Book 3 Chapter 7.5

Book 3 Chapter 7.5 - Night

Even though Persephone’s natural talents were unquestionable and she did have experience controlling the Arthur family’s affairs, moreover doing everything quite well, if the entire William family was going to be handed over to her just like that, then they are definitely crazy. From Persephone’s point of view, this was quite a good opportunity. After losing the Arthur family’s support, by relying on the William family for protection, she could at least get rid of many non-strength related worries. As for her Arthur family blood, that wasn’t important at all. In this era, the status of a woman in a family was negligible. The continuation of the bloodline only depended on the man, no different from how it was several hundred years ago. 

Persephone should accept this invitation; this was what O’Brien’s reasoning told him. However, as soon as he thought of Persephone joining the William family, his chest would throb with pain. This did not only come from his emotions, but also included some Mysterious Fields Domain’s pounding. 

At the other end of the assembly hall, Su was somewhat...

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