Book 3 Chapter 8.1

Book 3 Chapter 8.1 - Drunken Slaughter

The birthday evening banquet suddenly came to a screeching stop after reaching its climax. Dragon City, a place where many undercurrents flowed, suddenly surged with a wave of hidden killing intent. 

Even though there was a small-scaled comprehensive manufacturing factory, as well as a large-scale power supply center that was invested in, Persephone, who didn’t have a place specifically to live in would always use the private hospital as her place of lodging, and she would always sleep with Helen. She always had endless things to talk about, and Helen was always the best listener. 

In the underground private hospital, the central laboratory’s thick automatic doors silently opened, revealing Helen who was currently sitting in front of the computer system, lost in her thoughts. She frowned slightly, somewhat surprised as she looked at the doors. Apart from herself, only Persephone had the authority to open these automatic doors. However, this leading female lead who had just given all of Dragon City quite the fright should not be here right now at all. 

Persephone’s face seemed to be covered in a faint layer of light. Her gray pupils that had bits of green inside of them were extremely clear. She walked towards the central laboratory with large steps and sat in front of Helen. She then grabbed the intelligence system out of Helen’s hands, and after sweeping her eyes over it, she noticed that an endless stream of data and information was pouring down the screen. The speed of this stream of data still couldn’t defeat Persephone, she could easily remember the information that refreshed a hundred times each second. If she carefully analyzed it, then she could still still reach the speed of around thirty refreshes per second. The problem laid in the fact that she didn’t really understand the meaning behind this data, nor did she ever like dry and tedious data analysis. As such, she said, “Dear, why are you always looking at such boring stuff?”

“Hand it over.” Helen’s face was completely expressionless. She reached her hand out towards Persephone. 

“... boring.” Persephone understood clearly how important the intelligence system that was packed with information was for Helen. Moreover, when Helen was being serious, it was best not to joke around. That was why she obediently handed the intelligence system back into Helen’s hands. 

With the intelligence system back in her hands, Helen’s eyes immediately shifted from Persephone back to the screen. With a cold voice, she said, “The one that is boring is you. You shouldn’t be here right now at all.”

Persephone immediately put on a seemingly pitiful expression and said, “Dear, come on, don’t be so heartless! If I’m not here, where else could I be?” 

Unfortunately, even though Persephone’s act of pity might kill men, against Helen who had grown up together with her and clearly lacked the emotions of normal people, it was completely ineffective. 

“Didn’t you just announce an important decision? Could it be that you need me to remind you what you should be doing?” Helen’s cold voice made Persephone’s expression become more and more unpleasant.

Persephone’s face immediately went a bit rigid. What she was scared of hearing the most was this, and as a result, she immediately changed into an extremely brilliant smile and said, “This matter… Right, that, that was a difficult matter to begin with! Let’s not talk about this first…”

Helen laughed coldly. Without masking her ridicule at all, she said, “Saying these words, as a general, aren’t you embarrassed?”

The thickness of Persephone’s skin was displayed at this moment. Not only did she not get angry, she instead laughed mischievously while sticking to Helen. “Everyone has things they aren’t good at or aren’t interested in! For example, Helen, you don’t have any interest in men, right?”

Helen raised her head and indifferently said, “That is just because I don’t have time to waste on those useless men, and there has never been anyone suitable for me. Oh, that’s not correct, now, there is one that barely meets the standards, and that is Su. What? If you aren’t going to take action, why don’t I compete with you, let you see my skill in dealing with men?”

When she saw Helen’s electronic like eyes that didn’t contain a trace of emotion, Persephone suddenly felt a wave of alarm. She immediately cried out, “Don’t!”

Helen released a snort. Her eyes landed on the data on the screen and said, “Then go do what you have to do! After tonight, who knows what I will do.”

“But…” Persephone lightly bit her lower lip. She was still hesitating, not looking like a dragonrider general at all, and even less like the tyrannical figure from the northern battlefield who swept through all enemies. 

Helen gave Persephone a glance. With a somewhat meaningful voice, she said, “Dear, let me remind you one last time. This is the best chance, and it might be the last chance. Don’t let someone who can truly stop you appear and then wallow in regret.”

Persephone tightly bit her lips. The ripples in her eyes seemed to almost spill out. She suddenly set her mind, and while biting her teeth, she said, “Give me some more confidence!”

“Alright!” This time, Helen’s reply was extremely clear and straightforward. She called over a screen, and three extremely detailed skeletal structures appeared. 

This was the bones of a forearm. It looked like it should belong to a human, but the shape was a bit different. In addition, it was covered in fragmented patterns, just like those of an olden era piece of porcelain that had been shattered. 

However, Persephone’s face immediately became more grave. She carefully and seriously looked over every crack, countless pieces of data flying through her brain. After a minute of complex operation, she obtained the result. 

“This is… before the bones underwent evolution!” Persephone seemed to still be a bit doubtful.

Helen nodded and said, “Correct! Even though it is just an arm bone that revealed signs of evolution, but this should most likely be the case. After another period of time, along with the increase in strength would be signs of overall evolution.”

“But isn’t bone evolution an additional ability only someone with all around four levels of ability would have? How could it appear on his body?”

Helen said indifferently, “This means that his potential isn’t restricted to overall four levels of ability. This is the conclusion that I have just reached. Do you want to see my prediction of what his next natural born ability will be? Of course, it’s a list, and what he ends up choosing will be up to himself.”

“That’s alright.” Persephone already recovered from her initial shock. She shook her head, and then she suddenly sighed. In a rather lonely manner, she said, “Do you know… the greater his potential, the more uneasy I feel. Forget it, I won’t look at it to avoid ruining my relationship with him.”

After remaining silent for a bit, Persephone suddenly released a bitter laugh. The loftiness she gathered with some difficulty immediately dropped to a rock bottom. “I can’t, I still don’t have enough confidence.”

Helen finally looked up from the sea of data. She looked towards Persephone and said, “Take this.”

Persephone accepted the item Helen tossed over, and then she stared blankly. Inside her hands was a small bottle of strong alcohol, about 120 milliliters of it. 

“What is the point of giving me this? Even if I did want to drink, how could this be enough? You know that several kilograms of even the strongest alcohol is like water for me…” Persephone was confused. 

“I’ve added some stuff.” A rare smile appeared on Helen’s face, only in Persephone’s eyes, this smile seemed a bit abnormal. Things that the biological genius Helen added work to, forget about a bottle this large, Persephone might not even be able to handle a small glass.

This time, Persephone remained silent for five whole minutes, and then she tightly clenched the bottle of alcohol. With dead set resolution, she walked out from the central laboratory’s large doors. 

“Don’t forget the techniques I taught you!” Helen hollered behind her.

“I already forgot it all!” Persephone replied somewhat angrily. Even though her body was starting to tremble slightly, there was no reason for her to listen to Helen’s advice, someone who had never had the slightest association with men since she was young. 

Helen didn’t seem to mind Persephone’s reply at all. When the main entrance of the laboratory closed, her eyes had already focused back onto the intelligence system. 

Right when she was going to once again immerse herself in the wonderful world of data, a hidden signal popped up on the corner of her screen and continuously flickered. Helen’s eyebrows immediately frowned. Right when she was going to toss this signal into the trash, she saw the swaying figure of a black man above the signal, and only then did she change her mind and open it up. 

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