Book 3 Chapter 7.5

Book 3 Chapter 7.5 - Night

Even though Persephone’s natural talents were unquestionable and she did have experience controlling the Arthur family’s affairs, moreover doing everything quite well, if the entire William family was going to be handed over to her just like that, then they are definitely crazy. From Persephone’s point of view, this was quite a good opportunity. After losing the Arthur family’s support, by relying on the William family for protection, she could at least get rid of many non-strength related worries. As for her Arthur family blood, that wasn’t important at all. In this era, the status of a woman in a family was negligible. The continuation of the bloodline only depended on the man, no different from how it was several hundred years ago. 

Persephone should accept this invitation; this was what O’Brien’s reasoning told him. However, as soon as he thought of Persephone joining the William family, his chest would throb with pain. This did not only come from his emotions, but also included some Mysterious Fields Domain’s pounding. 

At the other end of the assembly hall, Su was somewhat awkward but not lacking in manners as he tried to deal with those two, no, now seven or eight girls, slightly stiff and slow as he answered their strange questions one after another. The girls seemed like they wanted to completely devour him at first, but now, they didn’t seem to be in that much of a hurry. The bearing of this man was completely different from the men that were normally at their side, so talking a bit more was also a rather new and interesting experience. However, Su’s mind wasn’t here. Persephone and Sivanberg’s conversation just now had completely entered his ears. 

Su looked extremely calm on the surface, a charming smile remaining on his face the entire time. However, deep down, it was as if a flame was burning at the base of his heart, one that was burning more and more fiercely!

What kind of stuff did Rudolph do to Persephone?

This question was like a fork that continuously wriggled about in Su’s heart, one that had been previously soaked in brine. Even though things didn’t seem to go smoothly for Rudolph from the outside, the fact that he could do whatever he wished against Persephone was already enough! Rudolph had been promoted to major general before Persephone, but Su did not believe that he could take action against Persephone without any help. Something like this had to have happened when she was younger and when her military rank was lower. 

The raging inferno melted away the icy coldness at the bottom of Su’s heart and turned it into thick and viscous magma that silently flowed about at the bottom of Su’s heart. 

Just as Su’s emotions were about to erupt, invisible feelers seemed to have reached out to caress Su’s spiritual body. This type of feeling felt as if his naked body was being groped about by a stranger. Su almost immediately sensed that someone was using perception abilities to explore his body. Before possessing spirit reaction, whenever other people were inspecting his body, there would always be a danger similar to the vigilance he felt towards unknown dangers. After he got spirit reaction, this type of feeling became clearer and clearer. Su could now even differentiate between the different types of most common probing abilities. 

Su was already used to being inspected, but it was different tonight. These ignorant children who treated probing like a joke removed the final covering over the volcano. 

The volcano erupted without any warning!

Su seemed to instinctively merge all of the anger, unwillingness, wildness, killing intent, and negative emotions together and burst out with a method he himself didn’t even understand, fiercely sending those strands of probing abilities that were still reluctant to recede blasting outwards!

Bang bang bang! It was as if a small storm broke out in this corner of the assembly hall. Seven or eight delicate wine glasses exploded at the same time, sending rich red wine splattering over their owners’ bodies and even their faces. Some of them even had dark red blood running from their noses, clearly suffering some injuries. 

Because the girls that were surrounding Su were too close, they suffered some injuries from the surge of energy that left them with blurred vision and lightheadedness. They found it a bit difficult to stand steadily. However, the ones that received the greatest blow were still those that tried to use their abilities to probe Su. 

In that instant, everyone’s eyes landed on this corner! Most of the guests in the assembly hall had higher levels of ability, so how could they not sense this clear collision of power? When some of them tried to probe Su with their abilities, those with high levels of ability already knew, but out of etiquette, they pretended as if nothing happened. No one expected Su to brazenly retaliate in public. However, what made them shocked wasn’t that the power Su released seriously injured several people, but that the coldness and ferocity of the power was vastly different from his normally warm and quiet self. In addition, apart from a few individuals, no one knew exactly what type of method Su retaliated with!

Su didn’t fear the countless sharp gazes. He looked all around him, remembering the faces of everyone that had tried to inspect him. His pupil rapidly contracted and dilated, as if it was a pair of camera lens that could auto-adjust. Everyone that had been locked onto by him couldn’t help but feel their blood run cold!

Right at this moment, a pale faced low ranked dragonrider suddenly collapsed. Those that recognized him cried out in alarm. “Jast! Lieutenant Jast, what happened?”

Su gave this lieutenant named Jast an indifferent glance and then no longer paid any attention to him. This fellow had quite the unique reaction sensing method. He was the one that Su dealt with the harshest, so the backlash he suffered was also the greatest. However, his body’s strength and ability were the weakest out of all of them, so he was directly knocked unconscious. Towards this lieutenant that collapsed with no sign of getting back up, Su felt an unshakeable feeling of deja vu. However, he was sure that he had never seen this individual before. 

Due to Jast’s collapse, a bit of chaos broke out in the assembly hall. The attendants and servants quickly brought Jast away to carry out treatment. However, this was clearly an ordinary dragonrider without much of a background, so the situation quickly calmed down. Even though it wasn’t Su who sparked this conflict, everyone had different assessments of the situation. An old man nearby who clearly came from a great family coldly said, “Lieutenant Commander Su, could it be that those from the wilderness are all as crude and insolent as yourself?”

Su didn’t pay this criticism and provocation any attention. Right now, silence was a comparably better way of dealing with this situation. In addition, he didn’t have time to pay this old man any attention either, because not only did the girls around him not mind what had just happened, their eyes that looked at Su seemed to hold even more wildness. The originally easygoing teasing quickly became intense. This was not something that only happened in Dragon City. In this era, no matter where it was, absolute power was something that people crazily worshipped and feared. 

Right when Su felt as if he couldn’t deal with the situation anymore, an old man wearing clothes that were a bit more casual walked over. He said towards the girls that were already starting to fondle and pull on Su, “Little fellows with too much energy, you all can play around later. I have a few words to say to your new prey.”

Even though the girls that came from great families weren’t scared of anything, they all recognized the Black Dragonriders high general Josh Morgan. As a result, they no longer dared to mess around and dispersed. 

“Su, why don’t you join me for a glass on the balcony. It’s too noisy here.”

Su followed General Morgan to the other side’s balcony. The balcony was astonishingly large, with every stone pillar covered in complex and gorgeous engravings. However, following the erosion of wind and frost over the years, only a portion of its former glory could be seen. Vine type plants that weren’t afraid of the cold crawled about the balcony fence, restoring some of the olden era’s elegance. 

General Morgan propped his elbows on top of the fencing and gazed into the deep night. In the olden era, one could see all the way into the great sea from this location, but now, normal people could only see a dozen or so meters out. He held a glass of alcohol, seemingly a bit absent minded as he gently swayed it about. The wine inside continuously spun about. 

“Su, rumor has it that this last mission made you feel quite unhappy?” General Morgan asked in a seemingly casual manner. 

Su’s eyebrows bent slightly. After considering his words, he said, “Even though Kahli was getting old, he was still a soldier, so killing him didn’t matter much. However, I didn’t expect him to live together with his daughter.”

Morgan laughed and said, “You know, you don’t have to feel so restrained in front of me. Correct, I did know that Kahli lived together with his daughter, and the requirements of the mission was to get rid of both Kahli and Kalena. The people who were sent out to kill Kalena’s husband and child was also sent out by me, but back then, I never expected that Kahli would rush back so quickly, as well as possess some hidden ability. After that, it took me many years to find him again. Steel Kahli’s ability to intercept sensing abilities has continuously strengthened, but he never expected that I would unearth a great talent within the Black Dragonriders, finding a young man with six levels in mysterious perception, and thus locating him again.”

Su frowned slightly again, but he didn’t say anything. The resentment and grudges between their generation seemed tangled and complicated, so without understanding the cause behind such actions, he didn’t want to lightly come to a conclusion. Morgan’s pursuit and slaughter was already reaching Su’s limits of tolerance, but in this era, it was just another completely normal thing. 

Morgan was somewhat surprised at Su’s silence. He looked at Su and then nodded slightly, saying, “Things like grudges are hard to explain. From your perspective, the things I’ve done towards Kahli were extremely excessive, especially since his daughter already lost her rationality and letting her go wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but…”

Josh Morgan became silent for a few seconds. Every single wrinkle on his face seemed to sparkle with metallic luster. While immersed in his memories of the past, he slowly said, “During the unforeseen event back then, because Kahli, who was given the mission to stop the enemy’s reinforcements, ran away right before the battle, six of our old brothers from back then died. After surviving from that battlefield, I vowed that I would use the every cruel method possible on him and completely wipe away his bloodline!”

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