Book 3 Chapter 5.3

Book 3 Chapter 5.3 - Dream of Changes

Su instinctively raised his left hand to protect his body. At the same time, his right hand brandished a military dagger, stabbing it towards Martham’s wrist with the greatest speed he could muster. The sharp and firm blade forced itself through Martham’s muscles and flesh. Su knew that the blade was currently hacking at the muscles of the giant’s arm, but he still felt as if what he was slicing through was instead an incredibly hard, steel-reinforced bar. 

However, the serious damage Su inflicted on Martham’s wrist didn’t seem to decrease his speed or power in the slightest. The enormous fist directly struck down on Su’s arm, and with clear sounds of bones shattering, Martham’s fist smashed down onto Su’s chest, blasting his relatively frail body outwards. 

The power that Su instantly erupted with was already close to four levels, but it couldn’t defend against Martham’s overwhelming power in the slightest. The only reason he wasn’t flung outwards by this blow was because of the military knife he was tightly gripping onto. 

However, this wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Martham’s right fist stopped, and then it pulled back before striking forward again. This series of movements made with all of his power was something not even this giant’s body could handle. Concentrated sounds of bones fracturing could be heard from his chest and shoulders. 

However, Su had already been slammed heavily into the solid ground. A large portion of his wide and strong back was blasted to the point where it seemed to cave in!

If it was anyone else that suffered these injuries, this would have already been a fatal injury, However, Martham had an extremely strange feeling, as if what he had smashed his fist against was a large and slippery mollusk-like existence. He didn’t feel like he smashed apart any bones at all. Due to the rushed exertion of power, the strength Martham’s fist displayed wasn’t even half of what it normally was. As soon as his power slightly relaxed, Su’s body suddenly released a wave of elastic force, sending his fist back a few centimeters. 

It was just a slight opening, but Su already moved away horizontally like a lizard. Then, with a flip, he landed on the floor more than ten meters away. This time, Su half squatted on the ground while holding his hands in front of him, assuming a stance that would allow him to move in any direction. Even though Su looked like his clothes were a bit more dirty and his left arm was a bit deformed, there didn’t seem to be any other damage. However, Martham could feel how much weaker Su’s power was. Even though he didn’t smash apart Su’s bones, the strike just now still made Su suffer serious damage.

Su breathed in and out with difficulty, forcefully suppressing the blood that was surging from his chest. The injuries he received were actually more severe than what Martham saw. Almost all of his internal organs were damaged, and countless injuries were seeping out blood. There was simply no way to deal with them one by one. 

The sky had already completely darkened. 

Su’s left eye flickered with a deep green light in the darkness that was especially eye catching. With a slightly rough voice, he said, “You are actually truly trying to kill me.”

“Of course.” Martham’s smile was extremely sinister. 

What followed this exchange of words that sounded rather strange to outsiders was a suffocating silence. From time to time, a frightening redness would emerge on Su’s skin that was as fine as jade, and then, like bloodstains washed out by flowing water, they would gradually fade and disappear. Then, more traces of blood would reappear. 

The corners of Su’s lips curled upwards, revealing a somewhat mysterious smile. “You missed the best opportunity. You won’t have the chance to kill me again.”

Even though it looked like Martham had an overwhelming advantage, Martham’s expression became more and more grave. His current situation wasn’t as good as it looked like on the surface either. His movements that had exceeded the limits of what his body could handle already caused half of his skeleton to develop cracks. Even if he was in a perfect state, he still didn’t have certainty in capturing Su who possessed exceptional movement abilities and was even capable of avoiding his perception targeting ability. However, Su also had a weakness, and that was precisely his two subordinates. Regardless of whether it was that male or female, they both looked extremely important to Su, important to the point where he would forsake personal safety for them. 

Using this weakness of Su’s definitely wouldn’t make Martham happy or proud. Concern was a weakness; this was a law nearly everyone in the wilderness understood, as well as a law not many people would offend. Those that carried this weakness usually didn’t live long, unless it was someone like Martham who was equipped with overwhelming abilities. However, even Martham, for Malim, almost died under the Su whose abilities back then couldn’t be considered powerful. 

However, this slight bit of uneasiness was far from enough to stop Martham. He already made a firm resolution to use all methods to destroy Su, and now was the time to do so!

“The opportunity hasn’t been missed.” Martham laughed, the smile on his face extremely malevolent. Right at this time, two enormous and oppressive gunshots rang through the darkness, immediately causing that smiling expression to freeze. 

Li squatted on a cement platform with both hands holding an enormous and crude pistol. The muzzle of the pistol was still releasing an orange colored smoke. The muzzle of this pistol was ridiculously large, to the extent where it was about the same as a shotgun. The large gun body and long barrel seemed to silently suggest that it might be more appropriate to call it a hand cannon. 

Martham turned around in a somewhat rigid manner. His lizard like eyes immediately shone with burning radiance! Li, who always seemed fearless, truly had to urge to throw away the pistol and turn around to run for her life. This wasn’t a sign of cowardness, but rather an instinct in front of an enemy with overwhelming power. This uncontrollable fear made Li’s body ice-cold and her muscles go rigid. Even if she ran, she likely wouldn’t get very far. 

Li gave Su a look, and then she suddenly erupted into a hysterical shouting! She closed her eyes, and then her innermost potential erupted, forcefully dispelling the fear that controlled her body. Then, through pure instinct, she pressed down on the trigger!

Bang! Bang!

The gunshots tore through the peaceful night, and at the same time, plucked at everyone’s tense nerves. 

pa sounded. The pistol slipped out from Li’s fingers, falling down on the cement, bouncing a few times before falling off the edge. Li was immediately covered in sweat. It completely soaked through her maroon colored short hair, causing it to stick to her forehead. Li’s body went limp. All of her body’s strength disappeared at this moment, and she slowly collapsed. 

Firing these last two bullets had already exhausted strength that went beyond her limit. Right now, even the weakest person could do whatever they wished with Li. Li’s body rested on the ice cold concrete, gazing at the deep and dark night sky while breathing in and out with great difficulty. However, she was also smiling. She was now waiting for death, waiting for Martham to tear apart her body that had expended its final sliver of strength. However, she still managed to fire those two bullets in the end. Even though she no longer had the strength to get up and see whether she even hit her target, she already did everything she could, so there was only calmness in her heart now. 

As long as she did everything she could, Li would always feel at ease and relaxed. She was, in the end, an extremely simple girl. 

Martham took a step forward, and then he stopped. He lowered his head and looked at the two injuries on his chest with a bit of disbelief. The wounds didn’t seem that large, but they seemed to bring Martham extremely great pain. 

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