Book 3 Chapter 5.2

Book 3 Chapter 5.2 - Dream of Changes

Su lowered his body, assuming a posture that allowed him to spring out at any moment. He only slightly tilted his head to look to the side. At the corner of his vision, Martham’s enormous and imposing figure was like a mountain as it slowly appeared from within the darkness. He seemed to be walking slowly, but Su, who had previously been chased after by Martham, knew that when needed, speed wouldn’t be this giant’s weakness. When Su saw Martham, he felt as if something was a bit off. The giant was still as heavy as a mountain, but today, Su also sense from him a bit of hesitation and feebleness. 

As for the giant’s purpose, there wasn’t even a need for Su to ask. Su leapt off the rooftop and immediately disappeared into the complicated ruins. When he landed on the ground, an automatic rifle that had been left behind by an unknown person appeared in his hands. When fighting against a giant like Martham, close combat was definitely not a good idea. 

Martham walked steadily in this direction. He walked in a straight line, crushing all obstacles in the way with his enormous body. 

Meanwhile, Su was like a ghost that flickered in and out of sight within the buildings and shadows. Gravity seemed to be completely ineffective against his body. From time to time, he would be running on vertical walls or even upside down on ceilings. Su’s movements would be suddenly fast and suddenly slow, and his path of movement was even more erratic and unpredictable without any patterns. For Su, as soon as that heavy and sticky aura approached his body, he would immediately do everything he could to break free. 

Martham’s footsteps were firm and resolute. However, drops of sweat had already appeared along his temples, seemingly not as relaxed as what was portrayed on the surface. His amber colored pupils were rapidly contracting, and the number of bloody veins quickly increased. He suddenly found it exceptionally difficult to track down Su’s movements, making Martham feel somewhat at a loss as for what to do, almost like how he felt whenever he saw Pandora. 

Ta ta ta! The sound of clear and concentrated gunshots suddenly sounded from a house on the side. A barrage of bullets rained down on Martham’s body, covering a large portion of his body from his head all the way down to his crotch. When fired from a bit less than a hundred meters away, the bullets were already quite spread out, but if Martham didn’t make any evasive movements, almost all of these bullets would have landed on his body. This wave of bullets displayed exceptional firing skills, and only Li Gaolei had this type of ability. Even if it was Su who was using an automatic rifle, he still wouldn’t be able to reach this level of skill. 

Martham’s body’s toughness was already tough to the extent where it could block bullets from sniper rifles. Towards this concentrated barrage, he only raised his right hand to cover his face, allowing all of those bullets to smash down on his arms and body. Martham’s body seemed to be made of some type of synthetic rubber. As the bullets struck down on the surface of his body, only a slight indent would be made before they would bounce back out. Only when the bullets blasted the same area several times would they tear through his flesh. 

However, the concentrated gunshots still did slow down Martham’s speed. The gunshots stopped for less than half a second before roaring again, this time releasing a mixture of armor penetrating and incendiary bullets. Martham’s tough skin was torn apart by the powerful armor penetrating bullets, and then the chemical flames of the incendiary bullets began to ruthlessly burn at his flesh. In reality, the damage the armor penetrating bullets delivered upon Martham was extremely limited, but the pain the chemical flames inflicted seemed to be showing some effectiveness. 

Martham roared. His body began to tremble slightly. 

Su immediately noticed this slight change this giant made. With the Scorpions of Disasters’ technology, Martham could obviously get rid of his sensation of pain, but doing so would instead not be a wise choice. Losing pain was the same as losing a part of your perception towards the rest of the world. 

From Martham’s reaction towards pain, Su concluded that the giant’s perception abilities were actually quite sharp. The chemical flames of the incendiary bullets brought about quite a bit of pain. If Su was the one that was being burned by this type of flame, his tolerance might be even a bit weaker. Of course, Su could cut off his sensations towards localized areas of pain, an additional ability that arose when he obtained his seventh level ability. It seemed like the greater the power of his abilities, the more powerful and precise Su’s control over his own body became. 

Su seemed to have become a ball that possessed complete elasticity as he bounced off of walls, floor surfaces, and roofs without any pattern of behavior. In a flash, he appeared in front of Martham’s face. The automatic rifle in his hands fired ferociously, raining down bullets on the giant’s body like a torrent! However, within this several dozen meter distance, the bullets maintained an extremely small area of effect, so the concentrated firepower only caused a burst of blood to erupt from the center of Martham’s chest. Even though the entire magazine could be emptied in two seconds, there was no way Su would be granted two entire seconds of time. After firing only ten rounds, the heavy and sticky pressure surrounded Su’s body. He immediately bounced up in a strange manner, and with a flip over the wall on the side, he vanished into the ruins once again. 

As soon as he moved, a chunk of concrete over a cubic meter in size smashed down on the area where Su was previously standing on. A pit was created where this piece of concrete landed, with several chunks completely sinking into the ground. 

After changing positions several times, the feeling of being targeted lessened a bit, so Su’s body flashed out again, emptying the remaining bullets on Martham’s body and leaving behind a patch of badly mangled flesh on his lower back. 

After firing the last bullet, Su was going to make another evasive movement, but an incredibly strong feeling of danger suddenly swept past his shoulder! The heavy pressure Martham was exerting suddenly vanished without a trace!

The giant suddenly turned around, completely ignoring Su who had emptied his magazine and instead leaned to the side, fiercely slamming into an abandoned house. The tremendous force directly sent a concrete pillar flying several tens of meters outwards. With a huge noise, it smashed apart a part of a wall. The two soldiers who were firing from behind the wall were instantly buried under the ruins, and their blood immediately gushed out from between the cracks of the debris like a spring!

Martham didn’t stop for a second and charged towards Li Gaolei who had been continuously firing with astonishing speed. When there were still more than ten meters between them, the giant jumped high into the air, sending his right palm slamming down on the small building Li Gaolei was hiding in! Compared to Martham’s terrifying power, this small building looked like it couldn’t even take a single hit. 

Martham’s palm didn’t make contact with the small building, only pressing down on empty air, and it already turned into ruins. The instant before its collapse, Li Gaolei finally managed to successfully jump out from the window. He had no time to fire back, instead choosing to turn around and run for his life. 

The giant released a sound of puzzlement, finding it extremely surprising that his palm didn’t slam Li Gaolei to death with a single strike. The moment he took action, the air around him seemed to have became a bit more sticky, as if a thick layer of glue had been applied around his skin, making Martham feel extremely uncomfortable. As a result, his attack was slightly hindered, granting Li Gaolei the chance to escape. 

Area control. Martham immediately thought of these words. 

He was a bit astonished. He never expected this type of rare ability to show up on someone under Su. If this ability was properly nurtured, it wouldn’t be a joking matter. A sinister expression appeared on his face as he chased after Li Gaolei with large steps. Martham looked rather awkward, but in reality, his tremendous power carried a similarly astonishing speed. As long as the other party’s nimbleness was under four levels, he would easily be able to catch up, let alone someone like Li Gaolei who only had two levels. 

In under a few seconds, the distance between Martham and Li Gaolei immediately shrunk by twenty meters. If he took one more step, he would enter the attack range. He didn’t even need a direct hit; the wind pressure from his fist alone was enough to shatter Li Gaolei’s body that wasn’t all that sturdy. However, Martham already sensed that Su was chasing from behind with an even greater speed. The speed which Su suddenly erupted with already exceeded 100 kilometers per hour!

“More than five levels of speed!” Martham’s pupils rapidly shrunk, turning into a long and narrow crack like that of a lizard. During the past two battles, Su hadn’t reached this type of speed yet. This type of speed was truly terrifying. Just what kind of monster would Su become a year later? Just this thought alone was enough to make one's blood run cold. 

However, Martham then laughed. Everything was going to end today. 

He raised his right hand, and then he heavily slammed it downwards! Li Gaolei immediately felt as if an enormous rock slammed down on his back. His knees couldn’t handle this pressure. Crack crack sounds continuously shouted as his bones fractured, and then they suddenly gave out, causing his body to slam heavily onto the ground. When the formless force field descended, Li Gaolei’s spine began to release crisp sounds. Right when his entire skeleton was going to separate, a graceful figure suddenly rushed over from in front of him, rushing towards Li Gaolei’s side with a speed even greater than Martham’s. Two fists fiercely struck down on the formless force field!

The one that arrived was Li. Her frail looking body erupted with astonishing power, diverting part of the tremendous power onto herself. The several thousand kilograms of weight immediately made her kneel down, causing her knees to sink heavily into the ground. However, Li’s sturdy bones unexpectedly didn’t collapse under the great pressure!

“Fire!!” Li released a roar!

More than ten automatic rifles sounded at the same time. The concentrated barrage of bullets formed waves of metal streams as they blasted the giant that was in midair. Even though these soldiers’ precision wasn’t as great as Li Gaolei’s, the power of this concentrated barrage was still far greater than what Li Gaolei could produce alone. 

The giant already turned around in midair, no longer worrying about the hail of bullets that were tearing apart the flesh on his back. He only stared at Su who was rushing over like a shooting star with a cold smile on his face. 

Without any warning, Martham’s fist suddenly appeared in front of Su’s view. It was increasing in size as well, eventually almost covering everything within his sight! The powerful winds that the fist brought with it made it hard for Su to even breathe!

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