Book 3 Chapter 6.6

Book 3 Chapter 6.6 - Long Journey

“She’s called Kalena, my daughter. Since you found this place, it should be for me. I am Kahli. Twenty years ago, everyone called me Steel Kahli.” The old man stood up. In these few seconds, he looked like he had become much older and weaker. 

Even though he was being aimed at by the muzzle, Su still had absolute confidence in dodging out of the way in time. 

Kahli arrived in front of the living room counter. He poured himself a full glass of strong alcohol and downed it in one go. When he breathed out again, there was a strong alcoholic smell. He moved the pistol a few times and said to Su, “You, sit on the other side.” 

Su moved over to the other side of the counter rather obediently. This bar counter was made of a thick piece of real wood, enough to block...

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