Book 3 Chapter 8.1

Book 3 Chapter 8.1 - Drunken Slaughter

The birthday evening banquet suddenly came to a screeching stop after reaching its climax. Dragon City, a place where many undercurrents flowed, suddenly surged with a wave of hidden killing intent. 

Even though there was a small-scaled comprehensive manufacturing factory, as well as a large-scale power supply center that was invested in, Persephone, who didn’t have a place specifically to live in would always use the private hospital as her place of lodging, and she would always sleep with Helen. She always had endless things to talk about, and Helen was always the best listener. 

In the underground private hospital, the central laboratory’s thick automatic doors silently opened, revealing Helen who was currently sitting in front of the computer system, lost in her thoughts. She frowned slightly, somewhat surprised as she looked at the doors. Apart from...

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