Book 3 Chapter 7.6

Book 3 Chapter 7.6 - Night

Su continued to remain silent. He didn’t know what the unforeseen event back then was, and he understood even less why Kahli would suddenly leave the battle. If Morgan didn’t want to talk about it, then it was better not to know about this. 

Josh Morgan suddenly laughed and said, “Sigh, people really do get old and words get longer, haha! Only us few old fellows still care about those things from back then, so how could youngsters like you all be interested? Alright, I believe before his death, Kahli definitely advised you to seek shelter from the Holy Crusaders, right?”

Su’s mind trembled slightly. After thinking for a bit, he told Morgan everything Khali told him before his death. Lying in front of Josh Morgan who had already completely seen through him wasn’t the smartest move. 

Morgan nodded, clearly feeling rather satisfied with Su’s choice. Only, it was unknown if it this expression was sincere or if it was due to some other reason. He continued to swirl the wine glass that he hadn’t take a single sip out of yet and said, “In reality, several decades ago, the Holy Crusaders and Black Dragonriders were a single organization. Back then, we were called the Black Night Crusaders. However, when the Blood Parliament rose to power and set up their headquarters base, the Black Night Crusaders’ leaders differed in opinion on how things should proceed in the future. One group believed that we should respect the original genes of humans and use natural methods of strengthening abilities, maintaining a completely human genome. They believed that excessively exploiting abilities and modifying genes would inevitably lead to destruction, and that ability users that underwent substantial amounts of modifications couldn’t be considered humans anymore. Meanwhile, the others believed that abilities were a gift to the world, so why did they have to maintain the old humans’ complete genome? The new humans that had undergone large scale ability modifications, regardless of whether it was their bodies or intelligence, all far surpassed the limits of what the old humans could achieve. A such, they believed that this was evolution and not disaster. The divergence between the two sides deepened by the day, and finally, a fissure appeared. What followed was war, one that has been fought for over twenty years.”

Su thought for a moment before asking, “Why did the Black Dragonriders remain with the Blood Parliament rather than the Holy Crusaders?”

Morgan laughed. “Good question. The Blood Parliament’s members and chairmen’s common desires were plundering, expansion, more plundering, and more expansion. They want to ultimately stand at the top of this era, the peak of this world. They would then further their expansion towards the stars beyond the clouds full of radiation. The ones that remained were obviously the Black Dragonriders whose main goal was expansion. Su, if it was you, which side would you pick?”

Su carefully considered his current situation and frankly replied, “The Black Dragonriders right now.”

This choice that didn’t seem all that decisive clearly made Morgan quite happy. “Correct! Haha, what one needs the most in this era is power, and the source of power is not that important. Of course, no matter what type of power it is, only when it is in our control is it true power. Alright, let’s go back inside. That little fella Persephone still has some some other things planned, so we shouldn’t miss out on the best parts!”

Su followed Morgan back into the warm hall. Only now did he realize that in the negative thirty degree weather outside, General Morgan’s hand that was holding that glass of wine did not freeze up, nor did he use any abilities to accomplish this! When Su noticed this, his mind suddenly trembled, as if there was some problem that had been gnawing at his that mind suddenly developed a vague answer. 

Su, who was still immersed in his own train of thought, did not notice that at the center of the assembly hall, Helen was standing behind Persephone, smiling while saying something softly. There weren’t any guests around the two of them, so no one could really hear her. Even if they could, they wouldn’t understand what she was saying. 

“Hurry up!” Helen seemed to be urging something. 

“My dear Helen, this… let me think about it a bit longer, okay?” Persephone implored. 

“This is the best opportunity.” Helen said. 

“But… there are always opportunities!” Persephone tried to avoid this topic. 

“Perhaps… this is the only chance.”

“No way!” Persephone became extremely shocked and immediately asked, “Why are you saying that?”

“An intuition.” Helen coldly gave a reply that made her go completely silent. 

At this moment, a general manager that was dressed in well-ironed formal attire quickly walked over. While suppressing his voice, he asked, “Your distinguished self, it is time. Are you ready?”

Persephone lightly bit down on her lower lip, tears almost coming out from her gray-green pupils. The general manager felt his hairs stand on end, as if a chill ran down his spine. 

Persephone pushed aside the general manager and lightly clapped her hands. The band immediately stopped playing. She walked to the center of the stage, her eyes passing over every single guest that arrived, from great figures to incompetent family children, not missing a single person. 

When all eyes landed on herself, Persephone took a deep breath, and then with a brilliant smile, she said, “The evening party that I am holding tonight is for the sake of declaring and extremely important decision that I have made! That is…” 


During this period of quietness, every single word Persephone uttered was like a strike on a great bell. “Su! Become my guardian!”

Su, who was being pointed at by Persephone’s finger while standing within the huge crowd, was immediately stupefied! Before he even realized what had happened, rustling sounds continuously sounded and everyone’s eyes seemed to focus on his body at the same time, as if he was the only source of light in a world of darkness. The one in charge of lighting was a dragonrider lieutenant commander whose reactions were extremely fast. He immediately found Su and concentrated all of the lightning on his body, almost burning straight through his body!

The blinding light made him feel a bit light headed. However, he still didn’t know what was going on.

“I am opposed to this!” A great shout suddenly sounded from someone buried within the crowd of people!

“Oppose!” “Oppose!”

Waves of protesting immediately rose and fell. Almost every man here was howling and slowly crowding towards Persephone! Among them, the one that shouted the loudest was Renfell’s group of officers that came from the northern front. 

In that instant, it was as if all men became Persephone’s enemy. Persephone, who was standing on the stage alone, was like a small rock in front of endless wolves that might crush her at any moment. Meanwhile Su, who was under the spotlight, did not draw any attention. The area around him was completely empty. 

Persephone raised her chin slightly. When faced against the swarm of wolves that were going to tear her into pieces, she only smiled proudly before saying, “Your opposition is useless!”

The assembly hall immediately became quiet, as if a new storm was about to begin. 

At this moment, a voice that was slightly hoarse and full of tiredness suddenly sounded from the entrance. “I am opposed to this!”

Everyone looked towards the entrance, and then what they saw was an individual with dark red hair. Close to half the people here immediately recognized Peperus, this aide-de-camp to the Trials Division’s dark saint Madeline. However, what left them shocked was how weak Peperus looked, as well as the large blotches of blood around her armor and sleeves. 

Not many people knew exactly how powerful Peperus was, but since she was able to stay by the vicious Madeline’s side, no one doubted her strength. At the very least, she shouldn’t be any weaker than a higher ranked dragonrider official. However, seeing how she looked now, she looked like she had just arrived from a difficult, blood soaked battle. Who dared to attack an important member of the Trials Division in Dragon City? Meanwhile, some sharper individuals already associated Peperus’ appearance with Persephone’s sudden and shocking decision. 

Without wasting much effort at all, Peperus immediately saw Su who was standing under the spotlight like a statue. She stopped moving, and then, shouting herself hoarse, she screamed, “Su! Do you not care about those of the past anymore?!”

Those of the past?

Su trembled inwardly. For him, the only meaningful part of his past was Madeline. He didn’t recognize Peperus, only recognizing that her clothing belonged to the Trials Division. However, that day, Madeline only left with some light injuries. With how powerful she was, she shouldn't take more than three days to recover. Su didn’t hear any news of changes taking place in the Trials Division. Even if he did, he still wasn’t in a position to casually interfere. The pressure the dragonriders and great families exerted on Persephone was already quite heavy. If she recklessly took action for his sake and provoked the mysterious and bloody Trials Division, then Persephone might very well collapse. 

Su had a feeling that Peperus’ appearance had something to do with Persephone choosing him as her guardian. However, this was just too ridiculous. 

Su raised his head to look at Persephone on the stage. He could clearly sense just how heavy the pressure she faced was, as well as understand for the first time how firm and resolute this decision was. 

If he was being honest, Su didn’t think Persephone’s decision was a good one. There might be a chance maybe after three years had passed. However, if she could calmly face most of Dragon City, what reason did Su still have to refuse undertaking this responsibility with her?

When she saw Su stand there motionlessly under the spotlight without the slightest intention of following her, Peperus’ face quickly became pale. She fiercely clenched her teeth and turned around, rushing into the cold night. 

The silent gloominess quickly passed. A few individuals had a feeling that it wasn’t easy for Peperus to come, and her departure most likely pointed towards disaster as well. 

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