Book 3 Chapter 5.5

Book 3 Chapter 5.5 - Dream of Changes

For Su who had returned to the base, this was a rare break within an endless war. 

When the hands of the clock pointed towards three at night, Su suddenly sat up on his bed! He first calmed down his breathing, and then he slowly released the pent-up energy from his chest. Su’s body was covered in sweat, and even a portion of the bedding had been soaked through. He quietly got off the bed, standing naked in front of the bed just like that, exposing his body to the cold air. The sweat covering his body was quickly reabsorbed. For Su, the act of wasting water was an intolerable offense. 

Through the dust covered window, Su watched the base that was still brightly lit and full of activity despite it being this late into the night. 

Pendulum City had already been changed into an enormous military and resupply base. The original infrastructure Roxland invested heavily on was excellent, making the restoration process extremely easy. The factories and power supplying systems were remodeled on their original spots, becoming the dragonriders’ military factories and repair stations. There were quite a few dragonriders who excelled at night combat, so this period of time that originally should have been for rest was actually when their operations...

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