Book 3 Chapter 6.2

Book 3 Chapter 6.2 - Long Journey

Even though a prickling pain could be felt from his fingertip, O’Brien didn’t seem to mind it at all and insteads carefully experienced this pain. The pain brought by an injury of powerful radiation was in a class of its own. The floating flower originally also had numbing properties, but O’Brien’s perception mode was different from everyone else’s. As long as there were changes that took place on his body, it would always bring about a different degree of pain, so numbing on his body would only bring about even more pain. For O’Brien, the switch to his perception mode was a completely new world, a new way to experience the mysteries of the world. 

This ability was one of the Arthur family’s secret inheritances, an ability only those with the Arthur bloodline could obtain. As for the genetic code for activating this ability, it was a mystery even to this day. Even with all the accomplishments...

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