Book 3 Chapter 7.2

Book 3 Chapter 7.2 - Night

The enormous Dragon City was a place where the strong, treacherous, and strange gathered. Su knew that if it was purely based on level of abilities, he himself still wasn’t that great in Dragon City. However, the number of individuals that left him frightened numbered less than ten. 

Meanwhile, Helen was definitely one of them, in the top three no less. 

Time quickly passed. In the blink of an eye, that night that would definitely make others excited arrived. Along with the darkening of the sky, even though there was still some time before the official seven o’clock start time, there was already some activity within Dragon City. If one observed from the sky, they would find that the number of people and vehicles moving about the city was clearly increasing. 

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the leading role of this evening banquet, the dragonrider general who had both strength and beauty, Persephone, already returned to Dragon City. What she brought back was not only her outstanding subordinates, but also a splendid army. At the same time, many valiant individuals who fought together with her in the northern front this entire time returned with her. It seemed that what Persephone conquered was not only her enemies. 

Right now, Su was currently standing perfectly straight in his own residence. His face was completely rigid, allowing the stylist, tailor, and makeup professionals to work on his body. These individuals were sent over by Helen, and they were the real deal, truly grasping the olden era’s traditional methods. Su who had only heard of the word ‘etiquette’ couldn’t find any reason to refuse at all, nor could he give any input, even if there was something that should be disapproved of. For example, he didn’t know why the waist portion of the formal attire had to be revised three times, and the amount that it was tightened was just a few millimeters. Su was quite confident that most dragonriders wouldn’t be able to detect this minute difference. However, that old tailor whose eyes were already starting to become clouded could actually see the difference, patiently making the adjustments.

The makeup professional was a young and beautiful woman. Her enthusiasm towards Su’s head of light blonde hair was definitely not any inferior to the old tailor’s dedication towards his suit, and her eyes that were looking at Su eres becoming more and more fiery and impatient. Her hot body continuously rubbed against Su’s, only restraining herself when Li walked in and gave her a murderous look. However, it was clear that she didn’t fear Li.

Only, when Li saw Su who was close to being completely dressed, her eyes became momentarily distracted. Then, a faint blush surfaced. 

Su was standing like a statue, his eyes focused on the snow white wall that didn’t have a single decoration on it. He didn’t hold himself back from sensing the moods of those around him at all, so a thought slowly surfaced in his mind: Maybe formal attire and nice clothes truly did have some use...

At nightfall, a vehicle fleet slowly departed from Persephone’s private hospital. Among them was a completely sealed off-road vehicle with a japanese rose curling about a dark golden shield painted on. This was the symbol of a general, and judging from where it left from, it was definitely Persephone’s ride. 

Inside the completely sealed vehicle sat Persephone who was dressed in a classic black evening dress. On her neck rested a necklace adorned with small diamonds that made her neck appear even more elegant. Her body-tight dress separated into different parts at her knees, exposing her long and slender legs outside. What was even more outrageous was that this was a low-cut dress, the small part that was revealed enough to make others’ desires surge like ocean waves. However, Persephone still had some ‘hidden beauty’ to her appearance. 

Persephone’s current image was definitely exuding elegance and composure, but the fingers on the arms that were crossed on top of her legs continuously moved about, as if there was an invisible pencil being twirled about there. Those fingers exposed the fact that Persephone wasn’t a true traditional noble woman. 

Of course, she obviously didn’t care about this. Either way, no one could see her right now. Once she did appear publicly at the venue, Persephone could display any type of appearance she wished to, but obviously nothing seductive. After all, she could make men go crazy even without these methods. The only thing stopping these men was the dragonrider general’s crest which constantly reminded them that underneath that beautiful exterior was a ferocious tyrannosaurus rex. 

Persephone was currently bragging with a brilliant smile. “Did you know? Those two knights were pursuing me so closely, watching as I fled into a closed off valley. It really was quite something! One of them even urged me to surrender in a rather serious voice. I finally managed to lure them into this place that wasn’t that easy to escape from, so how could I just sit there and listen to them talk? I obviously beat them up. However, one of them was quite good at taking hits and really fast at running, so a bit of my carelessness let him get away. The other fellow was quite brave, but he was just too weak, so I ended up killing him after using just a bit more strength. See, Holy Crusaders’ great knights aren’t all that strong.”

Helen was completely focused on the screen of the intelligence system in her hands, not commenting on Persephone’s bragging at all. She simply asked indifferently, “Did you use that trick?”

“Obviously not!” Persephone immediately said. It seemed like she was extremely excited tonight. “How could those two fellows force me to use my trump card? You have to know that I didn’t even use it the last time I fought against Madeline!”

Helen continued to stare at the screen, saying a bit absent-mindedly, “So that was how it is… they weren’t able to force out your trump card even with two against one, that means our original judgment was mistaken. There should be an even higher rank above great knight inside the Holy Crusaders.”

Persephone’s beautiful eyes immediately narrowed dangerously. With a smile, she said, “My dear Helen, are you doubting my fighting strength?”

“Ever since you were small until now, those that doubted your strength seemed to all have died rather miserable deaths.” Helen said. These words immediately caused Persephone to beam with joy, but Helen’s next sentence made it so that she couldn’t smile anymore. “Of course, those that doubt your wisdom and craftiness died even more miserably.”

“Helen…” Persephone cried out. 

Without waiting for Persephone to act out, Helen suddenly reached out her hand, moving the screen she was holding in front of Persephone’s face. “Look, this is related to your dear Su, it is extremely important!”

Persephone cried out in alarm at first, doing everything to protect her hair that had been put up in an especially beautiful manner as if she was someone without any combat strength. When she heard the rest of Helen’s sentence, she calmed down and leaned into Helen’s embrace, looking at the data on the screen obediently like a little kitten. 

What appeared on the screen were two images of Su. The images continuously fluctuated about, and what rested below were groups of data. Persephone gave it a look, seeming a bit confused. “Degree of appearance difference… 1.39%? What does this mean?”

Helen tapped on the screen again. The two images immediately froze. “Look, what is the difference between the two Sus?”

Persephone carefully looked at the screen. Her eyes were comparable to precise sensor devices. While thinking, she said, “The more recent one seems a bit nicer to look at, right, his proportions are becoming more perfect… could it be that Su is still getting prettier? Are you serious?!”

Helen nodded and said, “What you said is correct. Su is becoming more beautiful, and with every rise in the level of his abilities, the change would become even more clear. I believe that he is definitely aware of this point himself as well. After all, among humans, being more beautiful will have its advantages. This is an advantage in survival.”

Persephone straightened her body, and while looking pensively, she asked, “This means…” She was quite sure that Helen wouldn’t be shocked just because Su was becoming prettier. In this era, men paid more attention to abilities. Whether or not they were handsome or pretty was just an additional trait, an insignificant one at that. 

“This means that Su has always been evolving, and this type of evolution is heading towards perfection.” Helen said. 

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