant, Su, who had just exhausted the last bit of his stamina, felt the urge to sit down on the floor. He slowly stretched his body out. Then, he put on his clothes, leaving this completely empty combat training area. 

While walking home, Peperus’ shouting continued to repeat itself at the bottom of Su’s heart. He felt as if there was a large rock weighing down on his chest. Fortunately, he had just experienced an exhausting strength training, which slightly alleviated this pressure Su was feeling. 

When he reached his apartment building’s entrance, Su suddenly stopped moving. His left eye suddenly began to burn with a deep green flame, and his expression became more and more cold. He could feel an incredibly cold and intense killing intent inside of his residence, one that poured at him in a completely undisguised manner. 

Su’s eyebrows jumped. He slowly brought out his military knife before walking towards his own residence. 

The door to his residence wasn’t locked. To the side of the door was the living room, and ahead was a short hallway. Around the corner was a staircase that led upstairs. Only a small desk lamp was lit in the living room, so everything inside the room was rather dusky. This normally safe, warm, and quiet residence now seemed like the lair of a vicious beast, one that was full of undefiable dignity. Just standing inside of it made Su feel as if he was suffocating. 

Su’s pupils suddenly began to contract. His body slightly bent down, assuming a stance that allowed him to erupt with power at any moment. He stared deathly ahead as he walked down the corridor. 

The corridor wasn’t all that wide. A pair of long and slender legs reached out from the corner, the dark stockings drawing out a hair-raising outline and the sharp and long high-heeled shoes directly stepped on the other side of the wall. Meanwhile, the owner of those long legs was hidden behind the other side of the wall!

The road ahead was blocked!

Su immediately understood what this domineering display was implying. 

Su’s body continued to maintain a stance that could erupt with power at any moment. He walked towards those long legs that originally possessed unmatched temptation, but were now full of domineeringness. What he didn’t understand was why these perfect legs possessed such deep killing intent. Su’s precise memory that was comparable to intelligence systems told him who the owner of these legs was. 

He walked all the way up until he could touch those long legs just by reaching out his hands, and then Su turned to look around the corner of the wall. Sure enough, what he saw was Persephone’s face that had a smile that was yet not a smile. 

Her eyes looked like tears were going to flow out. She was biting a strand of gray hair that was hanging down, rubbing it between the gaps of her snow white teeth. Her fine porcelain-like skin was dyed with a glaring redness. However, not even her fatal beauty was enough to smother the undisguised killing intent exuding from the tip of her brows!

When he saw Persephone, Su, who was originally going to relax, no longer felt that way. The heavy killing intent that seemed like it was going to turn into liquid put every single cell in Su’s body into its most tense state. 

Su’s back began to bend even more, and the right hand that gripped the blade instead loosened. This was the stance that left him with the most flexibility in dealing with various situations, a posture that could deliver a fatal blow at any time to an enemy. Sweat continuously poured out from his temples. Su felt far less pressure even when he was faced against Martham or Pandora! 

“Phoney.” Su softly said. 

Persephone sat on on a chair in a crooked manner, her crossed legs still stepping on the opposing wall, completely cutting off Su’s path. Her body reeked strongly of alcohol, and her right hand was playing with a small and exquisite alcohol bottle. There was still a bit of alcohol left inside, enough for one last gulp. 

“Phoney?” Su cried out again. 

Persephone raised her head and drained the remaining alcohol in one gulp. She then tossed the alcohol bottle onto the ground, causing it to shatter to pieces before suddenly standing up! The moment she stood up, the pressure caused by the abrupt movement even stirring up a large gust of wind within the main hall. 

“You are…” Su was a bit stunned. His body already entered a comprehensive battle position. 

“I was looking for you!” Persephone’s body temperature was so high it began to burn. She stared at Su like she was talking to a pet snake. It was to the extent where she didn’t even move, but Su was already pushed back half a meter by the waves of pressure she was exuding!

Was this the true strength of a general?!

As he looked at Persephone whose gray hair was flying about, Su didn’t even have the energy left over to be deeply moved. He was only barely able to resist this power she was exerting! 

Before he even had the chance to ask her any questions, Persephone immediately shouted, “Less nonsense!”

Her right leg suddenly released a high kick, as if she didn’t care about showing everything to Su at all. Then, her legs that left countless men were drooling over heavily dropped down! Her long and thin heels tore through the air, releasing an ear-piercing whistling sound. 


Su didn’t have any intention of dodging or resisting this high kick. Right when Persephone’s leg started to descend, when there was still some distance before it would reach him, Su already felt as if an armored tank had smashed into him. His body couldn’t help but fly out in reverse!

Persephone grabbed towards the air, immediately stopping Su who was flying backwards. Then, as if he was being pulled by a formless rope, he began to fly towards Persephone! A green flame suddenly began to burn in Su’s eye. His short blade hacked out like lightning, hacking apart the force field surrounding Persephone and piercing towards her ribs! However, right when the blade was several centimeters from reaching Persephone, Su suddenly released a grunt and stopped his body’s instinctive counter attack. His right hand shook, flinging that short blade outwards!

Doing something like this in front of Persephone was the same as suicide. Su’s chest was suddenly grabbed, and then all of his body’s strength abruptly vanished. Persephone walked out with large steps. She was already standing in Su’s bedroom. With a wave of her hand, she threw Su onto the bed, and then she threw herself over!

Su had just lifted his body when Persephone’s body heavily pressed down on him. Then, even his mouth was sealed. That delicate fragrance that was originally gentle was now polluted with a berserk aura, directly pouring into Su’s mouth. 

Bang. Su felt as if his body had been set aflame. At this moment, it was as if a great flame was suppressing him!

Right when both individuals were close to suffocating, Persephone suddenly sat up. Her gray hair formed an incomparably brilliant expanse of radiance in the air. All of Su’s clothing were extremely frail under her crazy general level power, blasting apart with the slightest touch. 

Then, she went down. Persephone’s body suddenly went rigid! Then, she took a deep breath, and only then did she release the shout that had been pent up within the depths of her throat!

Seizing Persephone’s moment of hesitation, Su’s hands grabbed at the clothing in front of her chest with lightning speed, immediately erupting with power that had already reached that of the fifth level. Persephone’s uniform was immediately torn apart like paper. 

This counterattack clearly angered Persephone. Her face that could make countries fall immediately became ice cold, and then her entire body suddenly went taut! As a dragonrider general, Persephone’s control over her body might not be any inferior to Su’s. This type of subconscious power was extremely powerful, immediately sending Su who was already closely connected with her down to hell, and then raising him back to heaven!

Persephone’s upper body was already extremely close with strips of ruined clothing scattered about. The scene displayed in front of Su’s face was like a powerful energy cannon, one that completely erased Su’s reasoning and awareness!

Then, Su could only feel himself be completely devoured by raging flames, setting him aflame!

Crash! The large and solid bed completely collapsed. The lights in the apartment smashed apart one after another. The furniture were all shaking, and from time to time, nails would shoot out, firmly embedding themselves into the walls. 


It was almost dawn. 

Persephone stood up, stretching out her body that possessed unbelievable curves on the bed that already couldn’t support them. Then, she sat down on the bed. Her gray hair casually fell, some strands landing on her face. She looked like someone who had just survived a great disaster. This type of appearance could easily make any man become a wild beast. 

Persephone obtained a box of cigarettes from who knew where. She crossed her legs and assumed a more comfortable position. She didn’t have any intention of putting on any clothes, and then she took a deep breath. Only after that did she look at Su who was lying on his back while staring at the ceiling with a stupefied expression. 

“Su, that… um…” Persephone’s face was still heart shakingly red. No one knew what she was trying to say either. She unexpectedly began to stutter. 

Perhaps due to nervousness or because she wasn’t proficient at it, a mouthful of smoke wasn’t redirected outwards, making her cough fiercely a few times. The cold appearance that she had put up with difficulty was ruined just like that. 

“That damn Helen, what a rotten plan this was!” Persephone fiercely cursed inwardly. At the same time, she blamed her own foolishness. She clearly already decided not to listen to Helen’s advice anymore, so after everything was done, why did she all of a sudden decide to smoke a cigarette? She always disliked cigarettes! Moreover, the thing she hated the most was that she actually decided to listen to Helen’s advice on this type of stuff! It was just like listening to someone who had never seen the sea describe what an ocean wave looked like and what angle to enjoy it from! She even believed someone like that?

Su sat up, and with a rather fatigued smile, he gently said, “Phoney, the effects are over? It’s fine, it won’t be so tense next time.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand at all…” A hint of panic immediately flew past Persephone’s face, and then she clenched her teeth. She loosened her shoulders, and then threw caution to the wind, fiercely saying, “Alright, it’s already over! What are you trying to say? Regardless of what you think, I am going to tell you that today’s matter has nothing to do with the drug’s effects!”

Only, when she loosened her shoulders, the string of reactions immediately made Su’s eyes became as sharp as a blade. His body that had been exhausted to its limit became stirred up again, as if it wasn’t tired at all. 

When she saw Su walking over with seemingly malicious intentions, Persephone began to chew on her gray hair again. She suddenly released a roar through her clenched teeth, and with a jump, she once again pressed Su down on the bed!

The battle between the general and lieutenant commander was without any suspense. The powerful disparity in strength made the weaker side lose all authority and get completely trampled on. Meanwhile, this general that already had a round of experience only used ten minutes to end this battle. 

All of Persephone’s clothes, both inner and outer, were torn into cloth strips. Of course, Su was no exception to this either. She fetched Su’s reserve uniform without any hesitation and put it on, completely ignoring the fact that this was Su’s only reserve uniform. Either way, she was about the same height as Su, and apart from the upper clothes being a bit tight, there weren’t any other parts that wouldn’t fit. 

After looking at the morning light that was gradually illuminating the sky, Persephone who still carried some ferocity left Su with some words that left him torn between laughter and tears. “From today onwards, as long as you can defeat me, I will let you be on top!”

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