Book 3 Chapter 5.2

Book 3 Chapter 5.2 - Dream of Changes

Su lowered his body, assuming a posture that allowed him to spring out at any moment. He only slightly tilted his head to look to the side. At the corner of his vision, Martham’s enormous and imposing figure was like a mountain as it slowly appeared from within the darkness. He seemed to be walking slowly, but Su, who had previously been chased after by Martham, knew that when needed, speed wouldn’t be this giant’s weakness. When Su saw Martham, he felt as if something was a bit off. The giant was still as heavy as a mountain, but today, Su also sense from him a bit of hesitation and feebleness. 

As for the giant’s purpose, there wasn’t even a need for Su to ask. Su leapt off the rooftop and immediately disappeared into the complicated ruins. When he landed on the ground, an automatic rifle that had been left behind by an unknown person appeared in his hands. When fighting against a giant like Martham, close combat was definitely not a good idea. 

Martham walked steadily in this direction. He walked in a straight line, crushing all obstacles in the way with his enormous body. 

Meanwhile, Su was like...

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