Book 3 Chapter 7.6

Book 3 Chapter 7.6 - Night

Su continued to remain silent. He didn’t know what the unforeseen event back then was, and he understood even less why Kahli would suddenly leave the battle. If Morgan didn’t want to talk about it, then it was better not to know about this. 

Josh Morgan suddenly laughed and said, “Sigh, people really do get old and words get longer, haha! Only us few old fellows still care about those things from back then, so how could youngsters like you all be interested? Alright, I believe before his death, Kahli definitely advised you to seek shelter from the Holy Crusaders, right?”

Su’s mind trembled slightly. After thinking for a bit, he told Morgan everything Khali told him before his death. Lying in front of Josh Morgan who had already completely seen through him wasn’t the smartest move. 

Morgan nodded, clearly feeling rather satisfied with Su’s choice. Only, it was unknown if it this expression was sincere or if it was due to some other reason. He continued to swirl the wine glass that he hadn’t take a single sip out...

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